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It’s amazing how with your smartphone or personal computer Harris Teeter Associates employees can verify their timecards, check their weekly schedule, shift and work hours, request time off, and a lot more other employees access their login details at the WFMR ESS website.

The Harris Teeter Associatesself service web portal or platform online access at is designed to help employees who work at Harris Teeter do employees log in at the ESS site with their login credential issued by the HR department or the admin department.Harris Teeter Associates

The site is designed in such a way that employee’s login is easy and simple and necessary changes can be made and approved by the HR department at the employees’ comfort zone. This post will help you do your Harris Teeter Associates employees when you visit the official Login URL at Only be sure you have your ESS site login ready, a smartphone or PC with the browser installed, and an internet connection.

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Don’t Have my Harris Teeter Associates Employees Username & Password

For Harris Teeter employees who don’t have their ESS sites login details like your username and password, you will have to go to your HR department or meet your supervisor for your login details. Normally your login details should have been handed over to you the same period you resumed work at Harris Teeter Associates.

Employees Online Access – Employees information on ESS Site

With your employee’s login details, you can update, change and edit your personal information, and as well make changes to work information, but much more manage your employee activities such as;

  • Verify your employee timecards.
  • Check your weekly schedules.
  • Edit your time card.
  • Request time off.
  • Request a change of schedule.
  • View Work hours.
  • Request for a shift.

How to Do Harris Teeter Associates Login – ESS Harris Teeter Employee Login

To access the employees’ login self-service portal ESS site at you must have your employees login credential; username and password. When that is ready visit the official URL at and follow the below instruction to log in and view your time card and all work activities including your employee scheduling information.

  1. Visit
  2. On the JDA Plan to Deliver login interface, key in your login details such as;
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Employees Username


When you are done entering the username and password, hit on the login button, and you will be taken straight to your Harris Teeter Associatesemployees dashboard.

It’s important to note that access to the ESS site for your Harris Teeter Associates login is done using personal devices like your mobile phone, home computer, and another person in use device. Employees aren’t allowed to access their employees’ information on the site using the Harris Teeter Associates work computers.

Harris Teeter Associates employees Information Online Access

For employees who can’t log in on the ESS site, it’s probably because the outlet of Harris Teeter your work haven’t upgraded your information on the New WFM system mostly for employees who work on Harris Teeter store that still use the employees’ social security number to clock in and out of work.


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