Rediffmail Account Sign up Free – Rediff Mail, Rediff Shopping Account sign up is an internet service platform that provides news, information, entertainment, and shopping web portal with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. When you do a Rediffmail account sign up free, you’re offered emailing services from to send and receive countless email messages from a client, business partners, friends, and important people in your life.Rediffmail Account Sign up

Statistics from Alexa Internet ranks as the number 36 Indian web portal – that’s a huge popularity game, which simply means it’s the best fit for you news update, entertainment, and most importantly for the purpose of this post your Email service provider with access to more than 400gb free data space and rediffmail mobile app.

Reviews and testimonies from allRediffmail email account holders say that Rediff news forum is the most trusted and sincere news platform ever, however, like we early said access to email service isn’t all you would gain when you do rediffmail account sign up free, you would be in for other online and even offline services offered by Reiffmail.

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More so, rediffmail in addition offer community features like chat, homepages where friends can connect, meet, chat and hangout to share memories together.

You might want to ask…

Why is the Rediff email platform not popular globally and if the rediffmail is free for everyone?

The answer is simple account sign up is free on, you also stand the chance to enjoy free shopping account when you do rediffmail registration. However, to create a business email account, you will be charged a token used to maintain the system to keep service. Because the platform believes that every business is set for profit which in it best needs to stand out from the pack. So, the rediffmail business account gives you premium features like customization and the use of domain name as your email address.

Rediffmail Services – What Offer

  1. News
  2. Information
  3. Email services
  4. Homepages
  5. Books
  6. Music
  7. Hotel reservation
  8. Gifts
  9. TV channels (Education, singles, movies, cricket)
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Rediffmail Account Sign up Free Form – create Rediffmail account at

First, to create a rediffmail account, you will need to fill the registration form first and then submit. However, at this stage of this content, I will show you what information is required of you when registering for a rediffmail account on the platform. Here is the information you need to get ready;

  • Your full name or business name
  • Username or email ID
  • Country
  • Alternate
  • Valid Mobile phone
  • City, gender and date of birth
  • Verification mode and your personal or business address

Rediffmail Email Mobile – Rediffmail Web Sign up – Rediffmail Mobile App Sign Up

You can sign up for a rediffmail account using your mobile phone. Though you can sign up with your mobile phone using two different methods; through the rediffmail App and through the platform using your mobile phone browser. Both the App and the web sign up are possible with an Android, iOS, Blackberry, or any other device. The rediffmail App is available for download on Google play store, Apple app store, and Amazon App store.

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Rediffmail Account Sign up Free

Sign Up process on the platform is as easy as ABC, all you need is to visit the site and fill the account registration form.

  1. With an internet-enabled phone.
  2. Visit
  3. Click on the signup button.
  4. When the registration form pops up.
  5. Fill in the required info.
  6. Tap on the create new account.

If the process is followed carefully, at the end of the registration, you would have owned a rediffmail email account with your login details; username, and password.

Proceed toRediffmail Login

With the username and password, you entered during sign up. Visit

  • Click on the login button.
  • Enter your username.
  • Key in your password.
  • Click login.

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