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Bumble Profile – Bumble Profile Examples Women Can’t Resist

Bumble dating apps/site has lots of attractive women ready to drop messages at the slightest reach to your profile for matches. But what if any lady rarely hit you up with messages, what will you do?Bumble Profile

I know you have come across lots of dating tips telling you how to attract high-class ladies on Bumble. Dating tips, like uploading very cute and manly profile photos, create an interesting Bumble profile. Furthermore, keep it real, and lots more other tips. Maybe you applied them but saw no result – as no lady messaged you.

The truth is, you sure need a good-looking profile picture, and a well written and interesting bio. The question is, how do you go about creating one?

So, in this post, I will share with you 6 most attractive profile examples and tips. Infant, if you apply it, in a few minutes lots of women will flood you with messages seeking a match with you on Bumble online dating platform. Plus profile photo tips.

Bumble Dating and relationship

Online dating sites and apps have become the easiest place to find genuine love. A lot of people have found their soul mate and life partner (marriage) online through dating sites like Hinge, Tinder, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish (POF). But if you have not tried Bumble, then you are missing.

Bumble is a popular online dating app used by millions of singles looking for long-term relationships across the globe. On Bumble, you can chat, meet, flirt, date, and even meet matched partners in person.

That said, On Bumble, it gives a matching decision to women. Meaning that guys can’t message ladies. Only ladies can message guys before matching takes place. However, because I noticed a lot of guys don’t receive messages, I made in-depth research combined with personal experience to come up with Bumble profile bio tips and photo tips that compels ladies to message guys on Bumble.

#1: Market who you areUsing Your Bumble Profile

It’s clear by now that on Bumble, it allows only women to message men they like. Thus, for that to happen, your profile must be un-doubtfully appealing.

It’s easier for cute and handsome guys to get messages from women on Bumble. But what if you don’t have a good facial look or manly physique but have other qualities ladies crave for in a man?  Don’t you think you are on the advantage?

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Sincerely, you are. Nevertheless, what you need to learn is how to sell yourself beyond your looks.

Be it as it may, on Bumble you have just about 300 characters to tell who you on your bio. That makes it uneasy to ramble. So we are going to go over a few bios you need to update to sell yourself on Bumble.

To start with, your Bumble Bio highlight should be able to show your best captivating traits and personality makeup. Thus, to spark up the first impression or glance of attraction.

More Tips

For example, when you want to buy electronics. To be specific, a TV set. What do you see glaring at you boldly written on the carton – the features right? That’s what you all to do with your Bumble profile bio.

On Bumble, as the guy, you are the commodity while the ladies are the shoppers. So, give her reasons at a glance to ignore all other products or commodities and shop for you. That doesn’t equate bragging, but overdoing can equate to be bragging.

That said, to avoid appearing as one that is full of himself. You need not do the self-presentation or showcase your selling points yourself.  Get other people or sources to do it for you. It’s called “High Warranting”.

According to research conducted about what makes online dating profiles attractive. High warranting, that’s quality self-presentation, played a major role. Even when applied to offline dating. It tested possible when creating a Bumble dating profile, a profile for Bumble BFF or Bumble Bizz.

For instance, instead of saying to you how good you are at doing something, add a picture of yourself doing that same thing. More so, connect your Instagram account to your Bumble profile. But make sure everything there is real and not curated just to lure people into believing you are who you are not. For your information, 84% of singles who are looking for a partner to hook up with sort for authenticity above everything else.

#2: Be Humorous in Your  Bumble Profile

See, every lady craves for a joyful moment and unending happiness around every guy they want to be with. Thus, a sense of humor is how you keep her laughing and engaged with you. But you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to show humor.

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All that is needed is to say things in a way that makes it sound funny and sparks up laughter. Only know where to add it in your profile and where not to. The baseline of being humorous is not to be too serious or mean with your Bumble Profile. Find a way to show your unserious part.

#3: Go Back to Men’s Evolutional Trait

A lot has changed in our world today, but I bet to say that the basics didn’t change. Women still find men with traits such as bravery, courage, audacity, boldness, ability to dare new things and take a calculated risk, ability to protect, provide, and care for.

These are the most basic traits women crave to see in men. I group these traits as the alpha male trait. Every woman wants to be with a man who can protect her, care for her, provide, brave, and bold enough to act in an unpredictable moment. It’s discovered by a study that the kind and choice of words men use to show off the alpha male trait they possess. For example, men who use the phrase “knight in shining armor” got 67% more messages than those who didn’t.

#4: Be approachable

Create an environment with your profile bio that makes it easier for women to start up a conversation with you. So, you might need to end your bio with a conversation starter statement.

End your bio with a fun, interesting, or open-ended question, but don’t prime on their personal or sensitive life. Just a normal and casual question that can make them write a few sentences or words instead of just saying “Hi”.

#5: Don’t Show all you’ve Got Only Share what makes you Interesting

The easiest way to kill attraction to show or tell everything about at once. To keep attraction building, you need to let out yourself bit by bit. On Bumble you have a feature called “Movie Makers” a Bumble profile prompt to share a bit of information of yourself.

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I encourage you to use the profile promptly to share a bit about your personality, talent, hubby, interest, passion, that you deemed interesting but couldn’t make its way to your main bio because of limited character length.

My advice in using Profile prompt to appear more attractive is to sound vibrant with your words, give answers, and write words that make for a second thought. There are lots of other profiles waiting for a match, so you need to show her you are deserving of her.

#6: Choose your Profile Picture Wisely

For her to even read your profile bio, there must have a good profile picture that cuts her attention. So here are the things you need to get your profile picture to pass all her kind of guy lookout pix.

  1. Make sure your background has a look that matches yours, that way the attention will be on you, not on the background.
  2. Make sure that she can look into your eyes. Don’t wear glasses and don’t upload a picture until your eyes are away from the camera.
  3. Don’t upload a selfie image or group image. It rarely meets up with the fascinating appearance needed to give you a pass.

In all, just make sure you have a simple, good looking, and captivating Bumble photo and don’t add too many editing features. Keep simple and real. If it does not look like you in actual life don’t use it as your profile picture.

In Conclusion…

Applying the above tips and tactics can give you an edge over other tens and hundreds of other guys in the matching queue. The basics of attracting high-quality women on Bumble to be yourself. But much more is to find ways to outshine other guys.

Writing an interesting Bumble profile Bio is no easy task, it requires work and effort. Lots of testing and experimenting to come up with what your exact kind of lady gets attracted to. However, the above if applied well will land you many messages from high-class women on Bumble. As a result, lots of matches will come to you. It’s only left for you to choose who to date from the most beautiful and attractive ladies it matches you with.

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