Best Laptops For Medical Students In 2022(Expert Choices)

Being a medical student is tough enough as such you will be needing the best laptops for medical students in 2022. This will help you in your school projects and make it a lot easier for you. As a medical student, you will have to memorize materials 1000 pages long each. You will have to take note of the utmost detail for every lecture.Being a medical student is tough enough as such you will be needing the best laptops for medical students in 2022

As a medical student, a few years down the road, you’ll be moving all over the place dealing with constant patient care simulations. So with all these, you are definitely going to need a good laptop to help you. To this end, we have carefully outlined 5 of the best laptops that will suit your needs as a medical student. But before we get down to that part, let’s see what you need to look out for when buying the best laptop for medical students in 2021.


Let’s start with the display. The laptop you are going for should have a good display. The display should be at least 13” FHD screen which allows you use split screens comfortably and clearly and distinguish the details in histology images. You can go for a 12” or even a lower sized screen as long as you have more resolution (higher than FHD).


You need a laptop that is as light as possible and something you can easily carry around with ease. So you have to consider the weight when buying a laptop as a medical student. It’s best to keep it under 3lb


You should buy a laptop with a responsive keyboard to help you type as fast as a high-speed operator.


It would be best to avoid HDDs. This is because they are obsolete and slow and cause everything to slow down. Currently, all modern laptops from (2019+)are built with an SSD. You should go for a laptop that has an SSD (Solid State Drive). This will save you a whole lot of time. The storage does not really matter, because your entire library of PDF files and short medical animation videos can easily fit into 128-256GB drives comfortably.


Modern integrated GPUs are powerful enough even for gaming, as such a high-resolution display is what actually makes a difference with histology.


Any CPU that is released after 2017 will be quite fast enough for all multitasking and software you’ll be using. Just ensure you get something modern. It would be best to go for a Core i3/Ryzen 3 CPU over higher core processors. Core i5/Ryzen 5 as the upper limit.

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If you plan on doing some hardcore multitasking with a machine that has Windows 10 Home, you’ll be better off with 8GB.

Apple MacBook Air

  • Storage – 256 GB (512 GB) SSD Storage
  • CPU – M1 Chip
  • Display – 3-inch LED-backlit Retina display, 1600p resolution
  • Weight – 8 pounds (1.27 kilograms)
  • Battery Life – Up to 15 hours
  • Features – HD camera with advanced image signal processor, Fanless design, secured with a fingerprint sensor.

The Apple MacBook Air does not stop gracing our top spot because of its amazing capacity. This thin lightweight “blazing” fast, durable device has got it all. With extended battery life, you can be sure you can do your school projects for hours on end with plugins interruptions. If you charge this device fully, you can have it functioning all day. This is one of the best devices for medical students and can cover most of your needs.

On the downside, this laptop lacks a CD drive, which some users would prefer. Also, the OS operating system could pose an issue. Now some medical schools use exam software that may not be compatible with certain versions of OS (however even if this is the case, there are workarounds such as Bootcamp). But if you are looking to hook up more than one external monitor to your laptop, you can consider that the M1 chip can only accommodate one (though this is not unusual for a laptop). With this device, the M1 chip may also have compatibility issues with certain software.

If you can’t afford this new model of MacBook Air, you can make do with the older version. The older version can work just as well, and save you a whole lot of money.

HP Pavilion ×360 (2-in-1)

  • Storage – 256 GB (or 512 GB) SSD Storage
  • CPU – Intel Processor (i3, i5, i7)
  • Display – 14-inch display, 1080p resolution
  • Weight – 55 pounds (1.61 kilograms)
  • Battery Life – Up to 13.75 hours)
  • Features – Touch screen, 2-in-1 (can flip into a tablet.

On the number two spot, we have the HP Pavilion ×360 which is an ideal device for medical students. This device has the ability to serve as a 2-in-1 laptop. Thus you can use the HP Pavilion both as a laptop and a giant tablet. This device has a responsive touch screen with good color balance, contrast, and brightness. This device also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees. This makes it useful for hand-writing digital notes and more.

