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Best Paints For Glass in 2021/22 – Complete Guide

The paint you use mostly determines how professional your crafting appears. On this note, we bring you the best paints for glass when you are creating glass projects like stained glass windows and decorative glassware.

Types of Paint for Glass

There are different types of paint for glass. They range from acrylic enamel paint, acrylic glass paint, and spray paints for glass to paint pens.

Spray Paint for Glass

This paint is ideal for spraying large areas of glass. You can simply tape up any edges or areas that you don’t want to paint and begin spraying the glass in a well-ventilated area.

Acrylic enamel paint

You can use this enamel paint on glass, which is ideal for achieving an opaque finish and solid coverage. Most enamel paints can be cured through 21 days of air drying, or additionally, you can decide to set them through heat.

Acrylic glass paint

This one is specially designed and formulated for glass. It provides a transparent finish to achieve a faux-stained glass finish. Also, acrylic glass paints may be air-dried or heat-set. You can achieve unusual designs and finishes by using acrylic glass paints.

Paint Pens

Paint pens are for beginners, children, or delicate areas. They may be the best option for painting your design on glass and offer a solid color. It is also an ideal choice if your design includes lettering or handwriting.

List of the Best Paints for Glass

FolkArt PROMOGLS16 Glass Painting Set

This is a set of 16 different colors, each measuring 2 ft. oz. Every possible color you need is included in this set, like greens, metallic gold and silver, warm red, sea blues, and orange.

The FolkArt PROMOGLS16 Glass Painting Set is a water-based enamel paint that is ideal for your delicate glass project. It offers a durable, scratch-resistant gloss finish and provides a highly pigmented color for opaque coverage. You can be sure that your glass will be safe in a dishwasher once the item has been cured.

Reasons to love this set

  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe immediately after it’s cured.
  • A set of 16 colors
  • 2 ft. containers
  • Water-based enamel paint.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color range: 16 packs
  • Volume: 2 ft. each.


A unique painting set that comes in an array of colors is all you need to complete a delicate glass project.

Krylon KO5150107 ColorMaster Paint

ColorMaster Paint is available in gloss, satin, flat, semi-gloss, and

premier finishes. It offers a strong finish for all kinds of glass, metal, and wood. This glass paint can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it dries to the touch in under ten minutes.

Krylon KO5150107 has numerous colors ranging from watermelon to sun yellow, smoke gray, and rich plum. It ensures that there is a color combination that is suited for every project and every individual’s preference.

This paint also provides durable CoverMax technology, which offers excellent coverage on your chosen glass project. Each color of the Krylon is available in a 12-ounce container and contains an EZ Touch Tip for no slippages.

Reasons to love this set

  • Several strong finishes
  • Durable Cover Max Technology
  • 12 oz. container
  • Several color options
  • It dries to the touch in under ten minutes.

Product Specification

  • Type: spray paint
  • Color Range: 68
  • Volume: 12 oz.


Offers a complete coat fit for your glass project.

FolkArt Enamel Glass and Ceramic Paint

A distinct product that offers individual 2-ftoz paints perfect for glass It is suitable for when you want a certain color or shade, or a combination of colors that are not available within the set.

The FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint contains 37 different color choices, including licorice, school bus yellow, and warm white. Additionally, there’s glitter silver and glitter gold for this set, which enables your glass project to include something out of the norm.

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Due to the high pigmentation they offer, artists approve of these sets. It offers great coverage for imperfections and ensures that your project stays fully scratch-resistant.

Reasons to love this set

  • Offers glitter options
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High pigmentation
  • Separate 2 ft. containers
  • 37 different colors.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color Range: 37
  • Volume: 2 ft. each


A unique paint that offers just the right color you need for your glass project and individual colors to match your desired color combination

PaintMark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

The PaintMark Quick-Dry Paint Pens provide a quick and easy way to paint on glass and are available to purchase in packs of 15, 20, or 24 pens. It has a great range of colors in its pack. It also includes all the colors of the rainbow, in addition to some gorgeous metallic colors.

