How to Create a Gmail account – How I Create a Gmail Account

This article will guide you on how to create a Gmail account. For instance, I will unveil to you how I create a Gmail account for my self with little or no experience at my early age.

Gmail is an email service provider with a robust spam filter and more storage space options. Now you can send emails to friends across the Gmail platform. Also, you need to sign up to start enjoying the free features of Gmail plus more storage space for your messages. Gmail can serve as an archive for old files, perhaps, a backup.How to Create a Gmail account

With a few steps, creating a Gmail Account is very easy and fast. The below guide should be used on the web browser of any system. Here are there.

How to Create a Gmail account

To create a Gmail account,

  • Firstly, Go to
  • Next, the form page comes out. Fill out the form.
  • Thirdly, enter your first and last name
  • Enter a username of your choice. This is the email address for your Gmail.
  • Choose a password for your email that will be difficult to be guessed by anyone. To get more\ security, you need to enable two-factor authentication. Thus, this can be done when you have finished signing up.
  • Also, Provide your birth date and gender.
  • Proceed to next.
  • Now, you will be asked to verify the phone number or email. Click on “send” or leave it by clicking on “Not now”.
  • Agree to the privacy and terms after reading it to continue. Here, it is compulsory or you will remain at this spot.
  • Afterward, you will be taken to my Account page for the email address you have successfully created.
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When you want to access your account to manage your information and set the account to taste, sign in to your account.

How to Access my Account

It all depends on how you wish to access your Gmail. This is because you can access it on the web, or desktop and mobile email app. you may be wondering about the desktop app? Windows 10 has a Gmail app, just like iOS and Android mobile devices.

All you need to do is to find the app that is compatible with your device and install it. With the app for your device, you can sign in easily. Or make use of the web for your account.

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To access your Gmail account,

  • Firstly, Open your device Gmail app.
  • The first page show three things you may want to use Gmail for. That is if you are using android. The first is email, the second is the outlook and….
  • Next, Now select email.
  • Again, Wait for a while. Here comes the new page with a form. It says, signs in your account.
  • Enter your phone number or your email address.
  • Afterward, on the next window, enter your password and click on continue.
  • Lastly, Agree to the terms of the app, and boom, your account is signed into your device.