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The hardware of the HP Pavilion ×360 is of high quality and has a snappy performance. This device can boot in 3 seconds and the onboard speakers sound really nice and the trackpad works well also.

On the downside, the HP Pavilion ×360 screen is quite glossy. This implies that while it offers enhanced visuals, it can be quite difficult to view in bright light like direct sunlight. So if your studies take you outside more often, you should consider investing in a glare screen protector.

ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin

  • Storage – 512 GB SSD Storage AMD processor
  • Display – 6-inch LED-backlit anti-glare LCD display, 1080p resolution.
  • Weight – 30 pounds (1.50 kilograms)
  • Battery Life – Up to 8 hours
  • Features – HD webcam, SonicMaster, stereo speakers, 802.11ac wireless connection, fingerprint login security

The ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin is a thin lightweight laptop suitable for medical students. It is designed with a high-quality processor, and extensive internal storage at a balanced price. You will find that this device is super fast with a fast and scalable internet connection offered by the 802.11ac wireless capability. This laptop is designed with an attractive screen which is a frameless four-edged NanoEdge display that is bright enough to be used outdoors.

What we don’t really like about this device is that the audio system has poor quality and the speakers produce sound at a lackluster volume (which can be a non-issue if you use external speakers or headphones). Also, the battery life could be improved as it does not last up to 8 hours as compared to other laptop models. The touchpad has been described by some users as “cheap plastic – but it is large, clicky and responsive, with a fingerprint scanner that is quick”. But at the end of the day, I think that is all that matters.


ASUS Zenbook 14

  • Storage – 512 GB SSD Storage
  • CPU – Intel processor (i3, i5, i7)
  • Display – 14-inch HD display, 1080p resolution
  • Weight – 64 pounds (1.20 kilograms)
  • Battery Life – Up to 9.5 hours
  • Features – fortified with fingerprint sensor, surround-sound onboard audio, Ergolift hinge, backlit keyboard.
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Looking for a good laptop that can suit your preference as a medical student? Then the ASUS Zenbook 14 might just be what you are looking for. Designed as a lightweight, durable, fast laptop, this laptop comes with a storage capacity of 512 GB. It also comes with a cutting-edge intel processor (8th Generation 4-Core i5). Its sleek design makes the Zenbook ideal for anyone who is looking for a state-of-the-art PC laptop. This machine is also designed with a comfortable keyboard which comes in handy during extended use. Its portable nature makes it easy to you to carry around.

The disadvantage here is that this laptop is more expensive than many other PC laptops. Another thing is that it has considerably lower battery life. Also, the trackpad has been described as being “glitchy”.

Acer Aspire 5

  • Storage – 128 GB SSD Storage
  • CPU – AMD Ryzen 3 Processor
  • Display – 6-inch HD display, 1080p resolution
  • Weight – 19 pounds (1.90 kilograms)
  • Battery Life – Up to 7.5 hours
  • Features – Backlit keyboard, innovative TrueHarmony speaker design.

Are you a budget-conscious buyer? If yes, then I have found just the right laptop for you. The Acer Aspire 5 is unarguably one of the budget-friendly laptops out there for medical students to take advantage of. It comes with a quality 15.6 inch display, SSD hard drive, and fast AMD processor. Additionally, the storage and RAM of this device can be upgraded to render, other hand, this laptop is a bit weighty at about 1 pound more than the average. It also has a lower build quality which is plastic instead of an aluminum case. This device has Microsoft IOS software. This would require that you use apps from the Microsoft app store. However, you can avoid this by upgrading to Microsoft 10 for a conn

At the end of the day, our job is to research and bring to your notice the best laptops that can work for you as a medical student. The rest is left for you to make a choice from the options listed. Any of these laptops mentioned here can service your needs very well. As such, you can go for the one that meets the specification of what you need and one that fits your budget. It is now easier to make a choice. I wish you a great buying experience!!!