These paint pens are multi-faceted for painting on glass in addition to other craft projects and work well on glass, ceramics, canvas, wood, and stone. Additionally, this high-quality paint is oil-based and ensures that your artwork does not fade. On the whole, it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee with every purchase. Thus, you can expect great value for your money.

Reasons to love this set

  • Pens are easy to use.
  • Packs of 15, 20, or 24 pens
  • Awesome range of colors
  • Does not fade
  • Metallic colors are included.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint Pens
  • Color Range: 15, 20, and 24 packs
  • Volume –


These paint pens provide an awesome way to paint on glass, especially if you are a newbie or have some small details to complete.

Artistry Paint Pens for Rock Painting

This set is a great choice for painting on glass and features easy-to-use pens in a wide range of colors, including orange, yellow, red, purple, and blue.

There are twelve colors included within every pack that dry quickly to the touch to give out a durable, opaque finish that appears glossy on lighter glass surfaces. These paint pens are ideal for many surfaces, like glass, textiles, stone, plastic, and metal, which provide a strong finish that is resistant to fading, abrasions, and water.

Once your glass has been cured, your design is permanent, even though it is not dishwasher-safe. Additionally, it features a medium 3mm point tip;

Reasons to love this set

  • Fade-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • 3mm medium tip.
  • A pack of 12 paint pens
  • Ideal for many surfaces, including glass.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint Pens
  • Color Range: 12 packs
  • Volume –


A perfect set of pens for all your glass craft needs It gives you a mess-free application and emits no odors.

DecoArt DASK292-K 34 Color Value Pack Set

A paint pack set that offers a pack of 34 paints in a wide variety of shades and colors They are ideal for glass surfaces, and once cured, they become durable and dishwasher-safe.

On purchase, you get 32 smaller 1.25-ounce paint bottles with an additional two larger 2-ounce bottles to ensure you have everything you need for every glass project. It also offers non-toxic materials.

Reasons to love this set

  • Non-toxic
  • 34 paints in the pack
  • 32 pots of 1.5 oz. paint
  • 2 pots of 2 oz. paint
  • Ideal for glass.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color Range: 34 packs
  • Volume: 2 oz each.


A 34-color Value Pack Set that offers non-toxic paints ideal for glass and suitable for the whole family

Magicdo Stained Glass Paint with Palette

The allowMagic do Stained Glass Paint with Palette offers 12 natural colors, measuring around 0.44 oz each. Every color of the rainbow is contained within this set, offering non-toxic and odorless paints perfect for your glass projects.

Each color is easy to apply and offers heat insulation, an anti-ultraviolet feature, and resistance to water and scratches, ensuring that longevity is achieved for your glass projects.

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To get the best results, bake the painted glass for two hours at 176 degrees Fahrenheit after the paint has dried for 24 hours, achieving the brightest colors and the highest level of resistance. This paint is suitable for surfaces and helps you achieve amazing glass projects.

Reasons to love this set

  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • 12 natural colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color Range: 12 packs
  • Volume: 0.44 oz.


This paint palette helps you achieve fantastic results every time and offers a wide range of colors and a stained-stain glass finish.

FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint Set

Featuring a pack of 12 paints from a good-quality brand, the folk art Multi-Surface Paint Set comes with a wide range of strong colors and provides suitable paint for every type of surface, like glass, fabric, ceramic, and wood.

You can use this paint on glass projects indoors and outdoors. It offers versatility for your crafting needs, is non-toxic, and is available in 2 oz. containers for each color.

Reasons to love this set

  • Awesome range of colors
  • 12 paints
  • Non-toxic paints
  • 2 oz. for each color
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color Range: 12 packs
  • Volume: 2 oz each


Produced by a strong Paint Set brand offering a set of high-quality paints to create perfect glass projects.

Plaid Gallery Window Beginner Set

This set of eight paints is ideal for a beginner to acquire all of the necessary base colors for your craft box. Each of its colors features a 2-ounce container, which is perfect for painting your glass projects.

The Plaid Gallery Window Beginner Set is a classic stained glass feature and offers you the chance to create lasting memories across a large range of glassware. Any mess can be easily washed out with simple soap and water.

