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Are you in need of drawers to make your home look tidy and well-arranged? What about your office or workplace, do you need to give it a more arranged look? Why not buy and install new drawers?  Whatever kind of drawers you need be it for your garage, room, kitchen and many more, we have you in mind. This article discusses the most reliable drawer slides you can easily find, afford and use. They are also the very best quality drawer slides you can get out there.

What To Know First

Do not just buy the first product that appeals to you. Take your time to analyze many products and know the one that you really need and will enjoy.  Let’s consider the followings:

  • Motion Features

The motion features to choose from are:  self-close, soft-close and push to open. For the push to open option, it permits the slides to open with a push towards the front. No need to install pulls and handles. Perfect for modern interior design themes that do not blend well with visible hardware pieces.

Also, self-close slides pull the drawer into the cabinet when you pish them. But the soft-close slides, have an additional dampening effect to the self-close feature. When you push, it allows the drawer to return into the cabinet slowly without slamming. Choose from these three the one you can afford and enjoy.

  • Holding Capacity

This completely depends on where the drawer will be. Is it a kitchen, garage, room or office? Normally,  heavy-duty capacity slides are for office usage. Your household drawers require a lower holding capacity than your office drawers. However, let what you need to decide the capacity of drawers you purchase. The capacity of many slides is usually between 50-500 lbs.

  • Slide Size

It is advisable to know exactly what you need before looking for it. This is to keep you from buying the kind of slides you do not need. What do you have to do? Simply measure your current drawers if you want to replace existing slides or projecting the size of the new structures you desire to install. Let the drawers have the same number as the slides. If you want to install longer drawers, get longer slides.

  • Mount

Consider the following mounts : under-mount, side mount and center mount. With the side mount, get a pair of slides and install on both sides of the drawer. With the center mounts, you install one slide at the center, under the drawer. For the  under mounts, use a  blend of both the side and center mounts.

  • Finish

This is also important.  Take time to know the color you need. This is very important because colors go with locations. There are some colors you cannot use in the office but at home.  There are also n some colors you cannot use in the living room but in the children’s room. The right color gives your work a professional touch.

12 Best Drawer Slides

Let’s consider the following drawer slides, their features, pros and cons. Do not forget that we are giving you the very best out there.  We as well give you a proper guidance to make your choice.

  1. Promark Full Extension Drawer Slide (14 Inches)

Basic Features

  • Easy to install.
  • The height is 1.80″ (45.7mm).
  • Side Clearance: 1/2” + 1/16”.
  • Load Rating: 100lbs (BIFMA load rating).
  • You can extend it fully.
  • 10 pairs of slides per pack.

This is officially the best. It is very easy to install and strong.  The drawers can open completely without stress. This product is very convenient to use. You can install the slides without stress. This is because it comes with many  mounting holes.

Moreover, it has  mounting tabs which make it super easy to attach the slides to the cabinet. Please do not forget to mount them far apart to avoid the bearing resting on one side. If the bearing rests on one side, it will be hard to open and close. Note that these are neither soft closing nor self-closing slides.

Interestingly, it comes with a soft bumper that prevents the drawers from slamming. It as well has a mechanism that helps to hold the drawers shut. It is called bounce-back prevention mechanism.

It can hold about  100 lbs. This means that you can install this anywhere around the home.

Unfortunately, it comes without  an instruction manual. Let YouTube guide you on how to install it.

  1. Amazon Basics Ball Bearing Drawer Slides, 12’’

Basic Features

  • A step to step installation guide.
  • It has ball-bearing slides for easy operation.
  • Nickel Plated-Steel Finish.
  • Load rating: 100-lbs.
  • Length is 12″ while weight is  2 pounds.

Do you know that you can completely depend on this brand for very strong and affordable drawer slides. Amazon Basics has nickel-plated steel finish and dependable longevity. The weightlifting capacity is 100 lbs.

In the beginning, the slides may be a little stiff, but with time, it will loosen. Once you have  a tape measure, level, screwdriver and pencil , you can successfully install this. However, to upgrade old slides, you need electric screwdrivers or drills to remove old slides.

In order not to encounter  installation problems, test fit the slides. Loosely install  the cabinet slides  first before you  loosely install two screws on either side of the drawer slide. Continue to insert the remaining screws once your measurement is accurate.

