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How to Change an NAT Type From Strict to Open

NAT otherwise known as Network Address Translation enables one IP address to serve as the identifying address for several computers and devices on a local network. In situations where you need to set up a server, you need to set the NAT type as “open”.NAT Type

This is to allow connectivity to and from various ports. One other common reason for opening your NAT type is for online gameplay on game consoles like the PS3 or Xbox 360. If your NAT is set to strict, you won’t be able to host a game, use voice chat or even play at all in some cases. Note also that if you have an internet phone service, you may not be able to make or take calls with a strict-rule NAT.

So now let’s get started with how to change a NAT type from strict to open.

  • Start the process by typing “cmd” (without quotes) in the Windows Search box. Then select the Command Prompt to open a command window.
  • Enter “Ipconfig/all” (without the quotes) and press “Enter” to execute the command.
  • Search through the list of names until you see either “Default Gateway” or “IPV4 Gateway”. Then write down the numbers next to those names. The numbers will appear something like this “”
  • Open Internet Explorer and type in the Gateway IP address in your address bar. Press “Enter” to open your router’s configuration page.
  • For the fifth step, key in your router password. In case you don’t know the password, you may need to contact the manufacturer. Be it as it may, the default password for most devices is “admin”.
  • Then click on the “Administration” link on your router. Then change the “UPnP” setting from “Disabled” to “Enabled”.blank
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Tap on the “Save Settings” or “Save Changes” button which is at the bottom of the page. Then exit your router configuration tool.


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