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Mobile Home Insurance Companies – Find Best Mobile Home Insurance

Cost and coverage features are critical considerations if you’re seeking to find the best mobile home insurance policy. We’ve put together top-rated mobile home insurance companies and a guide to find for your property the best-manufactured home insurance policy.Mobile Home Insurance Companies

In case you do not see what you are looking for in our list, just know that major homeowners insurance companies don’t specialize in this type of policy. Listed below are among the best mobile home insurance companies and their amazing features;

ASSURANT- Fastest Online Rate Experience

Assurant’s online firm is sure among the fastest way to get a rate for mobile home insurance.

A.M Best Rating: A ( Excellent), NAIC complaint index is between 0.82-46.46 which is generally below 1 and so they have great Customer service although this number varies by a subsidiary. Its unique character is that it covers flood damage to structure and property.

What you need to Know

Assurant remains the only mobile home insurance carrier that offers an instant mobile home insurance quote online unlike  GEICO, Progressive, or Liberty Mutual that usually redirect you to their partners. Assurant is also easy to find online. Flood insurance remains one of the coverages offered by Assurant, even Homeowners insurance policies do not cover this but Assurant coverage does not involve areas quite common such as trip collision and identity theft coverage.

American Family Insurance – Best Premium Discount

Amfam helps you lower the insurance cost of your mobile home through the various discounts they offer.

A.M. Best Rating: A ( Excellent), NAIC Complaint index is between 0.32-0.65 which is below 1, they have good customer reviews. It’s unique character remains multiple discounts for low-risk homeowners.

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About AmFam

AmFam remains one of the top 8 home insurers in America by market share and they offer discounts via their several opportunities to reduce the cost of coverage for homeowners who represent a lower-risk to them, so long as you meet the requirements for these discounts which includes the following;

  1. Firstly, Bundle Home and Auto Insurance with AmFam
  2. An equipped home with smart devices like Nest or Ring
  3. If you live in a newer structure or a home bought in the last 3 years.
  4. Use AmFam’s Autopay, full pay, and paperless billing features.

Foremost: Best For Full- Value Coverage

Foremost, you can ensure your mobile home even above and beyond the policy’s coverage limit. A.M. Best Rating: A( Excellent), NAIC Complaint index is between 0.41-0.57 which indicates good customer services. Its unique character is that it offers extended replacement

This company is an auxiliary of Farmers, and it stands out for its consumer complaint index, amazing website features, quick e-mail responses and it’s extended replacement cost coverage, meaning if you subscribe to Foremost and your home gets destroyed, you will be eligible to be compensated up to 20% above the value of your policy limit.

Austate – Best for specialized coverage

Austate provides an added notation to an insurance contract which may be important if you live in an area with a history of mining or an area with frequent hail. A.M. Best Rating: A (Excellent), NAIC complaint index is between 0.57-0.81 and its unique characteristic is coverage for hail and mine subsidence.

What you Need to Know

Austate is one of the largest and most financially secure insurers in the country and it offers unique coverage features to people who live in Pennsylvania and Texas. This interesting coverage includes mine subsidence coverage and property protection for damage to satellite dish antennas and they offer discounts to retires not excluding their multi-policy discounts.

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What is Mobile home insurance?

Also called manufactured home insurance, protects its subscribers if their mobile home is destroyed by an accident or certain disasters.

What do mobile home insurance policies cover?

They cover 4 standard coverage features;

  1. Firstly, Personal property coverage for a mobile home pays for the replacing of personal belongings on your damaged property and this coverage can be adjusted but hinged at a certain percentage of your domicile coverage limits.
  2. Dwelling coverage compensates you for the damage on your mobile home caused by disaster up your selected policy limit.
  3. Liability coverage protects you against the cost of injuries sustained to guests in your home or damages to someone else’s property.
  4. Loss of use coverage pays for living expenses if you can’t live in your home due to damage, even above and beyond your normal spending.

How much does mobile home insurance cost, and why?

Various factors can affect the cost of your policy. High-risk factors increase your premiums while Low-risk factors reduce the price of your policy.

What factors affect mobile home insurance rates?

  1. Firstly, Location: The location of your mobile home can get you a slight discount.
  2. Coverage limits: Higher limits mean a higher rate of your policy and vice versa
  3. Also, Model year: An old model home costs more than a new one
  4. Recent claims: if you make a claim not long after a recent claim on a peril, you may be charged a high rate by an insurer.
  5. Skirting: When you skirt your home, you stand a lower risk and lower insurance rates.
  6. Lastly, Tied down homes: Winds causes havocs to mobile homes and so, an anchored mobile
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Although, Home may get a cheaper rate. As no single insurer will serve best for your situation, you should compare different quotes before choosing an insurer.

Am sure, I did a great job in helping you in the process of getting the best Mobile Home Insurance Companies.


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