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American University Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

American University Acceptance Rate: Have you been looking for a standard university? Perhaps, you have not heard about American University? If yes, then you need this article. This article has useful information about American universities. After reading this article, you may be convinced to make it your first choice.

In case you don’t know, American University was founded on a mission. The establishment of the university was a fulfillment of the dream George Washington had before his demise. For a long time, his call that America should have a university that prepares public servants within the country’s capital was not achieved for almost 100 years.

Hence, when one beholds American universities today, it becomes clear that the mission to create a prestigious university in the heart of the nation’s capital is now a dream fulfilled.

Starting from Alice Paul down to Paul Ryan, American university has been the starting point for many public services and activism careers.

Little wonder, through the university, America has one of the best international relations programs in the country. That’s not all. In the area of arts, American University artists have a tradition of using their artwork to change the world.

In the same vein, America is now the alma mater of renowned novelist Ann Beattie, activist, author, educator, and writer Brittany Packnett, and many more wonderful artists.

Given all this,  appreciation will always be given because of its position in Washington D.C. The location of school is one of the most international cities in the entire US. Hence, American University promises that students will arrive in America and leave with a global understanding of their subject of study irrespective of the subject matter.

In all logical standards, whether academic prestige, the focus on internationalism, the political and cultural hub of D.C., or its status as one of the most progressive campuses in the US, American University has unlimited appeal.

However, before one can take advantage of its numerous affordances, one must first of all be admitted. Hence, this article breaks down everything students need to know before they commence their application process to American University.

With this article, you will be exposed to the knowledge of acceptance rates, minimum requirements for admission, application tips, and more. As a matter of fact,  this article will serve as the first step for those hoping to become an American University student.

American University Acceptance Rate

As for the acceptance rate, American University enjoys a high competitive acceptance rate of 31%. Seriously, when one evaluates the acceptance rate of early and regular decision applicants, one will see some of the best tips a student should know to increase their chance of getting admission into America.

Meanwhile, the general acceptance rate is somewhat 31%. However, the early decision acceptance rate is about 83%.

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As it is, this can be seen as one of the top 10 largest discrepancies between early and late decision acceptance rates in the country. In this regard, the early decision applicants are those who applied before November 15th.

So, one thing that is related to the general acceptance rate is the rate at which students receive financial aid. This has always been seen as a factor that determines one’s college decision.

Notwithstanding, at American University, around 44% of first-year students get some form of financial aid, with the average award sitting around $31,000.

American University Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

Looking at of state acceptance rate, there is no doubt that the majority of American University students come from outside D.C. As such, there is no meaningful difference between the out-of-state acceptance rate and the in-state acceptance rate.

Hence, 79% of American students apply from out of state, and 11% apply internationally. This means that only 10% of students apply from within D.C.

In the same vein, given that American University is private and the majority of its students come from outside D.C., the tuition for both in-state and out-of-state students is the same. As a result, the aforementioned financial aid statistics apply to out-of-state students as well.

On the other hand, many universities have policies as regards the amount of in-state and out-of-state applicants, invariably, because of the status of American University as a private university and the different locations which American students come from, AU has no such policy.

GPA for American University

American University does not have a minimum GPA required for admission. However, students should endeavor to attain a 3.65 high school GPA in order to be considered for admission.

On the other hand, in calculating this GPA, unlike other schools of similar competitiveness, American University considers one’s weighted GPA as opposed to an unweighted GPA. As such, taking IB/AP classes will increase one’s admissions chances.

The middle 50% of GPAs for admitted freshmen ranged from 3.63-to 4.15.

Due to the high GPAs of students admitted to American universities, one needs to have a fairly high GPA. This, as a matter of fact, will help the person to be considered for scholarships or merit-based admission.

However, preference for first-year American University merit scholarships is generally given to students who have a 3.8 high school GPA or higher.

SAT & ACT Requirements for American University

Again, even though American University does not necessarily have a minimum ACT/SAT, students can assume that an SAT of 1310 and an ACT of 29 are imperative to be considered for admission.

