Mechanic Tools

Every single mechanic artisan of craftsman needs Mechanic tools. So, that now takes us to the question, who is a Mechanic? A Mechanic specializes in the artisanship of the building or repair of machines. They are technicians or skilled tradesperson in various areas of specialization. It covers general mechanics, industrial maintenance (Millwrights), motorcycle mechanics, aircraft mechanics, bus and truck mechanics, diesel mechanics.mechanic tools

The rest are; auto mechanics, tank mechanics, Boiler mechanics and more. Whichever one of the divide you fall into, there is always one thing in common, which are mechanic tools.  Say, for example, those working in the automotive or production assembly line of work have their list of tools that may differ a little to the man or woman that is into tank mechanics.

But we will take all the time we have to spread it and make it simple the list of mechanic tools available out there and what they could do for you.

What Are Mechanic Tools

Every trade has its specialized tools for working. Mechanic tools are specially designed for the fieldwork of mechanical tradecraft man. The tools could be power tools (Motor tools), Hand tools or more. General mechanic tools range from strippers to pliers, to wrenches, to scrapers to a screwdriver.  But the list below gives

Classes Of Mechanic Tools

Depending on what you are doing and range and stage of the project at hand, their tools for all. We will start up with;

  • Cutting Tools: This covers box cutters, hacksaw, and scissors.
  • Grabbing and Clamping Tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Motor Tools
  • Supplies
  • Garage and Supplies
  • Garage Tools
  • Protection Tools
  • Lightning
  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Tools
  • Writing Tools
  • Measuring Tools
  • Hammers and Mallets
  • Screwdrivers and Fasteners
  • Zip Ties and Duct Tape
  • Power Tools

Basic Mechanic Tools list You Need for Your Startup (BASIC TOOLS, Intermediate tools, and Advance Tools) Mechanic Tools Names

1. Wrenches (Set) 2. Ratchet and Sockets (Set) 3. Screwdrivers
4. Pliers 5. Hammer 6. Multimeter
7. Jack 8. Jack Stands 9. Ramps
10. Oil Filter Wrench 11. Oil Dripping Pan 12. Funnel
13. Scissors 14. Assorted Fuses with Storage Box 15. Electrical Tape
16. Hex Wrench (Set) 17.  LED Headlamp 18. Brake Cleaner Spray
19. Mechanic Gloves (Disposable and Non-disposable) 20. Hand Cleaner 21. Wire Terminal Crimper
22. Wire Terminals (set) 23. Torque Wrench 24. Wrecking Bar
25. Rolling Tool Chest 26. Breaker Bar 27. Molding Removal Tool Set
28. Car Creeper 29. OBD2 Scanner 30. Service Manual
31. Brake Bleeder & Vacuum Pump 32. Circlip Pliers 33. Hose Clamp Pliers
34. Pry Bars 35. Flexible Magnet PickUp 36. Socket Adapters
37. Cordless Drill 38. Angle Grinder 39. Torx Wrench (Set)
40. Ignition Spark Tester 41. Air Compressor 42. Tire Inflator with Gauge
43. Impact Wrench 44. Impact Sockets 45. Digital Caliper
46. Female Torx Set 47. Jump Starter 48. Underhood LED Light Bar
49. Radiator Pressure Tester (Kit) 50. Brake Caliper Wind Back Tool (kit) 51. Cylinder Compression Tester
52. Cylinder Piston Rings Compressor (kit) 53. Bearing Adapter Kit 54. Laser Thermometer
55. Machinist Vise 56. Rethreading Set 57. Heat Gun
58. Rotary Tool Kit 59. Wifi Video Scope 60. Autodata

IF you are an aspiring professional mechanic, DIY home mechanic, car enthusiast, these tools will fix 99% of the issue you are having with your car or truck.

1. Wrenches:

Wrench remains one of the most important tools in the world of mechanics. It is easy to use and it falls in the category of Mechanic Hand tools. It is always available in the toolbox. Remember to go for the Chrome-vanadium alloy tools if you really want durable. I will also ask you to go for a metric against standard wrench. If you have a large budget, you can go for both.

