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Hand Tools Set For Electrical | Hand Tools Electrical | Tool Belt

The lists below are the best tool belt and Hand Tools set for Electrical that anelectrician should acquire. This will help To simplify his/her workflow so as to save a huge amount of money, time and frustration. Acquiring and maintaining an electrical tool kit is one of your responsibilities as an electrician and is very essential. If your tools are sturdy and in good working condition you would not need to spend a fortune on it.

Things A Good Hand Tools Set Should Help You Do As Electrician

  • Build tray runs
  • You should be able to do physically demanding jobs like trench digging to lay conduit wires and lift and move heavy objects.
  • It should help you cut and mount various electrical equipment.
  • Install, test, assemble or maintain electrical equipment, wiring, appliances, and fixtures with your tools.
  • You should be able to diagnose malfunctioning machinery, systems and components, know the cause and correct it with hand tools and test equipment.
  • Correct circuit breaker wires or transformers.
  • To do inspections of equipment, components as well as other electrical systems to find hazards and defects in accordance with all codes.
  • Help you plan layout as well as installation of all electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment depending on the job specifications and codes. Additionally train or direct workers to maintain, install or do repairs on equipment, wiring and fixtures.
  • Prepare sketches that determine where the wiring and equipment is situated to ensure safety and building rules are being observed.
  • You should be able to use the variety of tools in your electrical tool kit, like measuring devices, power construction equipment, and testing equipment.
  • Install a ground lead and connect motor power cables.
  • A good Hand Tools Setwill help you have knowledge of how to repair wiring, equipment, and fixtures with power and hand tools.
  • Enable you to work scaffolds, roofs, and ladders to repair, install, or maintain.
  • Cut and mount different electrical equipments.
  • Place piping or tubing inside partitions or walls and place wires or cables incomplete circuits between boxes.
  • Fabricate and construct parts to specifications via hand tools
  • Hand Tools Set will help youAdd small plastic or metal boxes to the wall for home electrical outlets or switches.
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Now let’s outline the necessary tools your tool belt and bag must carry for job efficiency.

Hand Tools SetElectrical And Tool Belt

Custom Leathercraft Electrician’s Tool Belt

A good tool belt is an essential part of an electrician’s life. This is because it helps you store your essentials which you need handy as you work. The Custom Leathercraft Electrician’s Tool Belt is designed with a roller-style buckle with 2 clips.

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It is comfortable to wear because it is padded around the waist and also comes with a suspender that helps alleviate some of the weight off your back and onto your shoulders. This tool belt is one of the most comfortable and affordable tool belts on the market.

Klein Needle Nose Pliers

The Klein needle nose plier can be used for multiple tasks. They are ideal for reaching dropped screws or holding a screw for drilling.

Klein Lineman Pliers

A versatile tool for twisting pliers together for tight connections. The Klein lineman plier can as well be used to tighten Red B-Caps and pull fish tape. The Klein lineman plier can also work as a hammer in a jam.

Klein Diagonal Side Cutting Pliers

The Klein diagonal side cutting plier is best for cutting wires to specific lengths when you are terminating on devices.

Klein Strippers

These strippers can be termed as the most comfortable. This is because the form is well to your hand and the spring is not too tight which allows for easy usage. The Klein stripper also has the 10-32 and 6-32 hole slots so you can cut them down and not damage the thread. The hole above the side cutter can also be used to make loops of wire for terminations on receptacles and switches.

Channel Locks 5-1/2 inch capacity

This is a handy lock when you are working with larger pipe 2 inches and above.

Channel Locks 2-1/4 inch capacity

This is used to tighten fittings when installing EMT conduit and Rigid conduit. This lock can also be used to tighten lock nuts on various connectors. Mostly used for 2-inch conduit and smaller.

Klein 11-in-1 Screwdriver

This is an essential tool for every electrician, it’s size notwithstanding. It comes with so many features like screwdrivers and nut drivers. Klein 11-in-1 Screwdriver is a super convenient tool because it reduces the number of tools you need to carry on your tool belt. Note,you are advised never to use this tool in a live electrical panel. This is because the detachable pieces have a tendency of becoming loose and falling, which may cause a short or arch between the live buss and the panel enclosure. To work on a live panel, you are to always use a fully insulated screwdriver.

Klein Screwdriver Set

This set is decked with all that you need. A flat head screwdriver, Philips #2, as well as a trim screwdriver.

SOG Kilowatt Folding Knife

This is the best folding knife you can have and is a great addition to any toolset. It has 3 separate wire stripping accessories, it’s heavy-duty, and comes with a limited warranty.

