Delete AOL account – Cancel free email address

To cancel your AOL email account is free But are you sure it is the best thing you want to do. To delete your AOL account is not easy to do except with a guide. Moreover, no company will like to lose its customers likewise AOL.Delete AOL account

In that case, you will pass over steps before they confirm you to leave. If you can locate the page to cancel your account, then it means that you really want to do that. The steps to delete AOL account are not as straight as Gmail and if you must do so, read on for more details.

Note: make sure that you can still access your AOL account before you can use the below steps. You may need to reset or seek to recover your password if you can’t access your account before you go on.

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What you should before you close your account

If you close up your account, you have closed up messages that will come to that email. in a real sense, there is no user like that again. To avoid this, give out your new account address to others in case they want to reach you. The closing account can affect you when you have accounts that relate information to you such as a bank.

Do you have any premium subscription with your account? it will be canceled when you close your account.

Delete AOL account – How to close up an AOL account

Now you know what you will lose and I have chosen to proceed, ensure you delete all your email stored at AOL.

  • Firstly, Move to the AOL sign-in page and sign in… this is the only way to cancel your account.
  • Find and click on the “Options” tab and hit on “My account”.
  • when the new window opens, click on “Account Options” and also click on the “And more” button.
  • Now, you will face the security questions and it must be answered. In fact, without all answers complete, you cannot move to the next step. 1
  • afterward, click on the “Manage my Subscriptions” tab on the next page.
  • If you have any plans presently, it will be displayed. Click on “Change plan”.
  • Next, click on “I already have a high-speed connection” from a list of pop up text. Click next on “View Plans”.
  • Now click on “Cancel” to get rid of your account.
  • services and benefits you are about to lose will be detailed on the screen.
  • Finally, Scroll to the bottom of the screen and confirm that you want to delete your account. Click on the “Cancel AOL” button.
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when it is successful, you will be informed in a form.