How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

Before you go for that buzz cut, you can actually see how it will look on you before you go for it. Nicknamed the ‘Ultimate Liberating Style’, the buzz cut is currently getting lots of reviews recently. More and more people want to know how they’d look if they get one. Apart from saving people the time and money needed to style hair every other week, getting a buzz hair cut also keeps you off the weekly routine of conditioning and shampooing lengthy hair.How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

What To Consider Before Getting a Buzz Haircut

Before you make the decision of getting a buzz cut, you have to be 100% committed to the style and also consider what comes with it. As you already know, this style is a statement hairstyle and as such will attract attention and questions which you will need to prepare for. You will also need to prepare your wardrobe for it as you’d be needing some feminine styles to pamper the masculine haircut.

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You’ll also need to consider the shape of your head before you embark on this journey. You should bear in mind also that your face will be fully exposed and you will no longer have the hair to hide it, thus it has to be something you are comfortable with.

What Face Shape Features Do Buzz Cuts Suit?

Naturally, people will oval face shapes will manage to pull off most hairstyles and even a buzz cut. However, people with quirky features can also pull off a buzz-cut hairstyle.

How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

Decide on a Style

There are different styles of buzz hair cuts. To choose a style, you have to consider the length based on the number that represents the inches of hair left. Choose a length that is preferable. Since a buzz cut and a full shave would naturally reveal more of your head, you can start with a longer buzz cut.

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You can make use of some magazines and posters that have different styles of buzz hair cuts on them to decide on which one will sit well on you.

Use an App

There some apps out there that you can use to see how you would actually look on a buzz hair cut before you try it out. You can use apps like BaldBooth known as the ‘The Bald Prank App’, and the ‘Make Me Bald’ apps and many others.

The apps place the buzz or shaved head styling directly on your image, to enable you see how it will look on you. However, the apps can’t always find the perfect head shape and won’t reveal hidden scars and marks, but they give a general idea about the look. This means that the apps are not perfect and only offers a general idea.

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However, you are advised in your best interest to be careful in providing your photo to some of these programs. This is because they may sell your image to the law enforcement facial recognition database or elsewhere. It is best you read the disclosures and do your due diligence before you accept to have your facial information stored, shared and sold.

Take a Plunge

To really know how you would look with a buzz haircut, you have to get one. You can start with a particular style and change it if you don’t feel good about it. however, You keep trying out new styles until you find one you can stick with. You can start experimenting with long hair and gradually work it into shorter lengths.