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Furthermore, these slides are very strong. You can even use two screws to test this. For easy installation, there is a step by step guide that comes with it. You can as well watch YouTube videos to see how to install this slide.

  1. Hettich Drawer Slide, Full Extension, 36 Inches

Basic Feature

  • It has full extensions
  • For heavy duty purposes.
  • Most suitable for industrial applications.
  • It has 500 lbs. Load Capacity.

This is simply the very best slide for industrial applications  and heavy-duty operations. The  hardware has a very unique and superior quality. It is as well very durable and with high level of resilience. It can carry load of 500 lbs.

It is most suitable for heavy file or garage drawers.  With its strong slides, you find it easier to cope with drawer malfunction issues. Also, these slides permit you reach the back of the drawer with ease. Because the hardware plays a vital role in the opening mechanism of your units. For you to easily open and close, you must do proper installation.  The slides are about 72 inches long even though you can shorten it if you wish.

Additionally, this hardware is very durable. It lasts for about 10 years.

  1. Amazon Basics Euro Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

Basic Features

  • Comes in a pair of drawers.
  • It has a white powder finishing.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 55 Ibs.
  • 14-inches in length.

Are you looking for the best bottom drawer slides? Then, you have found it here. The Amazon Basics Euro Bottom Mount Drawer Slides is the best. It completely gives your cabinet an amazing design with great functions.  These slides are usually attached at the bottom of your drawer box.

If you really want to give your cabinet a correct functional up grade, go for it. The design is very appealing. They are slides attached to the button of your drawer. On the other hand, the roller guided slide comes with an angle flange to support it and give it quick installation. Also, this type of slides are for frameless and frame cabinets.

What about the quality? Because they are made from high quality steel, they are very strong and durable. The appearance is also superb.  The load capacity is 55 lbs.  It is suitable for all residential purposes. For replacements, swap old with new slides. However, ensure that carry out an appropriate measurement first.

  1. Liberty 941405 Soft-Close Ball Bearing Slide

Basic Features

  • Comes with an installation manual.
  • Soft-close ball bearing.
  • Constructed from stamped steel with a zinc-plated finish.
  • It has a full extension opening.
  • Has 50 pounds loan capacity.
  • It is 14 inches long, and comes with 2 sets of slides in one package.

The Liberty 941405 Soft-Close Ball Bearing Slide is specifically made for face frame and frameless applications. Their quality is number one. They are as well very durable. Their drawers do not slam when you shut them. Very ideal for regular duty use and can endure about 50 pounds of weight.

Surprisingly, the price for this set is very affordable. The design fits perfectly into a number of cabinet and drawer types. This slide is for replacing old ones, installing new units, functional upgrade and storage. With the full extension opening, you can access the whole drawer.

What about the installation? Very simple. You do not need to be a specialist or carpenter to do this, even a newbie can easily install it. This is because it is simple and comes with an installation manual. With the level it comes with, the slides are easier to remove.

  1. Knape & Vogt 8400P Side Mount Slide

Basic Features

  • One pair per pack.
  • Constructed from durable steel.
  • Has an installation manual.
  • Easy to install even for beginners.
  • Has an Anochrome finish.
  • Weighs 100 lbs.

The Knape and Vogt brand is the  5th best drawer slide from our review. It contains a 22-inch side mount slides with a durable still product. The extension reaches the full length of the cabinet.

Moreover, the brand has 100 lbs. and can be used for a lot of purposes. It can last for many years.  With its ergonomically crafted push-in lever, you can easily remove the drawer.

You do not have to worry about removing the drawers because the smooth ball bearing rollers make it simple. Also, the reversed flex tabs boost slide performance, removing operation difficulties conversant with other brands. The opening and closing actions are superb. The brand has extra side support that makes the cabinet stiffer.  With the installation manual, you will not get lost.

  1. TCH Hardware 16’’ Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Basic Features

  • It has a zinc finish to resist corrosion.
  • 16 inches Length.
  • Made from Wide Steel.
  • Heavy-duty full extension.
  • It has 250 lbs. load rating.

Have you been looking for a sturdy pair of slides?  Then you have found it.  The CH Hardware 16’’ Heavy Duty Drawer Slides is among the best in the market.  It has 250 lbs. rating. This means that it can carry very heavy objects. While it holds the weight of the door, it still operates perfectly.

