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Cox Webmail Login | Cox webmail residential Sign in at

Being able to log into the Cox webmail service portal enables a user to enjoy a range of benefits. Cox Webmail Login | Cox webmail residential Sign in at services.

Cox Communication stands as one of the biggest in the world of internet services in the United States today. This communication service offers internet services to numerous Americans. Apart from providing internet services, it also offers email services via Cox webmail and also offers direct TV and cable internet.

The Cox service is sometimes referred to as Cox high-speed internet webmail. Small scale businesses mostly find the webmail very useful. This is because it helps them connect with their staff and client. The Cox webmail is a fee-free email service.

How to Login Cox Email |Cox Webmail Login

To login to the Cox webmail portal:

  • Go to Cox webmail portal at or
  • Search for a grey login link to find the login form.
  • Key in your accurate login details which happen to be your username and password
  • In case you are using your personal device, you can check the “Remember User ID” option to stay logged in.
  • Decide whether to use the Classic Webmail or Enhanced Webmail option from the options given.
  • Once you are through doing that, choose or tap on the “Sign In” tab below the webmail option.

Once you enter your login details accurately, you’ll be directed to the official Cox webmail account online.

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However, if you are having difficulties logging into the webmail service, here’s a guide on how to login:

Problem Logging In? Forgot User ID or Password | Reset Your Password

If you have forgotten your password or have an incorrect password, you won’t be able to access your account. To recover your password, you’ll have to:

  • Go to the login page at
  • Search for the Forgot Password /User ID tab and click on it.
  • Go through with the steps outlined to recover your password.

Alternatively, you can reach out to a customer care representative, to get help recovering your password.

Cox Mail Benefits

With the Cox Mail service, users get McAfee anti-spam protection service. It provides cloud storage and users also get 10 email addresses as well as 2GB of file storage space. Users can also subscribe to a higher plan that comes with 10GB email storage capacity. The later comes with an option of bundling internet, home phone, and cable TV for both business and individual needs.

Users on the paid service get access to treats, more storage space, better support as well as customization of their inbox and also a better email configuration.

Cox Webmail Settings Online

If you want to edit your Cox webmail, you’ll have to log into your Cox webmail account. To do this, you’ll have to navigate your cursor to the “Settings and Help” option and tap on Settings. From here, you can easily manage as well as make adjustments to your account.

Cox Basic Mail Settings

On the Cox webmail, you can personalize the following:

Refresh Interval:Here, you can choose the interval setting of how you want to get your emails at any time.

Default App After Sign In:With this button, you can choose what page opens when you log in to your account. You can either decide to choose Google, Yahoo or Yelp from the options given.

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Auto Opening of Notification Area:With this setting, you can choose what notifications to receive.

Time Zone: No matter where you are, you can easily change your time zone from the default time zone with this button.


Cox Email Server Settings

With the wrong email setting, you may not be able to access your email. This is most times caused when you want to visit your email using iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Tablet, MacBook, or Desktop.

The list for your email server settings ranges from IMAP, POP, and SMTP. Here we’ll be offering a guide to help you set up your Cox webmail account to receive and send emails using any device of your choice without hitches.

Cox IMAP Server Settings

COX IMAP server settings mean the incoming and outgoing mail settings. To set up incoming mail settings, use as the server name. The port number should be 993 and SSL enabled. That of the outgoing mail setting should be

What is IMAP?

IMAP enables users to read, send as well as save their email when using a third-party app. The app may be mail, window mail, iMail, Outlook, Gmail etc. When you refer to the POP, IMAP offers the following:

  • Offers a secure and stable server via two-way communication.
  • Enable users to download emails and messages to their devices.
  • Users can affect cross integration on any of their devices when they are connected.
  • Use extensive filtering after accessing their email login. With this feature, you can search for email and files using any of the search strings; dates, name, size, etc., and also download email accurately.


Cox POP and POP3 Email Server Settings

POP is a feature used in downloading all emails from a remote server. It enables users to download emails from local storage and to access the email without using the internet.

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Difference Between POP and IMAP

While POP emails from the online server to a local storage location, IMAP temporarily stores the email locally even though the source file remains online. While IMAP functions like Cloud storage, POP does not.

Location of COX POP and POP3 Email Server Settings

If you want to access your email locally without using the Cox high-speed internet webmail, you’ll need to use Cox Server name for the incoming mail server and as the outgoing server address.


Cox Webmail Setting On Your Mobile Device

You can get access to your Cox email account via your mobile with the aid of either or by installing the app. It is advised that you use IMAP as this will help you get your email in your entire device simultaneously. Follow the settings below to manage your most used server:

Cox Mail Settings for iPhone and iPad

  • On your iPhone or iPad home, tap on the Settings option.
  • Choose Mail, Contact, Calendar, and select Add account.
  • Choose Other
  • Tap on Add Mail Account
  • Type in your name, your email address and the password
  • Enter a Description
  • Choose Next or Save button
  • Choose POP to reach the server settings.
  • Enter the incoming and outgoing server details, username, (don’t enter this time), and password.
  • Lastly, click on Save to have the process completed.


Cox Customer Service

If you are experiencing either of the following; an email server downtime, server not responding, email outage, help setting up your Cox webmail login account, bad services, etc., you can contact Cox service using any of the following options:

Cox Telephone | Cox Phone Number

Call with:

  • 1-866-961-0027 (Online)
  • 1-866-961-0027 (Local)

Users can contact the customer service team for issues like TV support, internet server issues, and outstanding payments. Additionally, users can contact for invoice issues, technical support, about products and services. For any of these issues, contact the department through:

  • 1-800-234-3993

Cox Chat | Customer Service Chat

Cox has also provided a 24/7 chat customer representative to help out with the Cox issues you may have. You can chat with the URL


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