Hence, this estimation is based on the statistics gotten from the American University admissions page.

So, American University states that the middle 50% of SAT scores range from 1310-to 1460. They also state that the middle 50% of ACT scores range from 29 to 33.

Therefore, those who plan to take the ACT many times should know that American University increases ACT scores. This implies that they only take the highest score from multiple tests attempted in each session.

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Hence, to determine the ACT score that American University will consider, students can take the highest score from each session among every test attempt to form a new total score.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips

Together with GPA and SAT/ACT, American University also requires students to have completed a standard array of high school coursework before admission.

Similarly, though it is not a stringent requirement, American University states that admitted students ought to have completed college preparatory courses.

Therefore, one can safely assume that, even though it’s not strictly required, the completion of college preparatory courses, such as IB/AP, will be essential for most applicants.

In the same way, American University states that admitted students need to go beyond the minimum coursework requirements. Hence, this could be achieved, for example, by taking 4 years of a foreign language instead of the minimum 2.

Again, as previously noted, perhaps the most effective and simplest admissions tips to increase one’s chances of being accepted into an American University is to take advantage of the early decision application deadline.

Therefore, applicants who take advantage of the early decision acceptance rate by applying before November 15th will have roughly a 45% greater chance of admission than those who apply by the regular January 15th deadline.

Essays for American University

In this regard, American University uses the Common Application and Coalition Application systems. Therefore, students may likely have to submit an essay in line with the prompts provided by the Common Application or Coalition Application.

Together with this, American University also demands one supplemental essay from applicants which will be used to decide their admission.

Starting with the Common Application and Coalition Application prompts, the questions asked the applicants for these essays should be designed to allow the admissions team to understand the applicant on an individual basis.

Therefore, these prompts will seek to address one’s personal struggles, perspectives, and aspirations to an extent.

Here you can see an example from this year’s Common Application. With the example, you will be guided on the right thing to do.

“Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.”

In that case, American University’s supplemental essay is meant to address the question of why American University is particularly suitable for the applicants.

Again, American University asks students to answer this question: “Why are you interested in American University?”

In answering this type of question, specificity is key. In other words, there should be no rigmarole or beating about the bush. Hence, you should be straightforward by pointing out to the admissions team that there are specific programs, facilities, professors, and opportunities that only the American University can provide.

Also, applicants should try to convince the admissions team that American University is the ideal choice for that particular student.

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Similarly, students should be guided to know that certain programs, such as the Honors Program or the accelerated 3-year Public Health Scholars Program, may need additional essays at the time of application.

Is the American University Right for You?

If all these steps are followed accordingly, and one is granted admission into America, there is still one step remaining. The remaining step is that applicants must decide if American University is the right choice for them.

Though the answer to this question is entirely dependent on each applicant, certain aspects of American University are sure to be important deciding factors for a plurality of applicants.

For one thing, irrespective of one’s academic discipline, American University assures applicants that students learn by taking part in something. Roughly 95% of all American University students engage in some form of experiential learning, whether it is research, study abroad, internships, or otherwise.

Hence, when it comes to internships majorly, around 80% of American University students will have a full internship at some point during their studies.

So, an internship in Washington D.C., with its environment of change-makers and its global influence, is sure to provide students with some life-changing on-the-ground experiences.

On the other hand, American University consistently ranks as one of, if not the most politically active school in the country. Among Best Colleges, Unigo, and College Magazine you must always place American University at either the number 1 or 2 spot for the most politically active student populations.

America is a mecca for students who want to transform their academic pursuits into meaningful, world-changing action.

So, all the while, students will be making links across the world at American University to a degree that is rare for private, medium-sized schools like AU.

Therefore, with a robust International Relations department, plenty of studies abroad opportunities, and an international location and student body population, AU will leave students with a truly global outlook.

Because of these reasons and more, American University will make it incredibly easy for many students to feel right at home as an Eagle.


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