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Virginia Mortgage Rates – Virginia Mortgage Rates Today

Virginia Mortgage Rates is one of those posts you have sought to read. Let’s start the post this way. For most homebuyers, getting a mortgage is their first step, but it is not always easy to decipher whether a quote is competitive.Virginia Mortgage Rates

So helping homebuyers in Virginia solve this problem is why the need to write this post surfaced. In other words, this post will help you to track mortgage rates by loan type, lender, and location across the Old Dominion. Only keep reading.

According to Value Penguin, Virginia’s average initial rate for 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is 3.22%, 15-year mortgage rates average around 3.02%, and 3.60% currently for an average 30-year mortgage rate. The table below will help you grab much better:

Loan type Average rate Weekly change 3-month change
30-year fixed 3.60% –0.24% –0.36%
15-year fixed 3.02% –0.31% –0.47%
5/1 ARM 3.22% –0.21% –0.37%

Best Mortgage Rates In Virginia – the Lowest Rates

Precisely, to help homebuyers in Virginia to make the right decision in selecting an offer, we’ve gathered rate information across the states with a focus specifically on Loan types, popular lenders. And Locations and the baseline for these mortgage rates range from the lender’s business objectives to the underwriter’s assessment of the borrower’s risk.

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Of a truth, as of this week (November of 2020), 3.25% is the estimated rate for Virginia’s lowest 30-year mortgage, as low as 2.75% for 15- year mortgage. For 5/1 ARMs, it’s lowest initial rates start from 2.75%. It is important to know that these numbers are based on a mortgage balance of $200,000 with a loan-to-value ratio of 80%.

Virginia Mortgage Rates Today – Virginia Current Mortgage Rate Forecast – the New Study

To begin with, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (FOMC) makes periodic announcements that serve as potential indicators of future rate trends for Virginia home buyers.

The FOMC’s recent announcement on its new intention to monitor the market before carrying out future hikes will help Virginia homebuyers buy enough time as they seek out the right property and lenders.

That said, the FOMC raised the target rate by 25 basis points at the end of 2018 causing mortgage rates in the year 2019 in Virginia and the rest of the country not to rise as forecasted.

Currently set at 2.25% – 2.50% the target process at which banks pay to borrow money for their operations is affected by the target federal fund rates because the federal fund rate affects the interest rates that banks offer to a customer, this, in turn, helps Virginian homeowners.

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Rates at Virginia’s Most Popular Mortgage Lenders – What you are not told

To begin with, I found from estimations gathered based on some loan assumptions that the lowest and highest estimates of mortgage rates have a difference of 37.5 percentage points, this indicating that Virginians are likely to find Lenders that offer lower rates than others.

On the other hand, it is also important that Virginians seek out the lender’s closing costs, quality of service, and proffered date before choosing the right mortgage lender.

How to Compare Home Loan Rates By City

Indeed, from my research at the point of writing this article, local property values were highly dependent on where they are situated, even though we saw variations in the average mortgage rate from place to place.

Furthermore, the choice of the lender is more significant than the location of the property. The study also found out that rates across all the cities carefully inspected are alike. The below table will lay more emphasis:

MSA Average mortgage rate Median home value
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria 4.52% $452,615
Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News 4.64% $265,271
Richmond 4.55% $252,539
Roanoke 4.51% $187,470
Lynchburg 4.52% $180,549

How to Evaluate Your Mortgage Options

To begin with, in the high-cost markets of Virginia, lots of homebuyers seek lower mortgage rates but one relatively dependent way of accessing lower rates is by going for alternative loan structures such as ARM loan or 15-year mortgage loan instead of a 30-year mortgage loan.

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However, the interests incurred from a 30-year mortgage plan is higher than that from a 15-year mortgage loan and also the interest incurred from a 15-year mortgage loan is lower than that from a 5/1 ARM loan, so long as you exit the ARM before the variable rate kicks in to avoid exposure to the potential increase in the monthly payment.

But some homeowners who prefer paying little interest on their way to own the house choose a 15-year mortgage loan which cuts a lifetime interest at the cost of larger but fewer monthly payments.

In the End

Finally, I really want to thank you for reading to this point. It shows that the blog post of truth was helpful. Thus, don’t forget to share and comment using the box below. Thanks a lot.



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