How to Use Minus Function in Excel

How to Use Minus Function in ExcelBefore we go to the part where we show you how to use the minus function in Excel, let’s start with knowing what Excel is. Excel is designed as a spreadsheet application. It allows you to subtract, multiply, and divide figures within other cells.How to Use Minus Function in Excel

The minus function is used to subtract cells. It can also be used within a cell to subtract several numbers. Excel is quite a powerful tool that is available via the Microsoft Office Suite of applications. It is mostly used for recording inventory, tracking finances as well as creating lists of personal or business contacts. As such when using the minus function, it helps in understanding the basic syntax of mathematical expressions.

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So, how do you use the minus function in Excel?

  • For the first step, open a new Excel spreadsheet and key in two different numbers in two separate calls.
  • Next, key in the equal sign (“=”) in the C1 cell in the Excel spreadsheet. The equal sign here denotes that formula is in the cell. So rather than displaying the literal string in the cell, the string is evaluated and the mathematical result is displayed.
  • For the third step, key in “a1-b1” into the C1 cell after the equal sign. This is the subtraction function that subtracts two cells.
  • Immediately you are done, press the “Enter” key.
  • Excel will display the result of the minus function which is 2.
  • Next, change the value in the B1 cell to 4 and press the “Enter” key. You will notice that the result in the C1 cell changes to reflect the new value of 1.
  • Delete the value which is in the C1 cell. Then key in “=5-4” into the cell. You will notice that Excel will also subtract numbers entered directly into the cell. The result that would be displayed is 1.
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This is how you can easily use the minus function in Excel.