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How to Make a Star With the Wingdings Font

Instead of towing the old route of swapping your font to wingdings by pressing every button on the keyboard until you find a star you like, we are here to show you a faster method. You can use this method to quickly browse through the font’s library. Before we go into the main topic, let’s get to explore the Wingdings feature a little to have a better idea of what we are discussing.How to Make a Star With the Wingdings Font

Before we go ahead and show you how to make a star with the wingdings font, let’s talk a little about this feature. The Wingdings font since 1992 has been one of the features of Microsoft’s productivity tools. The font is used to replace letters with symbols that represent various graphic elements like arrows, mailboxes, checkboxes, computer components as well as a wide range of geometric shapes.

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Wingdings is a series of dingbat fonts that means to letters as a variety of symbols. Wingdings were originally developed in 1990 by Microsoft by combining glyphs from Lucida icons, arrows, and stars which is licensed from Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes.

How to Make a Star With the Wingdings Font

Here I will be listing a few simple steps that will help you boycott the long route of swapping your font to wingdings by pressing every button on the keyboard until you find a star you like. With these few steps, you can easily get the work done in no time.

The first step to take in inserting a symbol is to:

  • Click open Microsoft Word.
  • Choose the “Insert” button option. The button will give you access to a wide range of symbols and characters.
  • Then click on “Symbols” and choose “Symbols” and then tap on the “More Symbols” option.
  • Choose Wingdings in the font drop-down. To do this, you can use the scroll bar on the right to browse via the available Wingdings symbols until you find the right star for your project.
  • For the last step, you have to click on the star to choose it and thereafter click on the “Insert” option to add it to your favorite document.
  • The symbol will be added at your cursor’s current location.
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Now this is a faster way of making a star with the Wingdings Font. You can now ditch the longer route and use these simple shorter steps to quickly make a star with the wingdings font with ease.



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