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How to Get Free Money – A Comprehensive Guide

I know you would love this article because everyone loves free money. For those who say there’s no free money, hear this, there is. Except you are not in this jet age, there are tons of ways of making free money, especially in this digital age. If you are still finding this funny and thinking if it’s really possible to earn free money, sit tight as we unravel this puzzle for you.How to Get Free Money – A Comprehensive Guide

Is Free Money Really Free?

It is best we clear the air and make you understand what we mean by “free money”. Free money here means any cash bonus or rewards you get for signing up for and using a service. It can be a redeemable point you accumulate for sharing your opinion with a company. As such, you can call this money “free” because you are not trading hours of hard labor in exchange for it. Instead, you are receiving additional benefits while you carry out your day-to-day activities.

Now that you know what free money is, how do you get free money?

Take Advantage of your Employers 401(K)Match at Work

Some jobs come with amazing perks which you can take advantage of. One of such is matching your 401(K) contributions which you make towards your retirement savings. In this situation, your employer contributes a certain amount towards your retirement account. Depending on what you are already contributing each month.

Oftentimes, the employer matches a percentage of the employees

Play Games

If you are good with games, do you know you can earn money playing games? There are free games that you can play on your phone. Then get rewarded with free money automatically in your account when you complete the task at hand. There is always a free lifehack website which now offers this service to help people earn free cash while playing their favorite game. You can also enjoy some of these other mediums of getting free money. That is, from watching videos, reading emails or filling out surveys for $25-$200 per day online.

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If you don’t try, you may never know how much you can actually make out of this.

Get Paid Interest on your Savings

If you are looking for one of the most effortless ways of making free money, you can use your bank for this purpose. One of the advantages of having a savings account or more liquid forms of money like certificates of deposit or money market accounts is this. Interest accrues to your account even while you sleep.

What you should do here, is compare options in order to ensure you are getting the best interest rates out there. You can do a quick trick of focusing on online savings banks. These tend to offer higher interest rates than traditional banks. The reason for this is that online banks have lower overhead costs and can truly focus on maximizing returns for their customers.

Take Surveys

Surveys are another free money source option. You can sign up for free and earn free money by taking surveys on your phone or computer. What you’ll be required to do here is, answer questions about things. For example, what TV shows you watch, how much time you spend reading books (or just free), the food that you eat, and lots more. You will also be paid for other offers from brands like Netflix and Amazon when they send out their shopping incentives.

Negotiate Lower Monthly Bills

Really want to earn some free good money?, then you have to stop overpaying for your free money. By this, I mean free-money deals that are available to all of us and we are not even aware of it. Take the phone company, for instance, it is a great place for free-money negotiating. This is because they will offer you free minutes or reduced rates if you ask them nicely.

Don’t be scared of negotiating with the cable guy to get affordable services when necessary.

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Lower Your Car Insurance

Do you know that saving on your car insurance is another medium of earning a free money opportunity? A free credit report is one of the free money offers that are available to us that we may not even know about. Also in your personal life, the more you earn, the fewer taxes will be deducted from what you’re owed. You can also get free stuff at work. Most companies offer employees discounts or freebies just for working there.

Bursaries, Scholarships, & Grants

If you are fortunate enough to be a recipient of free money, you have to ensure that “free” is your only cost. Some free money providers like GoFundMe charge fees for their services while others do not. As such, you have to be aware of what the free money costs is before signing up.

Also, you have to understand that it is important to invest and manage your free cash wisely. This is so it doesn’t end up costing more in the long run.

You don’t have to give away all your free cash at once just because there are no strings attached. You can start by setting aside five percent or ten percent as an emergency fund. Even though it may take some effort on your part, you will come to appreciate it later.

Free Money For Referring Friends

Another easy and quick way of racking up free money is by referring friends. How you may ask? You can set up free Facebook or Twitter accounts and refer friends. This is an avenue of earning money for something you have been doing normally before.

When you sign up for free trials with services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, there are no strings attached. This is one of the easiest mediums of getting free money online because there are already loads of free trials out there. So you can go ahead and take advantage by signing up today.

The best part about the free trial offer is that they don’t need any credit card information. This means it won’t be charged at all if you decide not to keep the service after your free trial period has expired.

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Signup Offers

Are you aware that you can easily earn free money just by signing up for free offers? It is quite a simple process. All you are required to do is create an account and offer some personal information. Information like your email address or phone number and that’s it!!

You can also sign up for free trials of services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This comes with no strings attached and only takes minutes.

Just by signing up today, you can start earning plenty of free money. There is plenty of free money out there. All you need to know is where to look and you will get it cheaply.


So if you have been looking for free ways of earning money, you can try out these options. Even though these options won’t make you a millionaire overnight, you can make do with the extra cash for some of your basic needs.



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