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Chinese Restaurants Near Me

Let’s quickly take a look at the history of Chinese restaurants in the U.S as every Chinese Cuisine lover will like to know a little about this.Chinese Restaurants Near Me

It all started in the U.S during the California Gold Rush, where over 20,000 to 30,000 Chinese immigrants entered from a region in china known as Canton. They all lived in a small ghetto town known as “China Town,” and many worked as miners and some on the railroads.

Some of them ventured into the restaurant business where they cook traditional Chinese meals and have their fellow Chinese men patronize them.

Years past, they got a permit to start owning restaurants in the cities, which took a turn in them modernizing these China cuisines by combining them with the American foods and Ingredients to suit the average American palate.

Just by browsing “Chinese Restaurants Near Me,” you can locate the closest Chinese restaurants to you as there are many situated in the U.S at almost every corner of every city where you can enjoy any of the following Chinese cuisines; Chop Suey.

Next, Crab Rangon, Orange Chicken, General Tso’s chicken, Chicken Chinese salad, and many other mouthwatering and delicious American Chinese food dishes.

You can also place your orders online for any of the restaurants that offer delivery services.

Chinese Restaurants Near Me – How to locate one using the Google map

  • First, turn on your location in your internet access device.
  • Second, open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location.
  • Third, type in “Chinese Restaurants near me” in the search tab of your browser.
  • Fourth, many options will pop up, click on the search result with google map features to see various Chinese Restaurants near you at the moment.
  • Finally, you can then click on one of the Restaurants closest to you to see some of their Information, including their working hours, before you follow the direction guide on your google map to get to the one you chose.
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Chinese Restaurant Food Delivery Near Me – The Best Apps for Ordering Chinese Food

To start with, all the App listed below are compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, and even WP&. So, if you need an app for future use, an app that includes a restaurant map, then we can recommend the following “Restaurant Finder” apps:

  1. OpenTable App– Opentable is a popular app that has partnered with Yelp for reviews and reservations. It includes a map with restaurant locations.
  2. Foursquare App– Foursquare lets you search for specific types of restaurants or cuisines. It gives you simple categories to search on the main screen. For example, you can search for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  3. Google Places App– The app uses Google’s database of restaurants, cafes, and bars. It basically works as the map on this page.
  4. Zomato App for-This app’s main focus is on social interaction and recommendations so that you can find what is tasty or trendy in seconds. Zomato users can search for: Restaurants, pubs, cafes, types of cuisine, and city or location.
  5. Yelp App– The Yelp mobile app uses your phone’s GPS to find and show restaurants in your area. You can filter results based on opening hours, type of food, and costs.
  6. HappyCow App– The HappyCow app is an app for vegetarians or vegans. HappyCow I shows only healthy vegan and vegetarian food places, and you can search for options like gluten-free, juice bars, and more.
  7. Urbanspoon App– Urbanspoon’s app has a restaurant locator, and you can write/share reviews with friends.
  8. Zagat App– The Zagat app only has ratings and reviews that are curated by official Zagat editors. This means that when searching in Zagat, you are getting an expert opinion instead of just the crowd’s wisdom.
  9. Foodspotting App– The Foodspotting app lets users search and share menus and particular menu items that you like, not simply restaurants. Please take photos of the food/drink you like, add your thoughts or descriptions, upload it all, and tell people about the location. You will also be shown photos of recommended menu items, near your current location, instead of just restaurants around you.
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 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in the U.S

If you find yourself in any of these under listed Chinese Restaurants, brace up yourself for a nice and enjoyable Chinese dish as they range from traditional to modern dishes;

  1. Nomwah Tea Parlor – in New York, New York
  2. Lao Sze Chuan – in Chicago, Illinois
  3. HaiDiLao Hot Pot – in Arcadia,  California
  4. Sweet Home Cafe – in Honolulu, Hawaii
  5. Pekin Noodle Parlor – in Butte, Montana
  6. Ping Pang Pong – in Las Vegas, Nevada
  7. Sichuan Impression – in Alhambra, California
  8. Trey yuen – in Mandeville, Louisiana
  9. Duck House- in Portland, Oregon
  10. Shanghai Dumpling King – San Francisco, California

Locate Chinese Restaurants Near Me – What you should Know

Chinese Restaurants in America Dates back to when?

To start with, Chinese Restaurants in America dates back to the 1840s and 1850s during the California Gold Rush. And since then has grown and modernized Chinese cuisines to suit the westerners.

Thus, in London, the first Chinese Restaurant opened in 1907, and there wasn’t much improvement and growth till after the return of soldiers after the second world war.

How many Chinese Restaurants are in the U.S?

There is almost a Chinese Restaurant in every nook and corner of America with over 40,000 locations.

  • First, the sorts of food one can get from a Chinese Restaurant in the U.S are?
  • Second, Wonton and Egg Drop soup
  • Also, Fried rice and pork
  • Next, Egg too Young
  • Glazed spate ribs
  • Hot Chinese mustard
  • Again, Sweet Duck Sauce
  • Chop suey
  • Salty sou sauce
  • Finally, Moo shu pork, fortune cookies, and lots more.

You can get to enjoy any of these at any Chinese Restaurants near you by simply browsing “Chinese Restaurants near me.”

Are all Chinese Foods the same?

No, as foods from different regions are quite different from each other, from the taste, spice, ingredients, and texture.

Do Chinese Restaurants in the U.S sell any unusual food?

Yes, some of the ingredients like scorpion, snakes, and insects are considered weird by Americans. Also, the lungs, kidneys, and heart of Animals are unusual food items. There are still some others ranging from unknown vegetables to others never heard of foodstuff.

Chinese Restaurants Near me – More interesting facts about Chinese Restaurants

  • First, Chinese Restaurants use over a whopping 45 Billion pairs of chopsticks annually, which has led to the imposed disposable chopstick tax to reduce its usage.
  • Second, it is no news that the Chinese eat almost everything that crawls.
  • Third, there are far too many vegetables in Chinese dishes.
  • Fifth, the Chinese believe that food should be eaten mostly during its season as it is fresh to avoid dryness.
  • Sixth, Chinese Restaurants have a variety of food dishes with names that leave you puzzled.
  • Seventh, do you know that soup is the last thing taken after a Chinese meal? Which they say aids in digestion, unlike many other cuisines.
  • Finally, did you also know that China tradition demands that a guest sits at the head of a table with a sumptuous amount of food close to the guest?
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In the End

Sincerely, I did like to ask for your feedback on Chinese Restaurants Near Me. As such, I would be glad if you leave a comment below if you like the content of what you have found here. Or if you would have us add a thing or two. Thanks a lot. Best of it, I wish you happy finding for the closest Chinese Restaurants Near Me.


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