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How to Install Python IDLE

What is Python? – It is a popular programming language that is available for most modern computer operating systems. Python IDLE is an environment used for writing, editing, debugging, and even running Python programs. This feature is included when you install the standard set of Python tools.Python IDLE

How to Download & Install Python IDLE

The Python programming language still stands as one of the most popular languages. It is available for most modern operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux as well as other Unix-style systems.

Indeed, you can write your own Python programs using any text-editing program. Also, if you wish to, you can write, edit and even debug via a system known as IDLE which is installed with the standard Python toolset.

IDLE is an acronym for Integrated Development and Learning Environment. However, it is widely assumed it was named as a tribute to Eric IDLE. He happened to be an English comedian and actor from the famed Monty Python comedy troupe. If you install a modem version of Python on a computer, IDLE automatically comes with it.

As such, you don’t need a separate IDLE download if you have already downloaded Python on your system. To access IDLE, go to the Start Menu on a Windows computer with Python installed. Or you can type “idle” at the command line on a Mac or Linux computer.

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How do you install Python on your computer?

  • Visit the official Python homepage at
  • Tap on the “Downloads” link.
  • Choose the version of Python you want to install.
  • You are also at liberty to download standard installer programs for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows.
  • Download them, double-click them and run them. You can follow the instructions to install Python and IDLE on your system.
  • In case you are using Linux or another Unix-style operating system, you can either install Python via the official application repository for your system. Or by downloading the source code from and compiling it according to the provided instructions.

Choosing a Python Version

In case you are trying to run Python code which you or someone else has already written, you have to ensure that you download a version that is compatible with the code. The good thing is that Python is open source as such, is available free of charge.

  • Versions of Python which are numbered as 2.x – where x is some number or series of numbers are not compatible with Python versions of 3.0 and later.
  • While some existing programs are written for the 2.x series of Python, others are designed for later versions.
  • The best part is that you can install both 2.x and 3.x versions.
  • You can also install both 2.x and 3.x versions of Python on the same computer if you need to run multiple versions. However, you have to ensure you know which versions of the software you have installed. Also, you have to use the version which is compatible with the programs you intend to run or write.
  • IDLE is available for and included with all 2.x and 3.x versions of the software.
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Each version of Python is created with its own version of Python IDLE.


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