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My Sharp Aquos Won’t Come On

What can you do if your Sharp Aquos refuses to come on? What is a Sharp Aquos? Let’s take these questions one after the other to help you get the solution you seek. Firstly, we will start by explaining a little what a Sharp Aquos is.

What is Sharp Aquos?

A Sharp Aquos is a flat-screen LCD television that is manufactured by the Sharp Corporation. This piece of the unique electronic set may sometimes experience trouble with its power supply. This may prevent the TV from turning on.My Sharp Aquos

If this happens to your Sharp Aquos television, what can you do?. To answer this question, Sharp provides official troubleshooting steps you can use in resolving the issue. These steps should take you about 5 minutes to complete.

What are these steps:

  • Start by making sure the AC cord is not loose or disconnected. Check also to ensure that the cord is firmly plugged into the outlet at one end and firmly connected to your television at the other end. The AC cord is to connect to the television about midway across the back of the set, close to the bottom of the back panel. The hole for the AC connection has a figure-eight shape. You should try to power up the TV with the cords firmly connected.
  • Next, check the “Main Power” in order to ensure it is on. Then locate the button at the top of the television among the “Volume” and “Channel” buttons. Thereafter press the button to switch the television on. In case the “Main Power” button is off, the remote will not turn on the television. You should hold on to see if pressing the “Main Power” will activate the TV.
  • For the third step, press “TV Power” on the remote control to power up the TV from standby mode. If the power light on the front of the television glows red when you press “TV Power” on the remote, press the “Main Power” button which is on top of the television. This will remove the TV from standby. In case the TV is accidentally in standby mode, it may not come on when pressing some buttons.
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If your Sharp Aquos TV is still not powering up at this point, then you may have to contact a Sharp-approved repair technician. This may help in fixing the issue with your Sharp Aquos easily.

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