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Get Registered With My TimeStation Online

Almost everything is done online these days and this is because of the ease and simplicity it offers. The internet has provided an avenue where we can shop, pay bills, check work schedules and keep up with all that’s happening in our environment. Now you can get all the information you want sitting in one place with just a simple click.Get Registered With My TimeStation Online

One of the things you can do online is register with TimeStation, an online time and attendance system which is used by most organizations. This company has a user-friendly interface as well as an easy setup system. The TimeStation app can even be installed on your tablets and smartphone to enable you easily access the system. With this system, all the staff member in any organization can mark their attendance by using the Fast-Scan technology.

Fast-Scan is a fast attendance system that you can use within a second to sign in and out. This system runs on Cloud where there is no need to establish a separate server or any other such related software. Apart from aiding staff in marking attendance, the system also offers the facility to branch managers to help them view different types of reports which includes total staff attendance and staff who are absent. Small and medium-sized businesses will find TimeStation a very handy tool in handling the attendance system and monitoring purposes.

However, the TimeStation system is controlled by Admin which is why you have to login to have access. To use the system, you have to contact the admin.

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To register on the TimeStation website, you have to visit the official website to sign up. You can do this using just a few simple methods that we will be outlining here.

How to Sign Up

To start the sign-up process, follow this simple and fast method:

  • Enable your web browser and visit the official website of TimeStation at
  • As you have access to the website, scroll to where you have a sign-up option on the taskbar menu. Tap on this option to get directed further.
  • On the next page, a form for creating an account will be displayed.
  • On the form, enter your company name, your email, and password, and confirm password.
  • Review the terms and conditions and tick on the appropriate box to accept.
  • Successfully create your account by clicking on the “Create Your Account” link.
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Congratulations!!, you just successfully created the TimeStation account. Now you can run your organization’s schedules with ease.



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