Best Ratcheting Cable Cutter | Best Picks For 2021

As an electrician, a ratcheting cable is one must-have item in your toolbox. Here we bring you a review of the best ratcheting cable cutter and top picks for 2020. Be it cutting, stripping, or dealing with cables, there are ratcheting cable cutters of different strengths and purposes to meet your needs.Best Ratcheting Cable Cutter

What Is A Ratcheting Cable Cutter?

A ratcheting cable Cutter is a tool that allows you to cut through multiple cables leaving a clean and smooth cut. They are best for cutting through 1/0 and greater

Cable cutters, come in different types and may be specialized for some projects. Judging by the different shapes, sizes, and capabilities for executing a job involving copper, aluminum, telecommunication, TV, and other types of wires, you may be confused as to what ratchet cable cutter is ideal for your type of work.

Things To Look Out For When Buying The Best Ratcheting Cable Cutter

These factors will guide you through buying a cable cutter that is durable, of good cutting quality, blade quality, etc.

Blade Quality

When it comes to blade quality, there’s no compromise. This is because if the blade is not durable, a seasoned electrician who engages in several gigs in a week will not find much use for it.

Cutting Ability

The second deciding factor is the ratchet’s cutting ability. It is important to note that some ratcheting cutters may only cut a few types of wires, like copper or aluminum, while others can cut through several types of wires without fuss. Thus it is imperative you go for a cable cutter that gives you numerous options.

Cutting Steps

Normally one step cutting is slower than two-step cutting, thus 2 two-step cutters are the most preferred. Ergonomics is also as important as the blade quality because a well-designed cutter gives you the liberty and ease to do your job more conveniently and stay more calculated.

Power Leverage

A pair of cable cutters that are well designed can simplify any cable cutting procedure. You should also consider how quickly the cutter cuts at the difficulty rates it claims it can handle.

Features / Design

Comfort grips, easy adjustments, LED lights are all nice characteristics a good cable cutter is to posses.


Regardless of its size, a cable cutter, should enable you to work in tight spaces and still allow you ample leverage and power when cutting.


A comfortable pair of grips should help you feel a little better and keep your morale manageable. Most cable cutters are designed with vinyl coverings or soft plastic handles for increased comfort as you work. Thus your cable cutter should be insulated against electrical shock.

If you are in this dilemma and confused about what to do, sit back and relax as bring you reviews on what’s trending in the ratchet cable cutter market.

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Let’s take a look at our top five picks of the best ratcheting cable cutter of 2019 currently in the market to help you make a choice.

Greenlee 759 Compact Ratcheting Cable Cutter

This amazing piece if from a top American manufacturer of electrician hardware. This is a lightweight too that has a thin profile which makes it easy to work with (1/2 inches long, 1.4 lbs. weight). The Greenlee ratcheting mechanism is of single speed and comes with a blade release capability which allows it to open the blades during the cutting.

In spite of its compact size, the blade quality is sound. The blade is heavy-duty by design and can easily cut aluminum, copper, and steel wires (aluminum (400.000 SQ – MM) steel  (28.000 SQ – MM), copper  (240.000 SQ-MM), and not wear out quickly.

The best part of this tool is its functionality. This ratcheting cable cutter is of superior quality and comes in a thinner and smaller design than the standard cutters giving more leverage and can easily be used in tight spots.

You can easily store the Greenlee cutter in your tool pouch, as you work on-site, as you only need one hand to operate this tool.

The Bright Side

  • Designed with heavy-duty blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • It is compact and convenient
  • Single-speed
  • Allows blade release.


  • Not compatible with steel.

Klein Tools 63060 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

The next on our list is the 63060 by Klein Tools. This quality product can be used for cutting through copper (600 MCM) and aluminum (750 MCM) wires.

Klein is a household name when it comes to hardware. It’s a dedication to quality is also shown in this piece which has a hold-open function that enables you to do fast cutting. Its quick-release lever allows you to open the blade during the cutting itself for the removal of the cable. The ratcheting mechanism involves two steps and has been developed with a patented Klein technology, that enables you to get the same cut using fewer strokes as compared to an ordinary ratcheting cable cutter.

It has reinforced blades of steel for greater strength and more durability, offering you the confidence to use them even on the toughest of jobs. This Klein tool also has improved cutting capacity as compared to it’s previous generations, which gives you greater overall yield.

Uniquely designed to enable work for long hours, the special grip on the cutter gives you more leverage and requires reduced force for doing the job.

