ADP Enhanced Payroll – ADP Pricing | Features

ADP has become one of the popularly used payroll service providers across several industries aside from Intuit and Paychex. Its popularity is a result of the software’s flexibility to cater to businesses of all sizes in various industries.ADP Enhanced Payroll

With different packages such as the Run platform which is specifically designed for businesses with 1-50 employees, businesses with employees from 50 – 999 go for the workforce platform, and the enterprise platform for businesses with more than 1000 employees. Arguably, ADP fills the needs of businesses looking for a comprehensive payroll solution.

How ADP Enhanced Payroll Works 

The reason for ADP is to automatically handle all your business’s payroll tax requirements, withhold the proper amount of payroll taxes, fill out and file the necessary forms, and make the payments to the proper local, state, and federal agencies.  More so, ADP offers a time and attendance system, human capital management, talent management, human resource management, benefits administration, and retirement and insurance services.

 ADP Pricing

ADP runs on a four-plan strategy depending on what the organization wants. The plans users can subscribe to in the ADP platform are the essential, enhanced, complete, and HR pro plans. The first two plans cover payroll while the second plan covers both payroll and HR plus and finally the third plan covers payroll and HR.

These plans have different prices and access to different features. All four of them include ADP’s core payroll processing, which allows you to run your payroll online, over the phone or from the ADP mobile app. But the last two “Complete and HR pro” includes HR features that deal with employees’ time and attendance management, talent and productivity management, etc.

Here is an outlined description of the ADP subscription plans;

  • Essential Payroll – for startups and companies that want basic access to payroll features only.
  • Enhanced Payroll – For basic payroll plus wage garnishment payments, SUI, and labor law posters.
  • Complete & HR Plus – For Payroll plus employee handbooks, background checks, and our HR Help Desk.
  • HR Pro -Payroll plus enhanced HR support and perks for you and your employees.

ADP Payroll Features

Spend less time running payroll with ADP payroll system. ADP online payroll services help you save time with these convenient features:

  • Automated and error-free online payroll processing
  • Easy-to-use self-service app for employees
  • Simple integration with time-tracking and HR
  • Payroll taxes calculated and paid on your behalf
  • Expert payroll software and tax support when you need it

Why Managers are using ADP Payroll service

Business managers and companies love ADP payroll services because it helps them accomplish more tasks easily and smartly. Managers can do a lot with the ADP app or software. They can;

  • Create an employee handbook
  • Develop a job description guide
  • On-boarding of new employees
  • Training personnel for professional competence

ADP Customer Service Support Desk

Contact the ADP customer support team through online help, available 24/7 every week. More so, you can contact customers’ support line via phone or visit their local service center in your area for more assistance.

ADP Limitations

The two limitations of using ADP software are the cost and customer support availability. Since ADP charges customers on a single Payroll process, it became fairly expensive. The lack of a dedicated customer support line for each plan made it uneasy to come along a quick solution to any hassle you will encounter using a specific plan.