Outlook vs Gmail – Microsoft Outlook vs Gmail

Outlook.com and Gmail have widely used email services, and there is a lot to like in each. Both of them support core email tasks.  That is to say, there can be used to send and receive messages, attachments, and cloud storage. But then you got to choose one. This two email service allows you to create extensions such as calendar and contact lists. In fact, they are both good and free. Now, Outlook vs Gmail.Outlook vs. Gmail

In essence, if you need to catch up with a quick email service, Both Outloo.com and Gmail can serve you better. Thus, check out for the review and make your choice.

Outlook vs Gmail  – Similarities

Outlook.com Gmail
You can send and receive mail from other outlook.com address, Hotmail.You can send and receive messages from gmail.com.
You can easily find messages with the help of organized labels and folders.You can swap to a full-page compose window when you want.
You can view emails over separate tabs on one Outlook page.You can access it on the web browser and mobile app.

The Users Experience (UI)

Because they make use of Cleaner UI, it can be used to create messages in rich or plain text, and to integrate photo viewer. Thus, you can edit text with several formats such as font color, bold and hyperlinks, and tables.  You will see all this in a single line under the compose menu.

It is true that the UI experience in Outlook is admirable compared to Gmail. Nevertheless, Gmail has a cluttered UI. The organized labels make it easy for you to track emails you need faster. In summary, Gmail has a lesser option for Customization.


With attachments, you can view the integrated photo viewer Outlook.com. Thus, Outlook has a smart integrated viewer. You can access photos in a slideshow format. And again, you can easily download and save photos to your cloud storage account. For instance, you can save to your OneDrive.   

Immersive Reader Feature

This feature helps you to focus on one email. If you want to do this, you can simply right-click on a message and then select “Show in the immersive reader”. Afterward, the message now completely fills the whole page and it blocks everything to avoid distractions.

You can also allow Outlook.com to read the text for you, describe each of the words, and even do more.

How to compose Email

Outlook.com can tell of their downside over here. That is to say; Outlook.com has a small window space for writing emails. When you add pictures to the write-up, it will be difficult for you to edit your write up. Of course, you cannot stop the distraction.

The Gmail is good as it can reduce distraction with the composing window. Thus, it can be extended as large as you want. You might meet it small when you click on compose. So what you want to do is to click on the maximize button by the right side of the window. Furthermore, make it a separate window by holding the Shift key and select Compose.

Outlook vs Gmail Storage and Security

Both Outlook.com and Gmail email address gives you 15GB free storage space for each account. Both servers have Add-on storage plans. That is to say, you can buy storage space if you need more. In a real sense, both email account connects to cloud storage service to your OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox account.

For security, Gmail and Outlook.com use TLS to encrypt emails in transit. Here, you can get encryption if the recipient uses the same email service that supports TLS.

For more encryption service, upgrade your free account to a Microsoft 365 Home or Personal account or a GSuite account.

More Customization offers

Outlook has more management capacity as it was born of Microsoft’s enterprise-class email client. Although Gmail is also designed for a customer email client, outlook.com has more to offer.

Here are some common customizable features.




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