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Bright Side

  • Ideal for cutting copper and aluminum cable
  • Ergonomic
  • Reinforced blade
  • Quick-release lever
  • Hold open function


  • It may take time to get used to its cutting speed.
  • It may be difficult to rotate the cutting blade.

Temco HD Ratcheting Wire & Cable Cutter

From the well known Temco brand comes another high quality and innovative tool the Temco HD Ratcheting Wire &Cable Cutter.

This ratcheting cable cutter can be used to cut aluminum (1000 MCM) and copper (750 MCM) wires. It is a compact designed tool with a thin body that can easily take big cutting jobs.

Its blades have a black oxide layer and have been tempered and sheared before being attached to the tool, which enables them to stay durable and strong while facing tough wires. You have the option of opening the blades during cutting if the need arises.

The handles are coated with rubber for maximum comfort and grip during operation. Its telescope style gives you more control, mostly while working in tight spaces. There’s also great precision as you engage with this tool as well as a super aligned cutting action, all thanks to its ball dents on the handles. If you need to do a small job, the handles can be collapsed, use the ratcheting cable cutter single-handedly.

Bright Side

  • Blades can be opened mid-cycle
  • Can be used one-handedly
  • Telescoping steel handle
  • Can cut coarse-strand copper and aluminum cables
  • There’s a handle locking mechanism.


  • The lock may go flimsy
  • The grip may be big for some hands.

Southwire Tools & Equipment CCPR400 Ratcheting Cable Cutter

The next on our list is the Southwire Tools & Equipment CCPR400 Ratcheting Cable Cutter. This tool can cut both copper (750KCMIL) and aluminum (1000KCMIL) wires. This makes it a handy tool for most electricians, especially those working in small capacities.

This tool has a hardened blade, made from steel, to cut through wires smoothly. Its rounded blade design keeps the tool in alignment and prevents distortion as you cut wires. This cutter also has a two-step mechanism, which half’s your strokes per cut.

The quick lever release allows for blade opening during the cutting process without any fuse.

Bright Side

  • Made up of hardened steel blades
  • Has replaceable blades
  • Copper and aluminum cutter
  • Quick-release lever.


  • It’s out of stock regularly.

Channellock 911 9.5-Inch

The Channellock 911 9.5-inch ratcheting cable cutter is designed with a high leverage curve jaw cutting edge, which is heat-treated for extended tool life and is ideal for cutting coaxial cable, aluminum and copper cabling.

Bright Side

  • Made in the USA
  • Pliers are forged from high carbon drop alloy steel.
  • Built to easily cut cables
  • It provides long-lasting durability and cuts up to 4/0 aluminum and 2/0 copper.
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  • Not very comfortable
  • Not for steel or ACSR

There you have the top five picks of ratcheting cable cutters as well as their pros and cons, to help you make a more informed choice.

Is A Ratcheting Cable Cutter Really Worth It?

A good ratchet cable cutter comes in handy when you need to cut wires.

It is a must-have item for any electrician who is doing projects that require 1/0 wire and above.

Maintenance Tips for Ratcheting Cable Cutter

All your blades must be properly maintained and sharp. Dull and worn out edges are potential risk tools.

Make sure the teeth of your cutter is clean and sharp and avoid worn down teeth that can create unsafe conditions.

Lubricate pliers and cutters often. Oil the hinge to make the tool easier to use.

Be careful while sharpening a cable cutter, as they are trickier than wire cutters. Thus you need to ensure your cutting blades are prepared for the job at hand, and oil the blades and store in a dry place.

A cable cutter ultimately helps you do your job effectively and efficiently and saves you tons of time.

Safety Guidelines to Consider When Working With A Cable Cutter

  • Wear a face shield, goggles or safety glasses if there are potential hazards like pieces of wires or flying particles, etc.
  • Ensure you cut cables at the right angle and not from side to side or bending the cables against the cutting edges.
  • Use cable cutters that have a grip span ranging from 6 to 9 cm. This will help in preventing your fingers or palms from pinching when you close the cutter.
  • Ensure you use adjustable cutters with a narrow hand grasp to enable you grip the cables firmly.
  • Let your tools be in good working condition.
  • Make the edges of the cutter is. sharp. Dull and worn cutting edges need you to exert more force.
  • Make your cutter easier to use by oiling it regularly on the hinge.
  • Make sure the serrated jaws are sharp and clean.
  • Greasy and worn jaws increase the force required to hold the cable, which may lead to strain injuries and increased muscular fatigue.


What you need to, is to pick one of the options of a ratchet cable cutter that fits your requirements optimally. For whatever needs you to need to meet and however tight your budget is, there’s a ratcheting cable cutter that fits your needs.