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About Different Types of Processors

Invented by Marcian Hoff in 28th October 1937 in New York, processors are designed to carry out operations within seconds with speed measured in terms of megahertz. Some of the processor manufacturer companies include Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Motorola, Samsung, IBM, and so forth. The four main primary functions of a processor are fetching, decoding, executing, and writing back the instructions. Processors are used in computers, mobile phones, laptops, and washing machines.About Different Types of Processors

What is a Processor?

A processor is known as the brain of any system which includes computers, laptops, mobile phone embedded systems, etc. The processor is a chip that responds to and processes the basic instructions in driving a particular system. A processor’s functions include fetching, decoding, executing, and writing back the operations of an instruction.

The processor consists of two main units which are the ALU (Arithmetic Login Unit) and CU (Control Unit). While the Arithmetic Logic unit performs all the mathematical operations like additions, multiplications, subtractions, divisions, etc., the Control Unit manages the command or the operation of the instructions. Additionally, the processor communicates with other components which are the input/output devices as well as memory/storage devices.

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About Different Types of Processors

Even though there are different types of processors in the market today, in this article we will be discussing the INTEL and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processors and their features, because they stand as the leaders in the market. These two companies are currently dominating the market when it comes to processor speed and quality. Pentium, Celeron, and core are Intel’s desktop CPU and for ADM’s desktop CPU it is Athlon, Sempron, and Phenom. These companies make single and multi-core processors. Even though there are some other manufacturers, they mostly focus on mobile and tablet processors. Since both companies are competing with each other, their products are quite close to each other. While most Intel computers are mostly used by Dell and HP computers, the prefabricated and home-built computers and special-purpose use ADM’s processors.

Different Types of Processors

Intel Processors

Some of the main features of Intel Pentium Dual-Core processors are:

  • Provides an amazing desktop performance.
  • Offers multitasking for everyday computing
  • Has low power enhancements.

Intel i3 Processors

Launched in January of 2010 for the first time, the Intel i3 is a dual-core processor. It is designed with Integrated Graphics and Hyper-Threading Technology which makes its operations like a quad-core. It comes in much handy in supporting games.

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It’s features includes

  • Hyper-Threading
  • Dual Core
  • Max Cache =3MB
  • Very affordable

Intel i5 Processors

The Intel i5 is a quad-core processor. What this means is that it comes with 4 cores, with enabled Turbo Boost technology.

Its main features include:

  • Mid-range processor
  • Mid-range GPU
  • Turbo Boost Technology
  • 2-4 cores
  • 3-8 MB cache

Intel i7 Processors

Launched first in 2009, Intel i7 comes with 4 cores and enabled Hyper-Threading Technology. This makes it act like an 8-core processor. It is quite an extensive and super-powerful processor and comes with 4-8MB of the cache.

It’s main features includes:

  • High-end processors
  • 4 cores
  • 8 threads
  • Turbo Boost enabled
  • Hyper-Threading enabled
  • Super expensive
  • 4-8MB cache

AMD Processors

AMD A4 Processor

The AMD A4 processor feature includes:

  • 2 cores
  • It includes a Radeon Graphic Chip
  • Designed for a low-end system

AMD A6 Processors

The main features of the AMD A8 processor are:

  • Dual-Core
  • Enables Turbo function
  • Integrated Graphics

AMD A8 Processors

You can compare the AMD A8 processor to i3 and low i5 processors.

It’s main features includes:

  • 4 cores
  • Graphic part faster than Intel’s version
  • Handles light gaming with ease
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AMD A10 Processors

The main features of the AMD A10:

  • 4 processors comparable with i5
  • Better battery life


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