Types Of Wrenches

Common Wrench Types are list below:

Adjustable Wrench Allen Wrench Box-Ended Wrench Combination Wrench
Crowfoot Wrench Impact Wrench Lug Wrench Oil Filter Wrench
Open-Ended Wrench Pipe Wrench Ratcheting Wrench Socket Wrench
Torque wrench Alligator Wrench Armorer’s Wrench Basin Wrench
Bionic Wrench Bung Wrench Cone Wrench Die Stock Holder Wrench
Dog Bone Wrench Drum Key Fan Clutch Wrench Fire Hydrant Wrench
Flare Nut Wrench Garbage Disposal Wrench Hammer Wrench Monkey Wrench
Pedal Wrench Pliers Wrench Plumber’s Wrench Spanner Wrench
Spark Plug Wrench Spoke Wrench Spud Wrench Strap Wrench
Stubby Wrench Tap Wrench Tension Wrench Torx Key

2. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers come with functionalities. It is easy to and it falls into the category of Hand Tools. There is really any toolbox without a screwdriver because of its vast functionality. Screwdrivers come in different shapes and sizes. But the once that are most popular are; Flat Screwdrivers, Philips Screwdriver, Allen Screwdrivers, and Torx Screwdriver.

List of screwdriver: Complete List Of Screw Drive

The table below shows the various screwdriver in the market.

Slot screw drive Coin-slot drive screw drive Hi-Torque screw drive Cross screw drive
Frearson screw drive Phillips screw drive Pozidriv screw drive Supadriv screw drive
Phillips II screw drive French recess JIS B 1012 screw drive Mortorq screw drive
Robertson screw drive LOX-Recess screw drive Double-square Triple-square (XZN)
Hex socket Double hex Pentalobe ASTER recess
TORX PLUS Tamper-Resistant Torx screw drive Torx Plus screw drive slotted and Phillips head
ACR Phillips II Plus Phillips/square Recex screw drive Slotted/Torx screw drive
Clutch screw drive Thumbscrew Square screw drive Hex screw drive
Pentagon screw drive External Torx 12-point screw drive Breakaway head
Bristol screw drive line screw drive One-way screws Oval screw drive
Polydrive Polydrive Security hex Security Torx
A security Torx screw drive Spanner or Snake-Eyes screw drive 12-spline flange screw drive Torq-set cruciform screw drive
Tri-angle TA screw drive Tri-point  TP (or Y-type) security screw drive Tri-point-3 TP3 (sometimes referred to as tri-lobe or tri-lobular) Tri-groove

Tri-groove or T-groove


The tri-wing, also known as triangular slotted

For Complete details of the various Drivers, visit here

3. Pliers

More numbers of jobs will need the use of pliers. Jobs like removal of small electric connector, brake job will seem impossible without the use of pliers. I know you will agree with me that the only tool for wire cutting remains pliers. Working in reduce places can only be done using long-nosed pliers. So your mechanic tool kits will not be complete without the pliers.

Types of Pliers

Pliers come in different shapes and sizes depending on the need on the ground. Pliers include Cutters pliers, to F Cutters pliers and more.

The table below houses the list of common pliers in the market.

Crimping Pliers Diagonal Pliers Hose Clamp Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers Slip Joint Pliers Snap Ring Pliers
Tongue and Groove Pliers Bail Making Pliers Battery Pliers
Bent Nose Pliers Brake Spring Pliers Canvas Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers Combination Pliers Eyelet Pliers
Fencing Pliers Flat Nose Pliers Grommet Pliers
Hose Grip Pliers Linesman Pliers Locking Pliers
Nail Puller Pliers Oil Filter Pliers Piston Ring Pliers
Push Pin Pliers Running Pliers Sheet Metal Pliers
Split Ring Pliers Soft Jaw Pliers Spark Plug Pliers
Welding Pliers Wire Twisting Pliers

So depending on your needs and your budget, you can get any of these pliers for your day to day job.

