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How to Type a Circle R Symbol

A trademark is a name or logo which represents a unique product or service. A trademark can exist with or without official registration. The federal registration symbol, which is the encircled R (®)  is for marks that have obtained an official registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Circle R Symbol

This symbol can be used optionally. However, owners are to insert it in to preserve their rights in an enforcement action. You can ask the court for monetary damages, including lost profits if you show that the infringer had actual knowledge of your mark’s federal registration.

So how do you type a Circle R Symbol on your computer with ease?

If you have to have a hard time typing the Circle R symbol on your computer, the solution you seek is here. It involves just a few steps and you would be able to type it easily without stress. So that said, let’s get started with the steps:

  • Press down the “Alt” tab on your keyboard.
  • Click on “0174” on your keyboard’s number pad, without quotation marks.
  • Then release the “Alt” tab. The registered trademark symbol appears.

The encircled capital R normally pops upraised at the right-hand side of a business name or logo. It is only for federally registered marks, and not for pending marks or state registrations.

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If you are using an Apple computer, using any word processing software, press the OPTION key and the R key to get the symbol.

If you are working on a website, you can use the &#x00AE for HTML or &reg.

For whichever of these three methods you are using, you will discover it is a simple process and one that you shouldn’t lose sleepover. Now you type the symbol easily any time the need arises.

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