How to Insert a New Page in a Word Document

There are methods you can use if you want to write in a new page in a Word Document. If you have just finished a chapter of your work, and you want to write on a new page, there are methods you can use. To insert a new page on Word, you don’t necessarily need to click on the ‘Enter’ key on and on till you get to the next page. There are some methods you can easily try out.How to Insert a New Page in a Word Document

Method 1

Page Break


You can use the method known as ‘Page Break’. Here, you’ll need to select the ‘Insert’ button, click on ‘Pages’ and choose ‘Page Break’. This will easily insert a new page directly.

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Method 2


You can also use another method known as ‘Shortcut’. This is much like the ‘Page Break’ method, only that it’s a lot easier. All you are required to do is:

  • Place your cursor at the end of your text
  • Click on Ctrl+Enter
  • Then you you’ll be navigated to the beginning of a new page.

Method 3

  • Tap at the bottom or end of the page which comes before the new page you want to add. If you notice that any words or pages follow the place where your cursor blinks, then Word will move them to start after the new page.
  • Click on the ‘Insert’ button in the toolbar at the top of word.
  • Tap on the ‘Blank Page’ in the group tagged ‘Pages’. You can locate this group on the left hand side of the ribbon. Word will instantly insert a blank page immediately after your cursor.
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You can use these methods to add a page which will enable you start a new section or add information anywhere in a document. Mostly if you are working on a large project, adding a new page can help you in incorporating an extra section. These includes visuals, insert addenda or create a visual separation between sections. Even though you could add a new page by clicking on the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard over and over until you get to the next page, you can actually get bored with the process. But here now are the three methods you can use in skipping the ‘Enter’ button to insert a new page faster than you would with the ‘Enter’ key.

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If you are done with the page, you can simply delete it by placing the cursor at the end of your last page and clicking on ‘Delete’.