Change Your Gmail Password – How to Change Your Gmail Password

You also need to change your Gmail password often to keep it protected from hackers. Here, we have made steps that you can easily use to change your password using a computer to access your Gmail account.Change Your Gmail Password

When you make use of a mobile device, the difference in the process is not much. For instance, the iPhone and Android.

Google has made in such a way that when you change your Gmail password, your google account password will change with it at that same time. Therefore, the new password now becomes the valid password for your Google Products. The Google products include: YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Maps.

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You can recover your account if you forgot your password. At this time, you can recover and change the password as well. Read on for details.

Note: When you sense that your account has been hacked, the best thing to do is to scan the computer for malware and keylogging software before you change your password.

Steps to Change your Gmail Password

  • Right on your Gmail account, move to the setting. The settings bar is a gear icon at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Find accounts and import bar. When you select Accounts and Import, you will see more options. proceed to change account settings and,
  • Select the Change Password from the option.
  • Next, you would be told to enter your previous password into the provided space.
  • Afterward, click on NEXT to continue.
  • Create a new password. 1 Enter it into the first box and confirm it by re-entering it into the second box provided.
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Note: Makes sure that the password is stronger than the previous password.

  • Afterward, Click on CHANGE PASSWORD to complete the change.

The thing you should know to avoid been hacked

If you think that your account is been used y someone when you are not aware, then here are things to ensure that your account will be safe:

  • Ensure you sign out your Gmail account when you are done with what you want to do.
  • Google will also send a protection mail to you when your account is logged into another device. Always verify it to ensure safety. 2
  • You should enable Gmail 2-step authentication.