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Moreover, the installation is quite simple, once you have the basic carpentry knowledge . The slides are long and smooth. All you need is a proper measurement to perfect your work.

Within the sidetrack, you will find the lever that will help you do your installation.It as well comes with a steel with high precision ball bearings. This make rusting not to occur. And with its hold-in feature, the drawers cannot open by accident.  Because it has 250lbs, it is a heavy duty hardware, it suits many functions such as installing them to hold your fridge side-out, your stall box and many more. This hardware is the best for installing hand tools such as hammers, grinders and others.

  1. Knape & Vogt Single Track Drawer Slide

Basic Features

  • The load capacity is 50 lbs.
  • You can mounts with screws or staples.
  • It has a quick-release mechanism for easy
  • Comes with an under-drawer mount with rollers.
  • Most importantly, it comes with an instruction manual.

Do you really want to fix your kitchen and bathroom cabinets perfectly? What are you waiting for? Simply choose this single track drawer slide. It’s carrying capacity is 50-pound, you see why I said bathroom and kitchen? Each pack comes with . A single package comes front rollers, Phillips Panhead screws, rear roller guide and mounting brackets.

Interestingly, the slides  are pre-coated with zinc to avoid corrosion.  Very easy to install. Also, they are perfectly ideal for center bottom track mount drawers. They are made in a way that each unit can easily slide when opened or closed. Even if you have not done this installation previously, an instruction manual will help you. It comes with the manual.

Since the load capacity is 50 pounds, does it mean it is only for short term use? Certainly not! It is quite durable and last for a long time. Because of the way it is built, you can use it for years without complaints. Am sure you hate drawers that get stuck all the time even if you apply a lubricant. This slide is not like that.  During the installation, you just have to give a little space under a unit to ensure easy opening and closing. To get it right during installs, be sure to get your cabinets pre-measured. You can expect great and sturdy improvement in how your systems close and open.

Let me tell you a secret, to ensure proper function, you can use two tracks when working on drawers with deep and large volumes.

  1. VADANIA 14’’ Soft Close Drawer Slides

Basic Features

  • It is a heavy Duty slide with 100 lbs. load capacity.
  • Ball Bearing Side Mount.
  • Comes with mounting screws.
  • Full Extension.
  • Soft Close design/Hydraulic Self.

If you are looking for the best soft close drawer slides with a load capacity of 100 lbs., then you have found them.  With the full extensions they have, you have all your drawers to yourself without any hassles.

Moreover, the drawers close slowly instead of slamming. This is because the slides come with a self-closing design.  The equipment has a self-soft closing design which is well lubricated.

This brand has many options for you to choose from. They have a lot of mounting holes of various sizes to help you use any screw of your choice. There is a lever that permits easy removal of the drawers. To detach your drawer, use the finger-like piece of plastic. You will find this between the two metallic parts when you fully extend your slide.

But to use this for face frame drawers, buy separate brackets.

  1. FRMSAET Heavy Duty Keyboard Slides

Basic Features

  • The highest load capacity is 40 lbs.
  • Designed for the highest quality versatility.
  • Black powder coat finish.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty cold rolled steel.
  • Very affordable.
  • Easy installation with an installation manual.

Very strong heavy-duty slides with thick steel construction and a maximum load capacity of 40 lbs.

To install is very simple with just 4 easy steps. Within a few minutes you install and have your drawers opening and closing. The steps incuse the followings : Use the four wood screws within the package to mount the drawer on your slides. With the small screws, mount the brackets and use the eight wood screws to install the slides to the bottom of your desk. Pull the drawers in and out until the slides work smoothly.

The  six hole heights you see during installation permit you to adjust the slides to your taste. Also, the different holes make the device ideal for other functions.

However, the slides can be useful for many purposes. You can use them for keyboard and office desk drawers, kitchen, dresser and store fixture drawers.

The 40 lbs. maximum loading capacity should not fool you. This slide is made of 1.5mm/0.059inch cold rolled steel. It means that it is very strong and durable. Very much more reliable than a lot of other drawer slides because of the black powder coat.

  1. Knape & Vogt 8450fmp 18 Side Mount Slide

Basic Features

  • With 32mm hole patterns.
  • The maximum load capacity is 100 lbs.
  • Anochrome finish.
  • Soft-close mechanism with force management technology.

