The New Yahoo Mail look | Create Yahoo Mail Account

Do you know? Yahoo made some big changes in its email last week. This may be surprising but the changes are good. Now, several of the Mail Plus features are now available to everyone for free.Yahoo Mail

Not only that, there are more customization options to make your inbox feel better. Is that all? There are many more, as one of the most notable changes made is the 1 TB of ‘Free storage’.

Why the Yahoo Mail Improvement.

According to the SVP of communication, Yahoo, in the person of Jeffery Bonforte; the changes were made to mark the Yahoo Mail 16th Birthday Anniversary.

The Company made the recent post

“Since it’s not a birthday without party favors, we’re making many features previously reserved for premium Mail Plus customers free. Disposable email addresses, enhanced filters, and automatic message forwarding are now available for everyone. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re giving you a monstrous amount of storage, 1TB (that’s 1,000 GBs), so you have ample space for all your emails and attachments. It sure beats one of those annoying noisemakers. Current Mail Plus customers can continue to use Mail Plus and can learn more here.”

In addition, all regular subscribers will keep getting an “Ad-Free email”, $19.99 every year. However, new Subscribers who want the newly renamed package of “Yahoo Ad Free Mail” will get a setback of $49.99 every year.

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The biggest change can be seen in the “Yahoo Mail Interface”. Also, lack of specific features as usual. However, most users in the last Users’ forum complain about the buggy nature of the new package. Are you among this number? It’s no big deal at all. In this context, we’ll tell you how to get back to your old email.

Change your Yahoo Mail to the Basics.

It’s pretty easy to change your new YahooMail to the Basic interference you prefer. All that needs to be done is to follow the guidelines below.

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner by your name and select “Setting”.

In the setting, select “Viewing Email” then click on “Basic” under the mail version.

While on “Setting”, unlike Gmail and who have a fixed security features, you are advised to turn on HTTPS for better security. It is better you have improved security when you use your Yahoo account to sign up for newsletters.

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Click the “Save” button to switch back to your Basic Interface phase you are comfortable with and there you are. Besides, the features entailed in the new version of Yahoo Mail may seem quite buggy that you may not need them.

Do you feel like keeping up with the new Yahoo Mail Version? Hit the link “Switch to the newest at the upper right corner of your phone. This will ease you into the new interface and you can still use your Yahoo email efficiently while the new mail buggy version gets fixed.


What mail is popular with you? All over the world, Yahoo is gaining height with over 20 billion users. As we all know, the free web-based YahooMail services have the largest communication network. Having provided various user services, it’s regarded most efficient. The 1997 Mail has given its users a platform to choose from the list of internet services like chat, text options, switching emails, among others.

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Moreover, Yahoo Mail offers a free email account with 1 TB of online storage @ the,, domains. Among these, Yahoo Mail offers access to the easy finding of mail and competent message folders.

Creating a Yahoo Mail Account- Step by Step Approach.

  • Connect to a browser and open
  • Sign up for the next step
  • Provide personal details as name, gender, date of birth, and age.
  • Click “Continue” to create a Yahoo Mail Account.
  • Create an account with your phone number
  • Re-enter mobile number to confirm account
  • You will receive an OTP shortly (One time Password) on your entered contact
  • Enter the OTP and verify your newly created account.
  • Now you can brag about an account with Yahoo Mail.


Yahoo Mail provides users with a view of accessing their subscriptions and unsubscribing from the value package if they wish. Do you wish for Yahoo India mail services? It is available in over 8 regional languages in India. Access Now.

However, you may lose your Yahoo contents, like emails, email folders, finance portfolios, and also lose access to your YahooMail account. You may ask questions on this page for further steps.