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Get Started With Making Recording Checks Online

Are you still doubting the possibility of making recording checks online? Well, doubt no more because you can actually do it. If you want to know all about it, then you are on the right page where you’ll be given the right information on how to about it. Firstly, let’s learn a little about Checks and how they can help you.Making Recording Checks

Check order express is well known and quite a popular system which many customers have come to adopt. Customers can take advantage of a number of benefits offered by the company for their business. Order Checks comes with such amazing colors and plans which customers have come to admire a lot.

It is a system that takes less of your time and we all know that where business is concerned, time is of the essence. With Order Checks, you can easily and promptly transfer your funds anywhere, at any time to anyone within the stipulated period of time. Order Checks come in handy in situations where you have to make prompt transactions.

Checks offer a range of services to its customers like transfer and receiving of funds, sending gifts, and for remuneration purposes. The company is adjudged to be one of the safest and fastest funds transfer systems. Apart from transfers, Checks also keeps tracks of the funds until it has been transferred.

If you are already a customer and want to reorder check you have to note this. – The company allows 21 days as the waiting period. This implies that you have to wait for 21 days to be able to reorder.

How to Reorder Checks

Are you getting confused about how the reorder process works? Here’s the solution you need:

  • From your favorite web browser visit the official website at
  • Once you are on the site, you’ll come across a yellow tag on the right-wing of the screen. Click on it to reorder checks.
  • Next, you’ll be directed to the next page where you’ll be required to provide the order number and zip code in the fields provided for reordering. Understand that you will be placing an order within 21 days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reorder checks?

You can easily reorder checks by doing the following:

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Choose “Order checks & deposit slips” from the “Things you can do menu”.

If you are running a business account, you can order Checks on the Deluxe website Deluxe check reorder website (Opens Overlay), or by calling 1-888-560-3939.

What are Harland Clarke CHK orders?

Harland Clarke offers personal as well as business checks and check related products.

Where is it safe to order checks online?

Here are the best places where you can order checks online:

  • Checks In The Mail – Best Overall
  • Bradford Exchange – Widest Selection
  • Vistaprint – Best From a General Printer
  • Checks Unlimited – Best Customer Service
  • Costco Checks – Best Value
  • Walmart Checks – Best for Discounts
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Why are checks so expensive?

We will be explaining why checks are expensive. Checks are expensive to buy from banks because it is expensive for banks to provide them to you. Banks pay to get checks printed and shipped. This means they need to mark up the price for customers in order not to lose money.

How do I order checks online?

To order checks from the bank:

  • Firstly, visit your bank’s website or credit union website.
  • Provide your user ID and password
  • As a matter of fact, Scroll to where you have your account information.
  • Update and confirm your information
  • Lastly, then completes the order.

Is order my checks safe?

The checks you order from are as safe as the checks you order from your bank. When you order checks online you’ll get security specifications as recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). You can order personal checks in a single as well as carbon duplicates.

How do I order checks from Hancock Bank?

Here are the requirements you need to have to order checks online:

  • Ensure you have your bank account number and routing/transit number handy. You can find this number at the bottom of your check or on the reorder form.
  • Click on the “Reorder checks” link below and go with the on-screen prompts.
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