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Gas Stations Near Me – Cheap Mobile Gas Stations Near Me Now Open

If you are new to an area or you are driving in an area where you do not know much about the gas stations around. Thus, need to fill your gas tank or grab a bite or coffee or even get household groceries. As such, you can find the gas station closest to you just by browsing ” Gas Stations Near Me”. And you can follow the lead of the map on the screen of your internet access device to get satisfaction.

Gas Stations Near Me

A Brief History Of American Gas Stations

In 1885, when the kerosene pump was sold to Fort Wayne. Further, the owner of a grocery store in Indiana. Although, Fort Wayne never had the slightest of idea that a gas station would play a big role in the life of an average American, a place where gas is not only sold. But household products, groceries, a fast-food restaurant, and even a market.

It is in 1905 that the first drive-in gas station was designed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to offer car services and check car issues. And this has been so till this day, gas stations offer other car services.

Gas Stations near me – Guideline to find it on a map

You can find the closest Gas station in an area using Google map by searching online “Gas stations Near Me”

  1. Turn on your location in your internet access device
  2. Open any browser of your choice and grant it access to your location
  3. Type in ” Gas Stations near me” in the search tab of your browser
  4. From the results of your search, click on the Google map and this will serve as a guide to lead you to the nearest Gas station in an area as there are many in the U.S.
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Petrol Station Near Me Now – How to use the Petrol Station Map

  • First, use two fingers on cell phones to navigate and zoom on the map.
  • Second, make sure you enable the GPS function on your cell phone/mobile phone. It is usually always enabled.
  • Third, If you are using your laptop or home computer, then please turn off any proxies or VPSs, that you may be using, as the map base its results on your IP address.
  • Fourth, Click on a gas station on the map to see the address of your nearest petrol station.
  • Fifth, press on “Directions” to navigate to the nearest gas station.
  • Finally, hit on “View Larger Map” to see all Gas Station opening hours, including petrol stations that are open 24 hours, as well as phone numbers and the various services offered by each gas station in your area.

Remember, even if a gas station is “Closed”, many of them will leave their pumps on at night to allow credit card purchases.

Top 5 Gas Station Finder Apps – How to Locate Gas Station Open Now Near Me

If you are a regular driver, and you often find yourself in unfamiliar areas. Then, you know how important it is to be able to find a gas station that is open right now. And that actually serves the kind of petrol that your car needs.

Thus, there are a variety of apps on the market that enable you to search for gas stations in your current area. More so, these apps can also filter results based on whether the gas station is open right now or open 24 hours. Whereas, some have certain services facilities, or offer certain kinds of petrol. Here goes the list:

#1: GasBuddy

The most famous gas price app is GasBuddy. Thus, this crowdsourced app lets people enter the actual prices they pay at the pump. Further, GasBuddy then lists the gas stations in your area that have the lowest price right now.

The GasBuddy app will show you nearby gas station locations in a color scheme based on Fuel. And Power availability.

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#2: Gas Guru

The Gas Guru app gets gas price information from the official Oil Price Information Service, so prices are up to date. This app also provides directions to the cheapest gas station near your current location.

The GasGuru app will show you the nearest gas station, as well as prices so that you can navigate to the cheapest gas station.

#3: Waze

This crowd-sourced navigation app also can direct you to the cheapest petrol station in your area. The app also offers “Waze-only” discount deals and navigates you to Waze partner gas stations. Waze users can also tip others off about accidents, delays, and positions of working traffic police.

#4: MapQuest Gas Prices

MapQuest allows the user to select his/her favorite stations (like Shell, Exxon, BP, or Chevron stations) and lets your select your fuel grade. The app will then direct you to the cheapest gas station in your city.

#5: Scout GPS Navigation

Scout is the app for finding anything, anywhere, anytime. Turn on your location and you can search for example gas stations, or branded petrol stations, like BP or Exxon gas stations. Scout offers gas price information and additional information about stations, such as opening times and services offered.

Gas Stations Near Me – What you Need to Know

At this point, I want to bring to your notice, some of that known fact about Gas station and gas itself that might interest you.

How much do Gas Stations make per a Gallon of Gas?

With so many taxes paid by gas stations, they do not make much profit per gallon of gas. They make most of their profits from their walk-in stores where several household products are sold. So don’t be feel bad if your local gas stations frown at hikes in the price of gas.

A Cell phone – Can it cause a fire outbreak in a gas station?

Yes, putting on your cell phone near a gas tanker or pump can cause an ignite leading to a fire outburst in a gas station. This is not so good news as we live in a society where we are so clingy and dependent on our phones. You should also know that some clothes made of a certain fiber can cause static electricity which may lead to fire ignite. But following and maintaining appropriate precautions can reduce and prevent the risk of fire accidents in gas stations.

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How many tanks are underneath a gas station?

You are not the only one with this question as many others have asked gas station workers and independent gas station owners how many gas tanks are underneath their gas stations just to satisfy their curiosity.

There are 5 underground tanks underneath a gas station and pumps on top of these tanks, there are also line leak detectors, tank monitors, and several alarm systems installed to prevent overfilling and also prevent corrosion of the tanks underneath.

Thus, all these and more in mind helps one to know that a gas station is under security when you follow the right precautionary measures.

Gas Stations Near Me – A Trend Fact

There are interesting fact on gas stations in the U.S and most of them include;

The increase in the number of StandAlone Gas Stations: There are over 10,700 StandAlone gas stations in the U.S with 120,000 workers working hard to keep a functional gas station. So, finding a gas station in an area won’t be an arduous task.

Gas station owners are largely independent: 97% of all gas stations are owned by independent operators, while 3% is owned by big oil companies and larger oil conglomerates. A surprising fact!

Gas stations increase in sales: Due to fluctuating gas prices throughout the U.S, gas station sales have declined by 2.7/5 since 2010 and 2015. Gas stations also have an annual sales of $106 billion even though they make pennies as profits from the gas.

More Gas Station Facts

You might be inquisitive as to which state in the U.S consumes the largest amount of gas. And how much gas stations rake in per year as you are in the process of locating the nearest Gas station to you.

  • California swigs the highest amount of gas, using over 348,000 barrels of gasoline, followed by Texas, which uses an aggregate of 302,000 barrels of gasoline.
  • Alaska uses 6,500 barrels of gasoline each year while Vermont uses 7,500 barrels each year making them the most gas-friendly and eco-friendly states in the U.S.
  • Whoever knew that much revenue could come out from coffee sales? Convenience stores make up to 2.8 billion dollars from coffee sales annually.
  • 60% of all sold beers in the U.S happens in convenience shops.
  • There are over 21,000 alternative filling stations in the U.S with an increasing number every year for gas-free drivers.

In the End

Finally, I did like to ask for your feedback on Gas Station Open Near Me Now. As such, I would be glad if you leave a comment below if you like the content of what you have found here. Or if you would have us add a thing or two. Thanks a lot. Best of it, I wish you happy searching for the closest Petrol Station Near Me.

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