Greenlee Roto Split

This is a must-have tool for those working on MC cable in commercial or industrial settings. This tool makes the task of cutting flex easy. Additionally, it never cuts or damages the wire.
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Klein Pipe Reamer

This tool is ideal for those who work with EMT conduit. If you cut conduit with a saw, it leaves sharp pieces on the pipe. The reamer here removes all the sharp pieces and leaves the ends smoothed. It also gives you the option of a handy flat head screwdriver at the end, so you don’t have to change tools when tightening fittings.

Klein Electrician Level

This particular electrician level utilizes rare earth magnets. This is why It made our list of best Hand Tools Electrical. This tool sticks to anything and is useful when installing EMT conduit and installing electrical cabinets and is durable.

Klein Rare Earth Magnet Tape Measure

A unique tool for measuring a distance.

Fluke Voltage Detector Hand Tools Set

This can be used to quickly determine if a circuit is on or off. It is petite enough to be carried around in a tool belt. Sheet Rock Saw This is a Fatmax line of the Stanley tools. You can use this to cut in new remodel metal or plastic boxes into finished walls. You can also use this to cut in recessed can lighting in a finished ceiling or ceiling tile.

Professional Knee Pads

On our list of Hand Tools Electrical is Professional Knee Pads.This is built to trim out receptacles. When trimming out a phase of a project, most plugs are mounted at 18-24 inches off to the ground. When you are on a large project, say an apartment complex or a large commercial structure, you can anticipate being crouched for an extended period of time. This tool is also great when working in attics on rafters.

Tools In My Tool Bag

Greenlee Step Bit

This is a double-side that cuts super fast. It is the most convenient and quickest way to create holes in junction boxes and panels.

Greenlee Knock-Out Set

The Greenlee Knock-Out Set goes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. You can use this set to first drill the hole large enough to insert the knock-out set screw, then use the ratchet to finish the hole.

Klein Magnetic Nut Driver Set

This should be kept in your bag for special applications. You can use this to install breakers in an electrical panel. The magnetic tip is also helpful when you want to avoid dropping a screw.

Klein Insulated Screw Driver Set

This is a handy tool for live panels or junction boxes.

Klein Screwdriver Screw Holder Set

These should be kept handy if you are trying to install screws in hard-reach places.

Klein Stubby 6-in-1 Screw Driver

You can use this when you have limited space to tighten or loosen screws. Hand Tools Set is not complete without it.

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Temco Hydraulic Knockout Set

This is a hydraulic version of the manual KO set. A great to-use set when making larger holes in electrical cabinets. The hydraulic punch enables super-fast operation. The icing on this cake is that it comes at a fraction of the cost of the Greenlee hydraulic set and it has a 5-year warranty.

Greenlee Hole Saw Kit

This kit is mostly for PVC boxes. This knockout kit does not work with PVC. Additionally, if the metal in the panel in the box is really thick, this seems to work better than the knock-out kit.

Fluke Tone Generator

You can use this tool when troubleshooting a circuit. This tool places a tone on the wire which enables you to detect it on the other end.

Klein Circuit Breaker Finder

A great tool to locate a specific circuit in a panel you need to turn off.

Klein Clamp Meter

Designed with testing leads, and also has a nice magnet on the back that enables you to place it on a metal cabinet. It allows for larger wire amp readings and also comes at a better price.

Fluke 323 True-RMS

It comes with leads and a holding case and reads up to 400 amps.

DYMO Rhino Label Maker

This makes it super easy to label cables. This label maker is the best for electrical applications.

Brady Lock Out Tag Out Kit

This is very essential for safety. It comes with breaker locks and locks for panels. If you are working in an environment where people have access to panels you should consider this for safety.

Makita Combo Kit

On our list of Hand Tools Set is Makita Combo Kit. The Makita Combo Kit has a power-to-weight ratio. It is an amazingly lite tool,  which makes it the preferred after a long day of drilling. It uses lithium-ion batteries and the max charge time is less than 30 min

Dewalt Drill Bits

Dewalt is known for making the best drill bit on the market, and this bit is not an exception.

LED Head Lamp

If you are working in a dark attic or maybe a crawl space headlamps are a great way to keep your hands free.

Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are an important part of staying safe on the job. These fully shielded safety goggles protect from dust, and you are going to be needing them when you are cutting conduit or hammer drilling and setting concrete anchors.

Cut Resistant Gloves

Cut-Resistant gloves that help protect you by removing the hazard of cuts. These are great to use when cutting conduit with a saw, or when using a band saw. It’s also ideal when you are pulling a wire.

Electrician Hole Saw Kit

These are handy when you need to drill through metal/wood studs. This tool can also be used to quickly make a hole into electrical panels or even junction boxes. There you have them, you can now make your decision and choose what’s best for you to efficiently carry out your work.

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