Are you looking for the best side mount drawer slides with a soft-close mechanism? Then you have found it here with  Knape & Vogt device. It is made with soft management technology that permits easy opening and closing. This method only demands a minimal pull force for  opening the drawers. Also, they  are full extension slides with the traditional 32mm hole patterns.

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Do you know that these slides have the best design and construction quality.  You can confirm this after installation. The hardware is perfect for all residential cabinet remodeling projects that require high-end touches. This is because its highest load capacity is up to 100 lbs.

Are you going to use the slides on uneven units? If so, make sure to it quickly. When you measure properly, , level and drill your drawers. Install the slides at ¼’’ up from the bottom. After this, install the front screws.

In case you are bent on using the slides on uneven units, some tricks and tips can ensure you to get the job done in no time. As usual, start the process by measuring, leveling, and drilling your drawers. From this point, install the slides at least 1/4″ up from the bottom before installing the front screws. Additionally, to insert the drawers, level them from below ensure that the face of the close boards line up properly. Lastly, drive in the screws into the brackets, that’s all.

  1. Btibpse Wooden Drawer Slides 16 Inches

Basic Features

  • The Length is 40cm.
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Slide.
  • It has Steel slide glides added.
  • Can last for many decades.

Do you know that wooden drawer slides are very classy. With their beautiful and durable design, they compete with modern day cabinet styles and drawers.  This hardware is made from Kiln-dried hardwood. The length is 40cm.

Moreover, the tech kiln drying technology helps in preventing warping, while the slides last for many decades. Interestingly, you can customize it to match your purpose since it is not pre-drilled. Even if you fully extend them, the drawer slides will not tip at all.  The hardware comes with steel slide glides that enables drawers perfectly aligned on the wooden track.

The slides ensure a smooth flow since they have glides. If you want to maximize its use, do a proper installation.

Various Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are used for storage and cabinet works. Below are the 3 major drawer slides and their features.

Wooden Slides

These type of slides have ageless design and are useful  in the construction of wooden fixtures. They have been in use for so many years. They allow drawers to open and close properly and they are very functional.


  • With proper installation, the slides work very well.
  • Its durability is second to none.
  • Very easy to maintain.


  • The drawers cannot extend very well to the full.
  • Drawer slides can easily fall out.
  • Changes in weather, water and rain can spoil them.

Side-Mounted Ball Bearing Slides

Yes! These are the very best drawer slides. Apart from being affordable, they are easy to install, resilient and versatile. You only have to select a forward to backward or a up and down motion. Interestingly, incase you try to uninstall the slides for an upgrade project, your drawers will not be destroyed.


  • Very easy to install and uninstall.
  • Has the highest quality of resilience, adjustability and versatility.
  • You can give it a full extension without damaging it.


  • It makes noise when opening the drawers.
  • Requires extra cabinet width to install correctly.
  • Not very compatible with all drawer designs.

Self-Closing, Under-mount Slides

These drawer slides are mostly used by modern-day property owners. This is because they allow the drawers to extend fully and do not make any noise.  The slides are discreet even when you mount them underdrawers.  You can as well position the face of the drawer up, down, forward or backward.


  • Operates without any noise.
  • Allow full extension.
  • Slides remain discreet with a beautiful look.
  • Individuals can adjust to any dimension suitable to them.


  • Dimension precision is needed.
  • Difficult installation process.
  • Mistakes in height measurements can spoil the work.


  • What exact tools do I need to mount slides?

What you need most  is a JIG-IT template. The tool has  a self-centering bit that enables  perfectly centered holes. With it, installation becomes easy and fast.

What does the “length listed” mean?

It means length of the slide when you close completely. To easily mount a ball bearing slide, get a minimum of the mentioned space in your cabinet.

  • Do the rails need lubrication?

They have been lubricated, no need for more. More lubricant only clogs the ball bearings with dust and obstruct opening and closing.

What level of resistance can I get when opening soft-close slides?

With adequate installation, you can open with ease. You use 90% less energy when opening a drawer with manual slides.

  • My drawers are not functioning properly; what should I do?

Ensure the slides are at the correct height to avoid overlapping. Ensure that the slides are at the same level on both ends to prevent closing difficulties. And do not install your slides backward or upside down to avoid malfunction.

Conclusively, carefully review this article and choose the drawer slides that best suits your needs. Do well to follow the installation manual for easy installation.