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Catholic Church Near Me – Roman Catholic Church Near Me Mass Time

Are you catholic? It’s Sunday morning and you are looking for a nearby Catholic church to attend Sunday Mass. See, that shouldn’t be a stress. Why are you sounding so relax Mr. Writer? For crying out loud, I want to locate a nearby Catholic Church Now. Hey, reader, calm down, it’s not as hard to locate as you think.

A press of a button on your phone can get you to a just 10 miles away catholic church in the neighborhood. Here is why? The church estimates that there are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, so it means that a nearby Catholic church is not far from your standing point or current location.Catholic Church Near Me

Catholic Church – The Divine Ideal

Before I proceed, suffice me to start this way – the mention of the word church to a majority of individuals around the world triggers a certain mind in them that relates to some kind of life that is not manmade. In other words, divine.

That said, Church generally is a word associated greatly with religion. Thus, around the world and in most communities and even neighborhoods rarely do you miss to walk around and not see a church building. Be it a permanent building, a rented place, or a structure where people meet on a certain day to worship, praise, or pray to that God they have faith in.

Be it as it may, in this post, I will primarily help you to find the closest Catholic church around you. Only keep reading.

Locate Catholic Church Near Me – Use the Map

When you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for — or you seek multiple things — the Explore tab is there for you. Thus, whether it’s a catholic church to attend, gassing up the car, grabbing dinner and a movie. Or finding a decent place to stay, or taking a walk in the park. I can assure you that Google Maps has you covered with local points of interest.


Tap the Explore tab at the bottom left of the screen, you’ll see a list of nearby locations and activities. Tabs at the top of the screen direct you to specific items like Church, Restaurants, Coffee, Hotels, Bars, Attractions, Parks, Church, and Gas to help narrow your search.

You can also search specifically by typing directly in the search bar at the top or via voice search by tapping the microphone icon at the top right. For whatever you search for, in this case, type in “Catholic church near me” you’ll see rated listings, their distance from your location, hours of operation, and whether they are currently open or closed.

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More so, you can often call people right from the Maps interface. Thus, if you slide the information panel down, then you’ll see that they’re even marked on your map.

Catholic Church Closest to me – Ask Around

The easiest and simplest way is the traditional ‘ask around’ method whereby you can ask colleagues, friends, family, or even neighbors for directions to the nearest Catholic Church near you. If you are new in an area, this can prove to be more effective in that those that have had their fair share of experiences at the nearby Catholic Church are in the best position to direct you.


In the present age of technology, websites have been developed to help find the catholic churches near you depending on the city or state you are at currently; for example, or www.catholicdirectory.comwill give one the very exact location of the very particular catholic churches around that area. Therefore, the only job left to the individual is to choose the nearest one to them.

How many Commandments were there?

Most people, even those who are not religious, have heard of the Ten Commandments, given to Moses by God to teach the people. But originally the holy laws were much more complicated! The Catholic Church teaches that Jesus freed the people from having to follow the old Jewish laws, which spanned some 613 regulations! If you’d like to learn more about the regulations, don’t forget to search “Catholic Church Near Me”. Many of these beautiful churches hold years of history.

Catholic Leadership – Who is the current Pope?

The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church and is said to be the successor to Saint Peter, whom Jesus gave the Keys of Heaven, and whom Jesus said was the rock on which the church would be founded. The current Pope is Francis, who became Pope in March 2013. A new Pope is chosen through being elected by the College of Cardinals, who are the church’s most senior officials.

Catholic and Protestant – Are they Different?

The Catholic Church and the Protestant have a colorful history together, to say the least. Both beliefs are Christian, and in fact, the Protestant movement originally began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church. One main difference is that Protestants believe that the Bible alone is enough to achieve salvation, whereas the Catholics believe that sacred Roman Catholic tradition is also important.

Another difference is that Catholics believe that the Pope is infallible, and the leader of the church, whereas Protestants believe that no human could be totally infallible and that Jesus is the real leader of the religion. The Catholic Old Testament differs from the Protestant version because the Protestants removed 7 books from it. The Catholics did not add them, as is sometimes believed.

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How many Catholics Do we Have Globally?

There are approximately 1.2 billion Catholics in the world. This represents about 16-17% of the world’s total population. 40% of them live not in Europe, but in Latin America. The country with the most Catholics in Brazil, with nearly 125 million. The United States has about 66 million Catholics. The Catholic Church is also the largest of the Christian faiths, with nearly 50% of Christians being Catholic.

Church History

To start with, Biblically the word church comes from a Greek word, EKKLESIA (in the New Testament), and a Hebrew word, KAHAL (in the Old Testament). This means a people who are called out or an assembly, and wherever it is used in the Bible it is actually referring or talking about people and not necessarily a building.

Thus, in religion it is used three times slightly differently; Firstly, the church refers to the body of Christ, a local gathering/assembly, or a meeting of believers.

Secondly, it refers to the body of an individual living believer. Thirdly, when you make mention of churches in the religious places, discussions, or conversations. Thus, it refers to a universal group of all people who have trusted In Jesus Christ through the ages.

Examples of the churches would include among others the following; the Catholic Church, the Church of England, and the Southern Baptist church.

Catholic Church Near Me in the United States

There are more than twenty thousand (20,000) Catholic church establishments in the United States and about one hundred and ninety-three (193)catholic cathedrals. Thus, the notable ones include the following among others;

  • Diocese of Birmingham Alabama
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church of Juneau
  • The Cathedral of the Holy Family Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Atlanta,
  • The Cathedral of Christ the King Diocese of Charleston,
  • Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist Diocese of Charlotte
  • The Cathedral of Saint Mary Diocese of Manchester.

Catholic Church Near Me – Catholic Church Facts

While you search for a nearby catholic church, take your time to view some facts about the Catholic Church.

Which is the Largest Cathedral in the World – the Vatican City

A Catholic church is a Cathedral. The largest Cathedral in the world is Saint Peter’s Basilica, in Vatican City, which is 5 million cubic meters, or about 2000 Olympic sized pools. Because of its unusually small size, the Vatican statistically has the highest crime rate in the world. It also has the second-highest population density of any country. It is home to just 450 people!

While you may not be by Saint Peter’s Basilica, there are still beautiful churches around. Search “Catholic Church Near Me” to see!

Females Can Not Be The Pope – What is the ideal behind that?

All Popes are male because Popes must be ordained priests, and the church believes that since Jesus chose all of his apostles to be men, that woman should never seek the office of the pope.

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What was the First Printed Book? – The Bible

The inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg, was Catholic, and in fact, the first book printed was a copy of The Bible.

The Swiss Papal Guard Military Is Task with the Duty of Protecting the Pope

The Pope enjoys protection by the Swiss Papal Guard, which is the oldest active military unit in existence, having protected the Pope since 1506. Members of the guard must be Swiss, Catholic single males, and at least 5’ 8.5” tall.

Catholic Church a Charitable Organization – See why below

The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the US. In 2010 its total spending in the US alone was about $170 billion. Compare this to Apple, which in 2012 had $157 billion in revenue. Around 10% of hospitals and 15% of hospital staff in the US are Catholic. The hospitals treat almost 80 million people a year.

Theory of Evolution – What’s the Stand of the Catholic Church?

To begin with, the Catholic church accepts the theory of evaluation. In other words, the Catholic Church does not reject the theory of evolution, unlike some other Christian faiths. Instead, they leave it up to each individual whether or not he or she believes in evolution. The church simply states that God created a soul for every person. Some Christians believe that God created humans, while others believe that life evolved, under the supervision and guidance of Him.



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