Facebook Dating Sites – Dating Apps – How To Activate Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating Sites – Dating Apps – How to Use Facebook Dating Site Free – Free Facebook Dating Site

Facebook dating sites are one simple dating feature on the Facebook App and website where users get the opportunity to meet with millions of new friends; singles who actually want to date online. Dating Apps and free Facebook dating sites have existed for close to years now. Some of these are pages and groups on the Facebook App and Facebook site where one can find new people, meet and go on a date with them either within the Facebook App online or schedule for a physical meeting.Facebook Dating Sites

Before we continue, here are a few dating sites on FB that focuses on matching singles who want to date on the Facebook App or through the Facebook website;

  • Dating Daily.
  • Zoosk.
  • Dating.com.
  • Dating.
  • Facebook App.
  • American Friends Date.
  • Single Men looking for relationships.
  • Top Dating Sites.

Amazingly, Facebook dating sites are free for all Facebook users, that is to say, for you to be able to access Facebook dating sites you will need to create a Facebook account and become a registered member. Only then will you have access to the FB dating site for free.

Here is the gist, Facebook dating sites are not a different online dating URL created by Facebook but a dating feature embedded in the Facebook App and Facebook social networking site that enables users to connect with millions of other singles who want to do online dating free.

Facebook Dating Features – What are the Possible Way to Date on Facebook

Users can date on the Facebook platform through verities ways; Facebook dating features though as an App one can enable inside the Facebook platform is not yet made available in all countries where Facebook App or Facebook web platform is used for social networking. However, Facebook users can date on Facebook using;

  1. Firstly, Facebook Dating Pages.
  2. Facebook Dating Groups.
  3. Also, Facebook Dating Feature (country-specific).
  4. Lastly, Facebook Dating communities.

Facebook Dating Groups and Pages Near me

Identifying Facebook groups and pages near your location is one key to having a successful dating experience using the Facebook dating platform. There are lots of Dating groups and pages created on the Facebook web platform for people in different locations, regions, and countries.

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For instance, they are Facebook Dating US, Facebook Dating for singles in Uk, Facebook dating for college students in the US, Facebook Dating for Singles under 40, Facebook dating for married people, Facebook dating devoiced people, Facebook dating for celebrities, and lots more such dating pages and groups on the Facebook App.

How to Locate Facebook Dating Groups & Pages

First, you will need a Facebook account and you must be logged in.

  • Firstly, On the Facebook homepage, when logged in to your account.
  • Use the search toolbar, and key in the name of the pages and groups you would like to join.
  • Alternatively, you can search for Facebook Dating and relationship groups and choose from the search results.
  • Also, Click join to join the group or page, some groups or page might require you to answer certain personal questions or give a brief detail of yourself, or create a piece of mini persona information that will aid others in the group to knowing who you are or the admin of the page to know actually your attention of joining the group or page.

Facebook Dating Site – Facebook Dating Feature at www.facebook.com/dating

Online Dating with Facebook Site is free and completely fun and easy. However, I would like to show you how you can activate the dating feature when you visit www.facebook.com/dating, but first, you need a Facebook account.

  1. Create a Facebook account by visiting facebook.com/signup.
  2. Do Facebook login with your account username and password.
  3. If you happen to be within the country that Facebook made available the dating feature, you will see the Dating icon on your profile dashboard with red color.
  4. Click on the heart icon and enable the dating feature. (though you might be directed to the dating page when you enable the dating icon)
  5. Head straight to the dating URL and create a dating profile.
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How to Find Singles On Facebook Dating Sites – Dating Sites on FB

You can either look for singles who are interested in dating or people who just got out of date. That way you got to enjoy the mutuality of wanting to be hooked up with a new partner other than the one-sided struggle to get someone like you on the Facebook dating platform. Here is how to find singles on the FB Dating sites;

  1. Do Facebook login.
  2. On the homepage, using the search toolbar.
  3. Key in a single dating site.
  4. In the results, tap on the result that best fit your search.
  5. Click join.


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