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Easy Way to Extract RAR Files on Windows and Mac for Free

Files of large memory sizes come in a zip and RAR format. Most files come in RAR or ZIP format for certain reasons; protect from virus attack to avoid file corruption and as well compress the large files to a sizable unit easy for transfer. This post shows you an easy way to extract RAR files on Windows & Mac.Extract RAR Files

To extract a RAR file, download and install 7-zip or WinRar in your windows or MacOS, navigate to the RAR file you want to extract and double click to open, click on the extract option and chose your destination folder, then click on the extract button and wait for the file to finish extracting.

How to Extract RAR file on Windows OS

Extracting RAR files on windows would need a third-part application as the windows operating system only comes with a default Zip application used to extract only ZIP files. However, some RAR file achievers or unpackers would at some point ask you to pay before you can continue using their package. Be it as it may, this guide will put you through on how to extract RAR files or documents using 7-zip or WinRAR for free without having to pay for any App subscription or buy an app serial key.

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To open, view and extract RAR file or documents, the best app choice is 7-zip, seven 7-zip not only help you to open RAR documents but as well help you to view and extract for free without buying the app or its serial key.

Extract RAR files Using 7-Zip

To extract rar documents with 7-zip, you will have to follow the below instructions;

  1. Go to and download the 7-zip.exe file
  2. Click on the downloaded file to install
  3. Navigate to the file you want to extract
  4. Double click to open with 7-zip
  5. Click on the extract option
  6. Choose folder location
  7. Tap the extract button.
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Alternatively, you can extract with 7-zip by right-clicking on the file you want to extract, you would see the option to extract the file using 7-zip, chose the 7-zip option and choose a destination folder, then tap on the extract button and wait for file extraction to finish.

How to Extract RAR file on Mac – Open a RAR File in MacOSX for Extraction

It’s no good news that Windows users enjoy as much app options than Mac users as there are lots of applications or open-source applications for windows users but little and in few cases no app to execute some of the tasks you would want to execute on MacOSX. But when you talk about extracting RAR files on mac for free, you are still faced with a choice with an app named “Unarchiver”.

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Extracting RAR Files on MacOSX Using Unarchiver

The simple process to extract RAR documents on macOS for free is through the Unachiver app which can be downloaded on the app official site at

Unarchiver is an iOS app designed primarily for opening archive files on macOS, it’s the best because it opens every archive and does it in a little time for free.

How to Extract RAR Archive with Unarchiver

The archive extract process with Unarchiver is simple and easy following the below guide;

  1. Download Unarchiver
  2. Locate the file to extract and double click it
  3. A destination folder with the name same as the archive file name will be created automatically by Unarchiver.
  4. Click on the extract button to extract to the folder created or tap on the folder option to create a new folder.

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