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We will concentrate on everything you will want to know about power tools and its functionalities. Power tools have come to stay and have over the years gain lots of advancement. Works can now be done with great speed, efficiency, accuracy and time-saving.

In the cause of this article we will also take our time to give answers to questions ranging from;

  • What are Power Tools?
  • What types of power tools are out there?
  • Power Tools Categories
  • Which power tool is best for me?
  • How do I know which power tool will best suit my current (and future) projects? And more.

What are Power Tools?

Power tools are tools that come with the machine attached to them for better efficiency. These extra machines help the power tools to do more work in less time compare to manual labor associated with hand tools. Power tools are driven by electric motors, compressed air or by internal combustion engines.

What types of power tools are out there?

Power tools come in different shapes and sizes depending on the use and the purpose and industry for which it is being built for. Some are portable while others are stationary.

Know that tools run by the animal are not part of power tools. Power tools source their energy from a natural source, water, wind, direct burning of fuel, propellant and electric motors. Electric motor powered power tools ARE the most dominant in the market today.

The good thing about power tools is that by using either of combustion or electric motors, they can complete a huge task with great accuracy and in limited time when compared to manual labor.

Power Tools Categories?

Power tools are categorized into two; Stationary and portable tools.

Portable Tools: Most portable tools are handheld. With this, they can be carried to any location without much stress. Portable tools can be carried around easily when working with it. Easy mobility is one of the hallmarks of portable tools. They are always lightweight and can be carried to the destination place of work. Portable tool could be a cordless or corded tool depending on strength and the use.

Stationary Tools: They come with a high speed of work and better accuracy. They are always big and difficult to carry around unlike portable tools. They have the benefit of speed, smoothness, higher precision, and power.

Which power tool is best for me?

It depends on the project you are handling and your field. Power tool covers lots of areas ranging from the garden, housework, construction, and domestic work, cooking, and cleaning.  They can still be applied for grinding, driving, sanding, shaping, routing, painting, polishing, heating, and many more.

So, it is not complete to ask “which Power Tools is best for me? The questions should be:

  • What type of material do you plan on working with?
  • Do you prefer electric, gas-fueled or pneumatic?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is your intended application(s)?
  • Where will you be working?
  • Portable or stationary?

With the above question properly answered? Then you can then ask which power tool is best for you?

What is the Pneumatic power tool?

These are power-tools that their engines are powered by the compression of air within the cylinder to produce energy. They are mostly in the handheld power tool series.

 Complete list of power tools In Today’s Market.

The list below is a comprehensive list of power tools depending on your field. Examples of these tools are; electric screwdriver, hammer drills, fast screws guns, and several other constructions and DIY jobs. They will help you do a better job in that your industry likes assembly, production, packaging, maintenance. All you need to look out for is if it means the standard of OSHA regulations.

Another great factor to consider is:

  • Ability to offer high-level torque
  • If they are able to handle straight and hexagonal shanks
  • If it provides smoothness, power, and precision.

Look out for the list below:

Air compressorAngle grinderBandsaw
Belt SanderBiscuit JoinerChainsaw
Chop SawCircular SawDisc Sander
DrillsHammer DrillHeat Gun
Impact DriverImpact WrenchJointer
JigsawLatheMiter Saw
Nail GunOrbital SanderOscillating Tool
PlanerPower ScrewdriverRadial Arm Saw
Reciprocating SawRotary ToolRouter
Scroll SawShop VacuumTable Saw
Wall Chaser

This is a comprehensive list of power tools for different functions. This list covers several categories and applications for these tools. It will enable you to know and get a better insight into that tool for your tool shop, condo and tools sales shop. Are you looking for the best tool for your tools shop, tools for beginners and professionals, then look through the list below.

We are open to your contributions if there is any tool not included in this list, and you wish we include in the list.

Air Compressor

This tool carefully desired for most of the DIY jobs out there. Air compressor is designed to convert energy from either gasoline or electricity into energy that is stored as pressurized air. They most times is called compressed air. It will keep storing this compressed air until it gets to its maximum capacity.

The design and product determine the amount of compressed air that it can carry.

This compressed-air has various applications and uses. It can be used in the cleaning world, painting, DIY auto repair, filling your tires and gas cylinder, painting and more. This is what makes up all the Pneumatic tools like jackhammers, nail guns and more.

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