Reasons to love this set

  • Ideal for glass surfaces
  • You can clean up any mess with soap and water.
  • Set of 8 paints
  • 2 oz. of paint in each container
  • It creates a stained-glass effect.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color rangerange: 8 packs
  • Volume: 2 oz each.


This set offers a beginner set for creating perfect stained glass projects easily and mess-free.

Plaid Gallery Glass Window Color Value Set

A set that offers a combination of 32 glass paints is ideal for your cutting needs. There are twenty-four tubs of paint, each measuring 0.16 floz, that provide a wide range of colors for your glass projects, with an additional six 0.44 floz of the more widely used colors.

Additionally, a 2-floz bottle of Crystal Clear is included, as is a 2-floz bottle of Liquid Leading, providing everything you need to create gorgeous stained glass.

Reasons to love this set

  • Awesome range of colors
  • Ideal for glass
  • 32 paints are included.
  • Creates perfect stained glass
  • Wide range of sizes.

Product Specification

  • Type: Paint
  • Color range: 32 packs
  • 16 floz, 0.44 floz, 2 fl oz.


A color value set that provides the perfect combination of materials to create amazing stained glass projects

Types of Paint Brushes

There is a paintbrush with synthetic bristles. This type of brush leaves visible brush marks on your glass and may not be a good choice if you desire a subtle finish. It may be ideal if you want a rustic and unique design.

There’s also a paintbrush with natural bristles. These provide smooth coverage, which is ideal for larger areas.

Narrow and smaller paintbrushes are a great choice for intricate details, while their flat and broad paintbrush counterparts are perfect for larger areas. Also, applicator sponges can be used to provide texture and even a frosted appearance.


This is an important aspect to consider when you are preparing to paint your glass surface. You should consider whether you want to get a stained glass look or an opaque and solid effect. If you want a stained glass look, use a light coat of paint with delicate paintbrushes. For a solid and opaque finish, spray paint or paint pens will give it a vibrant and strong appearance.

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Curing Your Glass

Once you are done painting your glass, allow the glass item to fully dry up for 24 hours, or for as long as the manufacturer’s instructions stipulate. Based on the paint you have used, the manufacturer’s instructions may dictate that you can air-cure the item, even though it may take a while for this process to occur.

Most paints allow for heat setting, which requires you to place your glass item in the oven for a certain amount of time at a certain temperature. This varies, and thus adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions is essential.

How to Paint Glass

Start by preparing your surface. This is done by cleaning the glass surface with warm soap and water to remove any oil andfor fully drying the glass afterward. You can run alcohol on a cotton cloth to have a stronger alternative for cleaning some glass surfaces. You may tape off any areas of the glass that may come into contact with your mouth, like the rim of a glass or cup.

Note:You should wear latex gloves to ensure that no further oils transfer from your skin to the glass surface for an ultimate clean.

Thereafter, paint a base color across your surf24 hours allo the paint to dry for at least an hour. Use a marker pen and 24 hours your design on your glass. You can then start painting over the design, allowing each color or coat to fully dry before adding another color or coat. You can then seal your paint by curing your glass.

To do this, bake your glass range 24full for Magic after your glass has dried. Review the manufacturer’s instructions when doing this. Sometimes, temperatures and times may vary depending on the exact paint and brand. Be it as it may, roughly 30 minutes at a temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit is the basic standard.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass

Stay in a well-ventilated area with your rubber gloves on. Then take a microfiber cleaning cloth dipped in nail polish remover. Next, scrub your cloth against the spray paint, and the marks should start loosening. You may be required to employ a degree of elbow grease, which may take several coats and attempts.

Note:You can use nail polish remover to expertly remove paint from glass. For tougher areas, you may need to use a sharp razor blade to remove the paint. Don’t try this on delicate or sentimental objects, as it may scratch some glass surfaces.

How to Seal Acrylic Paint on Glass

To seal acrylic paint on glass, apply an acrylic sealant as a topcoat. You can get this either in a spray-on form or a brush-on form. It will provide a glossy finish, which will additionally prevent paint from chipping and fading.


Get the paint that will give you the results you desire, as well as the paint that will give you a good reward for your money. From vibrant colors to warm colors and rare and unique colors, this range of glass paints has it all together for you.


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