– N11 Ultipro Login – Employee Payroll Login at Ultipro

Ultipro is a popular employee payroll service online access provider/platform. The portal is designed for employees of different companies affiliated with Ultipro employee Payroll management online. The Ultipro payroll service portal can be accessed from employees’ devices; home computers, work computers, and even from their mobile phones provided they are connected to the internet. However, employees’ payroll information is only accessible with the Ultipro login credential at Ultipro Login

With the Ultipro employee login portal, employees can manage their payroll information such as employee timesheets, pay stubs, attendance, shifts, employees can also view their time schedules, pay period, overtime, tax, and deposit information including employee benefits, healthcare, and insurance.

Ultipro Login for n11 employees at

The n11 employee’s login page on the Ultipro payroll service portal is only accessible by employees with their login username and password. More so, users can view their employee’s information as well as companies’ news and notification when they login into their accounts.

About Ultipro Login Payroll page

Just so you know, Ultipro payroll service online platform is affiliated with many other companies so each login page for a particular company has a unique login URL, so, it’s important you note that exact link of Ultipro affiliated with n11 employees, so as to log in on the right employee’s dashboard.

How to Login to n11 employees Payroll

Employees who want access to their payroll information should visit and follow the below instructions;

  1. Go to
  2. On the login page, enter your username
  3. Key in your password
  4. Click on the login button
  5. You will be automatically logged in to your employee’s account.
  6. From your account, you can navigate to use many of the employee’s features.

First Time employees Login

For employees accessing the n11 Ultipro employees log in for the first time, the login method and details aren’t the same. Here is how to do the first login;

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username (Your “first name & date of birth” combined)
  3. Input your password (your date of birth)
  4. Click on the login button
  5. You should be logged in for the first time

Remember, after your first login, you are required to change your login credentials to details you can easily remember.

Change your Password

At your first login with the instruction above, you will be prompted to change your password. Follow this step to change it;

  1. Accept the request to change your password
  2. Choose a strong password but make sure you can easily remember it (be sure it’s a 7-15 digit long with the addition of an upper case, special character, and number).
  3. Answer a security question, but keep in mind the answer you would provide as you will use it to recover your password if forgotten.

After changing the login credential, you might need to do a company search using the search option provided in the employee’s dashboard to locate your company.

Ultipro Login Issues

If you can access your employee’s account on the Ultipro portal either because you don’t have your password, or have a login error challenge, you can contact your supervisor or the admin department of your company for help. You can also request your employee’s login credentials from your supervisor for first-time employees for who the combination of their name and date of birth in the above instructions didn’t work.

Forgot Password – How to recover employees login password at

In the event, you forgot your employee’s password you can easily recover it when you visit and tap on the forgot password link, and follow the password recovery instructions carefully. Complain about your IT department for a password reset.

Employees Online Access at

 When you sign in with your employee’s details, you would have access to your employee’s dashboard with lots of features and user account management tools and navigational information both personal, employment, and company information such as;

  1. Shift or Time off request
  2. Time & attendance management tab
  3. Hourly schedules
  4. Employees timesheets
  5. Reports and past pay period
  6. Edit and change personal information and contact info
  7. View employees benefits
  8. Company reports and lots more.

All these employees online access and payroll service is available for all n11 employees at