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United Airlines Baggage Fees – Allowances – International & Domestic Fees

United Airlines Baggage Fees:– I will start by asking this question; How Much Does United Airlines Charge for Bags?To answer this, the United Airlines cost for baggage depends on first, the type of baggage; carry-on baggage.

Second, the weight limit and size. More so, they calculate baggage fees based on flight type; basic economy for international and domestic, and checked baggage. However, United Airplane has a baggage policy that covers all there is to how much baggage cost when you fly on United Airplane.United Airlines Baggage Fees

That said, the United Airplane baggage fees are between $30 to $150 depending on the type of luggage you carry. Also, UA charges baggage fees based on the number of bags you carry. For example, if you are carrying 3 bags, the first bag costs $30. The second bag costs $45 while the third bag costs $150.

About United Airplane

At a start, the United Airplane is an international and domestic airline travel provider in the United States. The company serves millions of customers. According to a report, the company released in 2017. It states that 148 million passengers fly by their airline.

Thus, with such Passenger statistics, there is the complexity of luggage checks and fees became necessary. As a result, they introduced the United Airplane baggage policy.

So, What I did in this post is to simplify the long paperwork baggage policy of United Airlines for you, so you keep up with how much you will pay for baggage when next you fly United Airplane either in Canada, the U. S, and other destination countries.

Carry-on Policy

For the carry-on policy, UA entitles you to carry just two bags. Thus, a small bag with belongings or items like gadgets and a full-size carry on luggage. Thus, each with different measurements. For more details on the measurement visit That said, location and your travel class depend on the type of bag and numbers.

  • First, Basic Economy – If you are traveling through basic economy tickets, you will be allowed to come along with one personal item.
  • Second, Basic Economy for trans-Atlantic flights are allowed to carry two bags; one full-size bag and a personal item bag at no cost.

Note: in the event that you are flying through the Basic Economy, but not on a trans-Atlantic flight. I’m sorry, you will have to pay for bag fees of $25 for the gate handling charge. Also, you will have to pay for checked-bag fees. To elaborate further, there are some cases where you would be allowed to bring in extra items like a jacket or umbrella.

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At the same time, Food or merchandise purchased in airport, medically assistive devices (wheelchair, canes, crutches, devices for prescription medications, portable oxygen concentrators, and so on). Next, FAA-approved child-restraint system or safety seat, Diaper bag. Finally, a Camera, Breast pump, and Pet carrier (service charges will apply).

United Airlines Baggage Fees – Checked baggage Policy

In detail, if you travel through the Economic or Premium Plus United Airlines only allow you to board with a bag with a maximum weight of 50 pounds with a Maximum Linear dimension of 62 inches.

That said, if you are traveling in Business and First Class fares, you will have a weight limit of 70 pounds with a Maximum Linear dimension of 62 inches for each checked bag. Although, there are factors that also determine what the weight and size of bags you will carry along like;

  • First, MileagePlus Premier® status level.
  • Second, Premier Silver
  • Third, Gold Platinum.
  • Finally, 1K® member

If you have any of the listed, UA allows you to carry a bag that weighs 70 pounds. Something is shocking, embracing technology, the United Airplane invented a baggage calculator tool called “United route baggage calculator” and “United MileagePlus baggage calculator”. Both software calculates the weight of bags and charges.

Baggage Fees Calculator

There is nothing more accurate than using tools to know what your bags weigh. Thus, it helps figure out the exact amount a bag cost. To do that, a recent report went up on the amount of baggage in United Airlines fees.

In other words, the baggage fees for the United States (1st bag, 2nd bag, and 3rd bad cost) are $30, $40, and $150. While that of Canada is $30, $50, and $150. In other countries like India; 1st bag fee is free and $100 for the second bag. Mexico is $30 for the 1st bag and $55 for the 2nd.

That said, some countries charge nothing for the baggage like Argentina, Peru, and South Africa. Next, Japan, China, and Thailand. Places like Netherland, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Portugal. Next, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, and Britain charge $100 for the 2nd bag and free on 1st bag.

