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Can I Change the Voice on Google Translate?

It is very possible to change the voice on Google translate, but that would mean changing the language too. Why is this so? This is because Google Translate can only speak some translations in an automated voice.

As such, different languages employ different voices in the translator. Be it as it may, the only way of changing the voice is to change the language. Only one voice is used for each language that offers voice translation.Change the Voice on Google Translate

This is because the translator makes use of different modules for text-to-speech programs for each individual language supported by audible translation. So this means that not all languages in Google Translate have voice translation.

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How do you change the voice on Google translate?

Here we are going to break this process down into steps that can help you have this done in no time. The steps are simple and are one you can easily complete. Here let’s get started:

  • Start the process by going to in order to access Google Translate.
  • The next thing you should do is to key in the words to translate into the left field.
  • Thereafter, click the drop-down arrow over the rightmost field. Then choose the language to which you want to translate the entry. The translator will automatically generate a translation (if available) in the right field.
  • Then, click the speaker icon if you want to hear the translation spoken.
  • Choose a different language and tap on the speaker icon in order to hear a different voice speak the translation in a different language.
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Now you can see how easy it is to change the voice on Google translate. For any other time, you get confused on how to go about the process do. You can always refer to this page, to charge the voice on Google translate.

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