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Are you interested in going into serious dating and relationships? When last did you hook up online? There are one dating and relationship platform and app you haven’t heard of; TopFace. When you do TopFace login which starts with an account registration you would have the opportunity to meet and date top celebrities online.TopFace

Yes, I said top celebrities, it might surprise you to know that many of the top celebrities you give distance accolades can be accessed on TopFace. The dating platform is named after the kind of people that use it for dating and relationships.

With all said, to data and meet with people on TopFace, you will need to do account sign up and create a TopFace login credential at

TopFace– Dating – Relationship – Flirting App – web App

If you have tried so many online dating platforms such as Tinder, POF, Hinge, eHarmony, and the other, I bet you to give TopFace a try. TopFace is mostly known and used in Canada. The best online dating website, popularly known and used by celebrities.

One of the best online dating platforms with millions of users and unique visitors daily round the globe. It’s also known in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, and minimally used in other countries of the world for dating and relationships hookups.

If there is more you need to know about TopFace, it’s that the app and web version is compatible with all devices and can be accessed from your android, iOS devices; iPhone & iPad, you can even access it from your desktop computer; Windows and macOS. That said, let’s get to the outstanding features that make TopFace different from all other dating websites and apps.

TopFace Features

We don’t need to give you the whole of what features and why TopFace is better of other dating websites. All you need to a snippet view on the amazing features that stand it out from the pack. When you sign up for a free TopFace account, here is what is awaiting you;

Here is Why Celebrities like Topface Dating Platform

  • The app makes for easy signup and login
  • Users can Video chat people they want to enter into a relationship with
  • Search feature for easy finding of a potential mate
  • Users are matched based on each other’s approval
  • You will meet different people all over the world and be opportune to make friends.
  • You have a login option, which implies more the login process, you can log in with Facebook and with your Google account.
  • You are in for three features; meet new people, chat, date or flirt
  • We have heard where people that met on TopFace ended up as life partners
  • You date only people who are genuinely interested in you.

Having said that, you date or connect with people on Topface with the hope that things turn out right as there is no strict law that holds users’ accountability of the personal information they provide.

Sign up Topface Dating Account on Any Device (Android & iOS; iPhone & iPad)

Talking about the Topface dating platform, theTopfacestarted as a dating platform with only the web version, this meant that its access was through a web browser both on smartphones and desktop computers. But the launch of Topface App made it a dream come through for Android users and iOS users like iPhone and iPad users who would like to access the platform with a single click when the app is installed in their device.

Sign Up Topface Dating Account – How to – Account Registration

You can sign up on Topface app as well as on the web platform through a web browser. Whichever means the signup process is the same.

  1. Visit or launch the app version that if you have it downloaded (you can download it on Google play store for android users and apple app store for iOS users).
  2. Navigate and click the signup button
  3. Provide the required info
  4. Confirm or verify your account
  5. Create a login credential
  6. Create your Topface account

When you have fully created the account, the next thing is to log in to access and set up your Topface profile and start meeting and dating with potential partners on the platform.

Topface Login

You can log in in two different ways, you either login with the login credential you created above or with your Facebook profile. But you must be logged in your Facebook account or be ready to provide your Facebook login details when you tap on the “Sign in with Facebook” Option

To sign in with your Topface Account;

  1. Open the app or visit the official Topface URL
  2. Key in your username
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on the sign-in button

To sign in with Facebook;

  1. Open the TopfaceApp or visit the URL
  2. On the login page, tap on the Sign in with the Facebook option
  3. If you are logged in on your Facebook account you will be taken automatically to Topface account when you click to continue or you will be required to enter your Facebook username and password if you aren’t logged in to Facebook.

How to Use TopFace to date – How to Use TopFace App

TopFace can be used effectively on all devices. To use the platform effectively, the first tip is that you have to be yourself. A lot more people have confidence while chatting than talking on the phone so you have to take advantage of this confidence.

The second tip is you choosing a good profile picture. Your profile picture plays an important role in how you can use the platform effectively. You have to always avoid asking awkward questions. It scares people away or gives them the impression that you do not have anything meaningful to talk about. Start with a good conversation and talk about what people can relate to.


If you are a fan of online dating, then grabbing the TopFace login page for a sign in won’t be such an issue as you are already familiar with how online dating platforms and apps functions. We might also want to recommend the newly launched Facebook dating app and other dating websites like emilydates, Hinge, SinglesMate, and lots of other online datings.

To see other online dating platforms and apps, you can just open google search and key in phrases like the best online dating platforms, Top 10 dating apps, Where singles meet online, How to date online, dating apps for singles, How to Date and enter into a relationship online, dating groups for singles on Facebook, apps for romantic relationships, etc.


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