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Average Cost of Braces – Cost of Braces For Adult, Kids

If you came across this post, hopefully, you are looking for the average cost of braces in 2020, to be specific, you might be looking for the average cost of braces particularly for an adult, a child, or even for a teenager.Average Cost of Braces

Perhaps, you live in states such as Texas, California, Ohio, Florida, Utah, Huston, Michigan, Georgia, etc. And you are after the average cost of braces with insurance. More so, the cost of braces in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

Not to worry. Here in this post, we covered everything you need to know – the above mentioned. In addition to how you could get not just affordable orthodontist care but how you can leverage dental care insurance to lower the cost of Braces and save more. Further, we were helpful to include other methods that can also help you lower the cost of braces.

Important Note

Helpfully, before I embarked on writing this post, I made a few, yet, in-depth research on this topic.

In brief, I came across a list of statistics, and facts listed in table form in some web pages I visited. Also, mentioned above or below each table are their sources.

Gladly, I found a few pieces of information published on one of the authority blogs I researched. Thus, going over and beyond, to bringing well-rounded facts, info, and up to date content. With that in mind, on the other hand, driven by helpfulness, I deemed it most kindful to include it in this post for your reference.

Being careful, in a bid not to take your eyes off vital info, I published each statistic alongside where it’s needed. Of course, while you read on, you will come across every vital statistic you need to make decisions about the average cost of braces. No doubt, it is so much value and resourcefulness.

How Many Braces Cost – Average Cost of Braces

To start with, generally, the average cost for braces ranges from $5,000 to $7,000 while there is no standard cost for braces because of its cost relativity subject to several factors. Nevertheless, in the United States, individuals pay as low as $3,000 and as high as $11,000 to fit the bill of orthodontic treatment. 1

Factors Affecting the Cost of Braces

That said, you would agree with me that the cost of braces is subject to a good number of factors including;

  1. Country or region from which you seek orthodontist care.
  2. The age of the patient; Adult, child, or a teenager.
  3. Type of braces you chose to be fixed or treated with.
  4. If the patient has any dental or oral insurance plan.
  5. The treatment duration it will take for the patient to heal or the duration of alignment.
  6. The types of braces your orthodontist has experience in fixing
  7. Orthodontist overall experience in treating a particular alignment problem.
  8. Population Density and Cost of Living

On the other hand, the reasons listed above behind the relative cost of orthodontic treatment (The use of devices to move teeth or adjust underlying bone) exist because oral treatment is highly customized by orthodontists across different countries.

Braces Quote According to American Dental Association Survey

I can’t leave you to wonder and speculate on the average cost of braces without a statistical reference to authenticate my view as well as what I came up with after several pieces of research in authority site and direct inquiry from a few orthodontists. Although, a second-hand interview.

While researching this topic, I came across a 2018 survey of dental fees by the American Dental Association, which stated that the average cost for complete orthodontic treatment is from $5,000 to $6,000. While this may be true, it pulls on the variations contributing to the various factors we mentioned above. Let’s explore one cost factor for example – REGION/STATE. So, the Average cost of braces for an adult in the US -Texas may roundup between the range of $4,000 to $7,000 and different costs may apply to other states like Chicago, Ohio, or even in Florida.

With what I know so far, it’s still a norm for most orthodontists to offer free consultations. So, we do encourage you to visit any nearby oral health or dental clinic to find out the exact cost peculiar to your dental alignment challenges, types of braces to buy, the price plan based on your age calculated with respect to the treatment duration.

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Types of Braces: Cost Based on Type of Braces

To start with, Orthodontists help with crooked teeth, but they assist patients with other issues as well. These include overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between teeth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). In addition to problems with the jaw is likewise treated by an orthodontist.

Let’s be specific here, Teeth are aligned using braces with brackets and wire and aligners produced from clear plastic. Furthermore, there are types of braces categorized as follows: metal, ceramic or clear, lingual, and Invisalign.

Braces: Ceramic, Lingual, Invisalign, and Metal (Cost)

To move a step forward, I already established that the cost of braces varies, so do cost for types of braces varies as well.

To give an evidence-backed report, I made a few yet in-depth research and some read-ups on the authority site and collected interviews of a good number of people who recently got an orthodontic treatment (though it wasn’t directly carried out by me).

Added with an online orthodontic patient survey carried out by an orthodontic specialist (majorly from the American Dental Association).

In addition to a very few doctors records and reports. In the end, I was able to estimate the costs of fixing or wearing a specific type of braces. Precisely, the cost below is hugely an input of Oral B – a dental or oral health care institution.

