WFMR ESS – WFMR Login – Employee Login – Harris Teeter Associates Portal

What if you can access your employee’s payroll online without the hassle of wait for your company. Most of us have to wait for our companies to make weekly, monthly, and annual publish. Harris Teeter Associates (WFMR ESS) is your place of solution. With your login credential, you can visit to view their Payroll, company information. You can as well see all your personal information as well as employee benefits.WFMR ESS

The Harris Teeter employees self-service portal allows employees to view, edit, change and monitor all their payroll information. It allows you to access other employment information on the Harris Teeter Associates Portal such as;

  1. Employee Timecards.
  2. Paystub.
  3. Time and attendance.
  4. Payroll information (Pay period, hours worked, wages, deductions,).
  5. Schedule management (request time off, request a change of schedule, swap shift, view calendar, view PTO reports).
  6. Payroll management (View and edit payroll history reports, view and edit time entry.

The portal is available for WFMR ESS employees only. It can be accessed from any device; work computer, home computer, and even from a mobile device. Just ensure the employee is connected to the internet. More so, the site is accessible 24/7 of the week

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What you need to Login on WFMR ESS

Login at the Harris Teeter employee’s self-service portal is with login details provided the first time by the HR department or supervisor after which the employee can change the default login details to a unique or personal one. So you will need a username and password to log in to the WFMR ESS employees self-service web page.

How to Login at ESS Harris Teeter Employee Portal

Your login access can be from any device and can be done when convenient. You can change your info from home and from the office, just that payroll information you edit or change is subject to approval by the HR department before it takes effect on your employee account dashboard.

Login Instruction

To access your WFMR ESS;

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username
  3. Key in your password
  4. Hit on the login button

Login Issues – WFMR ESS Login

If you are having issues accessing the login page or your employee account or you don’t have your employee login credentials,  Then this is for you. You may need to reach out to your HR department or supervisor to get your login credentials. IF not, contact your IT department for further assistance.

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If you are trying to access your employee information from the Harris Teeter Employee Self Service web portal using a Harris Teeter computer at work, you might experience some difficulty as the company doesn’t allow employees access to the employee portal through the work system.

Harris TeeterEmployees helpful info

If you work at the Harris Teeter store and you don’t know if you can access the login portal, their lots of ways to know. The gist is that employees who work in-store where they clock in to work with their social security number might not have upgraded to the online employees’ access but those assigned employees’ ID and who use the employee’s ID to clock into work may have upgraded to the online access.

The shortest cut to check is to attempt login access at WFMR ESS  when you visit its if you are receiving an unfavorable response, refer to your HR department for more information.


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