4. Hammer

No matter what you do, there is a hammer for you. In the scale of most important mechanic tools, the hammer was found to be a medium scare. That does not undermine its function as a worthwhile hand tool. It is easy to use. You will never know the importance of hammer there is a need for a good whack. When things get stocked and rust, stiff bending, that is when the role of the hammer comes in.

Types of Hammers

Hammers play a vital role in the mechanic world. The list below brings you the list of Hammers out there.

Ball Peen Hammer Claw Hammer Club Hammer
Dead Blow Hammer Framing Hammer Rubber Mallet
Sledge Hammer Tack Hammer Blacksmith Hammer
Blocking Hammer Brass Hammer Brick Hammer
Bushing Hammer Cross Peen Hammer Cross Peen Pin Hammer
Chasing Hammer Drywall Hammer Electrician’s Hammer
Engineering Hammer Hatchet Hammer Joiner’s Mallet
Lineman’s Hammer Mechanic’s Hammer Nail Gun
Piton Hammer Planishing Hammer Power hammer
Rip Hammer Rock Hammer Scaling Hammer
Scutch Hammer Shingle Hammer Soft-Faced hammer
Spike Maul Hammer Stone Sledge Hammer Straight Peen Hammer
Tinner’s Hammer Toolmaker’s Hammer Trim Hammer
Welding Hammer

5. Multimeter

This tool plays a pivotal role whenever there is an issue that needs diagnosing or troubleshooting. It is one of the most important mechanical engineer tools. For those that are looking forward to equipping their mechanic tools rental shop or for personal mechanic tools store. A multimeter is among mechanic essential tools.

In the scale of important tools, it came out as intermediate. Looking for a Diagnosis and Troubleshooting Tools, a multimeter is your best bet.

Types of OF Multimeter

There are three types of multimeter

Fluke Digital Multimeter

With Fluke Digital Multimeter, You can simultaneously measure resistance and voltage. It comes with a large screen you can access different functions per project. With higher multimeter like Mastech or Craftsman, you can measure frequency shock circle, drop, pressure, humidity as well as the temperature of your electrical components.

Clamp Digital Multimeter

When looking for the best digital multimeter to measure the basic flow of electricity in your battery, circuit, machine or any of your HVAC devices, then look for Clamp Digital Multimeter. It can as well measure voltage, Amps, Wattage, Power Consumption and flow of electricity.

Autoranging Multimeter

Autoranging Multimeter is both a Multimeter and functionality settings. It comes with few knobs ad settings with the look of a hand-free device but does the entire hard task behind the scene.

Digital multimeters are separated into the following categories:

Category I – used for the testing of electronic devices and equipment.

Category II – this is for testing appliances and domestic loads.

Category III – for testing industrial circuits, typically of a small to the medium-sized range.

Category IV – this is for heavy-duty testing, such as for electrical power lines, residential feeds, and main electrical components for commercial areas. According to

6. Jack

Not all repair of the automobile will require the use of Jack, but Jack is very much an important tool. It is one of that Mechanic tools that its role cannot be played by another tool. It is a mechanic essential tool that you must have in your mechanic tools Store.

It falls in a medium role in the functionality rating, but a very important Garage tool.

What Is a Jack: It is a Hydraulic tool for lifting.

7. Jack Stands:

When you lift a car, you must keep it lifted. This is where Jack Stands out.

8. Oil Filter Wrench:

Low in usage, but could help fix your car when changing your engine oil. You cant screw your oil filters with your hand, therefore oil filter wrench is your sure choice. It is a simple hand tool that is easy to use by all.

9. Ramps:

This is a special tool for your garage. It helps in lifting your card up in a secure way. It most times affordable and does it work fine.

10. Oil Dripping Pan:

This pan comes handy when you intend to change your engine oil, transmission oil, gearbox oil in a clean and environmentally friendly way. You can collect you’re your used oil from the engine without experiencing oil spill.

11. Funnel:

Low in functionality, easy hand tools. When it comes to pouring any liquid into a container can, you will certainly need funnels.

12. Scissors:

Cutting zip ties, electric tapes and wires will need the use of this hand tool. Scissors

Are not special or essential mechanic tools, but you will need it in your mechanic tools kit.