Type                   Cost

Ceramic       $4,000-$8,000

Lingual         $8,000-$10,000

Invisalign     $3,000-$8,000

Metal            $3,000 to $7,000

Metal braces/Traditional metal wired braces

Are stainless-steel and are sometimes used in combination with titanium. That said, traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces. Thus, these braces have a metal bracket with elastic (rubber band) ties holding the wire onto the metal brackets.

Ceramic/Self-ligating braces

Ceramic braces do not require elastic ties. Instead, the wire goes through the bracket. Often, with this type of braces, treatment time is reduced, there is less pain on the teeth, and fewer adjustments are required than with traditional braces.

Invisalign –Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. In that, no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. More so, it’s almost invisible. Wearing it will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements planned out for you by your orthodontic specialist. Furthermore, a new set of aligners are changed every two weeks, until the treatment duration is completed.

Why Invisalign seems to be the Best

Based on an individual treatment plan, a series of custom-made (Invisalign), clear aligners are created specifically for the patient. Thus, these aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable BPA-free plastic that won’t irritate your cheeks and gums like traditional metal braces often do.

Therefore, you can simply wear them throughout the day, and remove them when you eat or brush and floss your teeth. As you wear each set of aligners, your teeth gently and gradually begin to shift into place.

Lingual braces are cosmetic alternatives in which custom-made braces are bonded to the back of the teeth making them externally invisible.

Other Types of Braces

Gold-plated stainless steel braces are often employed for patients allergic to nickel (a basic and important component of stainless steel), but may also be chosen because some people simply prefer the look of gold over the traditional silver-colored braces.

Titanium braces resemble stainless-steel braces but are lighter and just as strong. People with allergies to the nickel in steel often choose titanium braces, but they are more expensive than stainless steel braces.

Customized orthodontic treatment systems combine high-technology including 3-3D imaging, treatment planning software, and a robot to custom bend the wire. Customized systems such as this offer faster treatment times and more efficient results.

Progressive, clear removable aligners may be used to gradually move teeth into their final positions. Aligners are generally not used for complex orthodontic cases, such as when extractions, jaw surgery, or palate expansion are necessary.

Summary of Cost By Types of Braces

In the event you are faced with lots of choice of the types of braces to wear, the best option to go revolves around two things; cosmetic value and speedy treatment.

The reason is simple, the more affordable the braces you wear the more visible it will appear. Though, it makes sense and fact to say that cheaper braces are equal to quicker teeth alignment and expensive or complex braces equal to long-duration alignment.

In other words, the cost of wearing braces longer affects your average cost of braces. As a result of monthly appointments which in turn increases the final bill and the amount, you will pay. That brings us to the analysis of cost based on the duration of treatment.


Treatment Duration – Costs based on how long you wear braces

The time required for braces varies from person to person, depending on the severity of the problem; the amount of room available; the distance the teeth must travel; the health of the teeth, gums, and supporting bone; and how closely the patient follows instructions.

On average, however, once the braces are put on, they usually remain in place for one to three years. After braces are removed, most patients will need to wear a retainer all the time for the first six months, then only during sleep for many years.

let’s now go detailed, the average braces wear time is 24 months, though, it can be less or more, depending on the factors enumerated above and if the patient follows carefully the recommend best practices. The below-published statistics originate from an authority site I found well-rounded info about the duration treatment cost.

Age    1 Year                  2 Years                  3 Years                    4 Years

Adult  $2,546                  $5,091                           $7,637                             $10,183

Child   $2,457                  $4,914                            $7,372                              $9,829

How to Save with Dental insurance for Braces

Though, oftentimes accessing insurance for orthodontic treatments is considered relatively hard when looking for dental insurance coverage. Although the reason simply is, braces on a general view are considered a cosmetic process. Especially, invisible braces.

Bet it as it may, I did made researches to find the insurance coverage that can help you save on your orthodontic treatments. Thus, the list is below will do the rest. But we did well to add a statistical cost effect published on the Valuepenguin site for the cost of Braces type without and with insurance coverage.