Although, United Airlines checked baggage service charge exceptions apply to a set of individuals who enjoy allowance and benefits. Specifically, people who are MileagePlus Premier Members, and active U.S. military personnel and their dependents.

What happens if my Baggage Weighs Higher the Policy Standard?

To begin with, it’s simple when you carry access bags and the size of the bags and weight is beyond the recommended according to United Airlines baggage policy. You will certainly pay more. I did well to include the list of both domestic and international baggage fees for access baggage. I extract the table from a calculation ValuePenguin did using the United Airlines Baggage calculator.

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United Airlines Baggage Fees for Domestic flights

Baggage type   Fee     Weight          Size

1st bag            $30    50 lbs            62 in

2nd bag          $40     50 lbs           62 in

3rd+ bag        $150   50 lbs             62 in

Overweight    $100   51-70 lbs        62 in

Overweight    $200   71-100 lbs      62 in

Oversized      $200   50 lbs          63-115 in

United Airlines Baggage Fees for International flights

Destination     3rd&  additional bags  Oversized bag (51 – 70 lbs)  71 – 100 lbs

Netherlands   $200   $200   $200   $400

Antigua          $150   $200   $200   $400

Aruba  $150   $200   $200   $400

Greece          $200   $200   $200   N/A

Spain   $100   $200   $200   $400

India    $200   $200   $200   $400

Switzerland     $200   $200   $200   $400

Cayman Islands$150   $200   $200   $400

Canada $150   $200   $200   $400

Peru    $225   $200   $200   N/A

Japan   $200   $200   $200   $400

Hong Kong     $200   $200   $200   $400

Lisbon $200   $200   $200   $400

Tel Aviv         $200   $200   $200   $400

Mexico          $180   $200   $100   $200

Guatemala      $150   $200   $200   $400

El Salvador     $150   $200   $200   $400

Belize  $150   $200   $200   $400

Honduras       $150   $200   $200   $400

Costa Rica      $150   $200   $200   $400

Argentina       $150   $200   $200   $400

Cape Town    $200   $200   $200   $400

Munich $200   $200   $200   $400

Rome  $200   $200   $200   $400

Prague $200   $200   $200   $400

London          $200   $200   $200   $400

United Airlines Excess Baggage Limitation

In the meantime, when you have excess bags, UA can only permit the bags in the plane only if there still exists space in the plane. The reason is that everyone on the plane has a space for their baggage. And the UA will accept only when everyone baggage is checked that extra one.

In that light, you would as well keep in mind that there are in some cases where oversized, overweight, or extra baggage is not allowed into the plane. But that in most cases depends on the flight destination and the period of takeoff.

What if I want to Travel with animals/pets?

In the event, you want to travel along with your pet. There are some policies United Airlines put in place to regulate the in-cabin animal travel.

First, it’s advisable to book reservations for your animal or pets ahead of time using the United website at

Second, certain animals or pets like Puppies and kittens can only be allowed if it’s up to four months old. More so, if you must travel with tow pets, you will need to buy extra tickets.

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Third, a child without the presence of a guardian or parent isn’t allowed to travel with pets through United Airlines.

Finally, the United Airlines policy allows domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, and most household birds to travel in the aircraft cabin on the majority of domestic flights. That said, the in-cabin pet is thought of as an additional carry-on bag, and you will need to pay a service charge of $125.


The amount you will spend on bag fees depends on the items in the bag. Thus, if you have bags with lots of items. It’s clear that it’s going to weigh higher. As a result, cost more bag fees. But is that all? Isn’t there a way to not pay a higher amount of money when I want to fly? Of a truth, there is. But just avoid all the stress and go with one bag with fewer loads inside.

Over to you

To cap it all, if you read to this point, I trust the post was helpful. But, if proved otherwise. As a result, if there is a fact, you would want me to correct or add to the post. Maybe a question best of all, a thank you comment. It’s no big deal. Thus, use the comment box below. Of course, I delight to hearing from you.


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