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Facebook recently introduced Facebook avatar. This feature is presently ruling and rocking the social media world. Facebook avatar allows you to create a cartoon of your self called an avatar. You can use the avatar as your Profile Picture, Post on Page, post on the feed, it can be used in the comment section and so much more.Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar is just an amazing stride from Facebook.com. It has never been this fun until the announcement of the launch of Facebook Avatar.

This digital avatar can be used on your facebook.com as well as your messenger app.

The amazing thing here is that you can customize your own unique avatar using the tools Facebook kept in place.

It is a Facebook version of Bitmoji. If you can use Bitmoji very well, you wouldn’t have issues customizing your own Facebook Avatar emoji. The service is available to all US, Europe, Australia, and some Asian countries.

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This is aimed at bringing more engagement and fun to Facebook users. It is targeted towards young users always. Most of these social classes left for Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. So this feature is built to mimic the like of Snapchat Bitmoji and Apple memoji stickers.

The cartoon characters in messenger are quite interesting to use and fun.

How you Can Use Facebook Avatar

  • It can be used to create short stories
  • It can be used in your comment section
  • You can use it on your messenger
  • You can use it as your Facebook Profile photos
  • You can use them as your Feed Post.
  • You can create your own avatar for your gaming Profile.

These avatars first launched in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdome and Ireland and later introduced to Europe and Canada.

Everything that includes your skin tone, complexion, hairstyle your dress, and accessories you put on, you can also edit it according to the choice of your avatar, said by Facebook.

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Avatars enable you to share a range of emotions and expressions via a digital persona that’s uniquely representative of you’ Simo says.

Social Network, Always try to take these types of unique and trending ideas from their competitors Facebook took It’s time to develop It by making sure that their avatar should represent a different type of users. Currently, no plan to monetize the avatar said on Facebook.


Creating and editing your Avatar open the Facebook or messenger comment composer then click the “smiley” Tab and after that sticker Tab and now finally click “Create Your Avatar”.

Facebook App’s Bookmarks you can able to access the creator from It For that Just enter in bookmark click on “See More” then select “Avatars” Another way click on friend’s Avatar.

You can customize your avatar to match your taste. There is an option of color editing, eyebrow, the shape of the head, hairstyle, length of hair, beard, clothing, body size, and height.

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