13. Assorted Fuses with Storage Box:

In the automobile world, fuse issues are not an impossible thing. When it does happen and you are able to detect the burned fuse using your multimeter, you must replace those said fuses. Assorted Fuses with Storage Box is your solution and highly needed garage tool. It can help you fix a situation faster.

13. Electrical Tape:

In automobile electrical work, you will certainly need insulator tape. The electric-resistant vinyl tape will help isolate wires from contacting themselves in the case of wire wear.

14. Hex Wrench (Set):

Hex Wrench (Set) helps out when your ratchet set just won’t reach the bolt. It is a cheap hand tool with high functionality.

15. LED Headlamp:

There are times when your visibility will drop during repair, that is when you can call up LED Headlamp. Better visibility at any time of the day, be it night or cloudy, can be made possible by the help of LED Headlamp.

16. Brake Cleaner Spray:

This is one of the most important Garage tools. This cleaner helps in cleaning the superhard joint. It will help remove all the grease, clean your disc each time you perform your break cleaning operation.

17. Mechanic Gloves (Disposable and Non-disposable):

Specially made for protection against chemicals, electric current, and grease. I will advise you not to go for the latex, it might not be able to resist chemicals.

18. Hand Cleaner:

You must come out dirty whenever you chose to clean up your car or fix up some engine issues. Hand cleaner becomes necessary.

19. Wire Connectors (set):

Wire terminal is oftentimes exposed to corrosion. These in most cases bring about malfunctioning of the entire machine. So I will urge you to get a box of assorted terminals to fix these issues each time you detect a terminal issue in your wire.

20. Wire Terminal Crimper

When big repairs are made that concern wires, most times the wire will need total replacement.  Having your wire terminal crimper will help you fix your wire back nicely.

21. Torque Wrench:

This tool that of medium functionality will help you tighten bolts at the exact specified Torque.  It is a must-have hand tool for the tightening of spark plugs.

Conduct a quick check of your cylinder compression to see any gasket failure and other issues using Cylinder Compression Tester. It falls in the diagnosis and troubleshooting tools category with intermediate score in difficulty in usage. Essential text scored this mechanic tools medium.

22. Cylinder Piston Rings Compressor (kit)

This tool can help you get the piston and the piston rings in your cylinder each time you stipe your engine. It is an affordable tool with intermediate complexity. It is a specialty tool with lox functionality in a vehicle.

23. Bearing Adapter Kit

Bearing Adapter Kit can take the place of wheel bearing when you keeping the steering knuckle and stut assembly intact on your mobile. It, therefore, eliminates the need for front and alignment once the work is finished. It falls in the specialty tools category. The use can be complex but rewarding. Its functionality need is medium.

24. Laser Thermometer:

Laser Thermometer is fully wired for troubleshooting refrigerators. It has a low usage but can still serve as diagnosing A/C system tool.

25. Machinist Vise:

Machinist Vise is a simple perfect addition to your garage. It is a garage tool that serves as an extra per of super strong arms.

26. Rethreading Set

Rethreading Set functionality is low in everyday work. It is a perfect hand tool for retreading. It could be time-consuming and tiring.

27. Heat Gun

Heat Gun is a powerful tool used for troubleshooting and a host of other usages. In the scale of importance Mechanical tool, Heat Gun comes low.

28. Rotary Tool Kit

Rotary Tool Kit scored medium in the list of the mechanic essential tool kit. The usage difficulty is intermediate and falls into the power tools category. With this tool, you can polish, cut and engrave.

29. Wifi Video Scope

Wifi Video Scope is a low use device on the scale of important but remains important. It comes with a camera that can be used in seeing the remote area of your cylinder in your cylinder. It came with the evolution of the stick-and –mirror. It has the ability to see and know the impossible.

30. Autodata

Autodata is software that has technical information of more than 40,000 of the different automobiles. Its predominantly in the cloud version against this time the CD versions that used to be. It’s rating in the functionality scale is high. Its use can be complex sometimes and it falls in the diagnosis and troubleshooting tools category. It is a must-have mechanic tools for every professional.

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