Type of Braces   Cost without Insurance       Cost with Insurance

Metal                     $3,407                                                $4,937

Ceramic                $4,572                                                 $2,570

Lingual                   $5,000                                       $9,000

Invisalign               $6,000+                                     $5,000

List of Dental Insurance Companies that Cover orthodontics Treatment

In a real sense, I didn’t go deep into analyzing these dental insurance companies, so we did well to list them here and a little information about them. Nevertheless, if you want more info on each company, feel free to click on the company’s link to found out their insurance coverage rates, fees, deductibles, and lots more. More so, these Insurance companies are sited fully at (

  1. DeltaCare® USA Individual/Family Dental Program – With Delta Dental you will access a wide range of Insurance plan choices with different orthodontic coverage at different price points that cater to different needs and budgets. Furthermore, there are options for basic orthodontic coverage at a low cost to extremely comprehensive coverage at a higher cost with an annual premium of $123 in New York City, you would pay $2,300 for children and $2,500 for adult braces.
  2. Aetna – looking for a huge discount, Aetna is your best offer. With Aetna, you can get discounts for orthodontics for less than $10 per month. More so, Aetna offers several plans that include orthodontics treatment coverage or discounts, like the DMO program.
  3. com – is known for low-cost dental discount plans. It lowers the cost of orthodontic treatment by 20% to 25%.
  4. Aflac – It’s highly recommended for adults. In that, it lowers the cost for adult orthodontics coverage. Consequently, for a longer waiting period.
  5. Humana – Immediate treatment goes with Humana. It also offers discounts for orthodontics available with most dental plans.
  6. USAA Dental Insurance – looking for reputable customer service. Then, turn to USAA dental insurance company. Though, it offers insurance for military families and boasts a $ 2,000-lifetime maximum limit for orthodontic treatment as well.

Other Ways to Save Cost on Braces;

  1. Take proper care of your braces.
  2. Use health savings account to save on taxes
  3. Enroll in no-interest financing.
  4. Get a second opinion.
  5. Ask for a discount.
  6. Use tax-exempt savings accounts.
  7. Seek services from a dental school.
  8. Apply for financial assistance.
  9. Also, use a flexible spending account to save on taxes
  10. Visit a local dental school to get treated by an orthodontist-in-training.

Age and location:  Its Effect on the cost of braces

Let’s face the fact, the average cost of braces for a child and an adult differs. To be precise, that of adults is consequently higher than a child. Although the slight difference in cost is rated to be around 3.7% as of 2020.

I detail, adults Orthodontic treatment is estimated to be higher at about $156 to $211 than that of child treatment. More so, that of a teenager to a child is as well regarded to be a bit higher than that of a child as well.

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Thus, you might be wondering why, is it because of the age bracket, number, or that adults earn compared to children and teenagers? No. The reason is not farfetched, the ideal age for starting orthodontic treatment is between ages 8 to 14 years while growth is still occurring.

More Tips

An evaluation of orthodontic treatment is recommended by the age of 7 to be precise.  While that may be true, on the other hand, it’s always good to treat dental problems when still young at that infant stage when teeth formation can still be adjusted easily.

It’s in the view that where you live and work affect what becomes of your income. So also, does location play a vital role as to how much braces cost. Specifically, the cost of Braces in the United States is not the same in Canada, neither in the UK nor in Australia.

To be more precise, the cost of orthodontic treatment in Texas is not the same in California neither with Florida nor Ohio. In other words, one way to save from braces is to fly to a country region or state that offers less cost for orthodontic treatment.

For example, the cost of braces in Texas might be around $6,000 while the same braces will be offered around $4,000 Ohio.

Population and Cost of Living: Its Effect on the Cost of Braces

Take for instance, during the global pandemic, the cost of most if not all consumer goods and services skyrocketed. Therefore, that can also affect the cost of braces. The gist is orthodontic treatment costs rise with respect to population density and the cost of living. The larger the population of a given area the higher the cost. Also, the rise in the cost of living the higher the cost as Orthodontic treatment is done by Orthodontists who fund their bill daily.

Why Patient Pay more for Braces

Apparently, patients pay more for braces because of several reasons which revolve around;

  • Broken brackets
  • Slow alignment.
  • None compliance to sound care prescription like food to avoid and the number of times to wear removable braces like Invisalign and so on.
  • Low teeth care/maintenance (leaving the teeth dirty).

How and where to locate an orthodontist in the United States

This post is about helpfulness, so we did want to get you hooked up with every possible information and resource you could probably need. Thus, I researched the most reliable place/location in the United State online to get a certified orthodontist and we came up with two verified places online – American Association Orthodontist site at and the American Board of Orthodontists website at Therefore, on the site use the Orthodontist locator to find Orthodontists near you and in other states in the US.

Over To You

Conclusively, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. However, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact or info you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe, a question. Best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal, use the comment box below. I delight to hearing from you.

One more thing please if you know a friend this post the average cost of braces will be helpful. Be it, on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc. Don’t forget to use the share button below. Remember, when you help a friend, a whole community benefits. Thanks.


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