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Indian Food Near Me Now – Best Indian Food Near Me – Delivery

Of a truth, there’s something so delicious about Indian food that you can’t help but crave it. As a result, if you’re craving it currently, search “Indian Food Near Me” to find something delicious. How and what location finder tool will I use to search for Indian food or restaurants closest to my current location? To answer this question is why I wrote this blog post. Only keep reading.Indian Food Near Me

That said, if truly you want to taste authentic Indian food, taking an Indian Food tour seems to be a good way to discover a nearby Indian restaurant. However, they are better ways than that. The world has changed. So also the culture and social behavior of people.

It makes to say that Indian restaurants offer you a good opportunity to taste a variety of delicious delicacies. But you must first find an India Food near Me using either a map, a restaurant locator, an app, or even call a phone number for direction.

Indian Food Near Me – Indian Food Near Me Open Now

Let me start by saying that while other types of cuisines keep gaining more ground in the world, Indian cuisine is also gaining popularity without fail. That said, the world has evolved a lot. Thus, it is a great thing to be in a position to enjoy all kinds of foods from different cultural backgrounds without having to go all the way to that particular country.

The question is how? Like how do I enjoy Indian food without traveling to Indian? You can enjoy Indian meals only if you can locate an Indian restaurant nearby. I must say that it is particularly great to be able to enjoy Indian meals when you are away from India. But you need to locate an Indian restaurant near me that’s open now to be able to enjoy all manner of Indian cuisines.

What this Post Holds for you

  • First, I will help you find the nearest Indian restaurants to eat Indian Food.
  • Second, you will learn a thing or two about Indian Restaurants.
  • Also, help you locate Indian Restaurants that do Home delivery of Indian Food.
  • More so, choose the tastiest Indian food from the best restaurant through restaurant reviews from customers.
  • Lastly, I will expose you to many ways you can locate Indian Food near you.


I will begin by saying that Indian cuisine is characterized by its spicy nature. Thus, Indians love to spice up their meals so that they can be rich in flavor and delicious to indulge in. Be it as it may, It is no secret that spices make food taste even better and Indians have mastered their art of using spices.

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Although, one thing you can be sure of is that you may need a glass of water or milk beside you when indulging if they do not use you to heavily spiced meals. So in this post, I will show you how you can find India Food near me now using any of the below methods;

  • First, the use of Google or Yelp map.
  • Second, the traditional method of asking around.
  • Third, the use of a specific restaurant’s website.
  • Search directly on the internet.
  • Use of other websites that have Indian restaurant listings.

Indian Food Near Me – Find it on the Map

Google or Yelp map is one of your direction guide that will help you locate a nearby restaurant that serves Indian meal. Having said that, it is amazing how Indian cuisine has taken root in different societies other than Indian societies.

As a result, on almost every street corner, there is a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine, especially in the United States. Thus, this business has grown a lot to take care of the needs of their ever-growing fan base as many people continually grow to love Indian cuisine. So, use a map to locate a place to give yourself a treat.

How to Find Indian Food Nearest to Me on Google Map Using a Computer

With thousands of Indian restaurants locations in the United States and around the world. As such, Google in a minute has nearby restaurants where you can easily visit for your Indian cuisines. All you need to do is to;

  1. You can locate Indian food in an Indian restaurant in your neighborhood; on your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Type an address or name of a restaurant or type of Indian restaurant near me.
  3. Press enter or click Search.
  4. You’ll see search results as red mini-pins or red dots, where mini-pins show the top results. The purple ones are ads.
  5. Optional: If you search for a type of place, like restaurants, you can filter your results using the drop-down menus below the search box.

Search for Indian Food Near Me Using a Mobile Device (Android, iOS; iPhone, iPad)

Indeed, you can search for Indian Food and add restaurants, hotels, museums, and other public places to your map. How to;

  • On your Android phone or tablet, or iPhone open the My Maps app MyMaps.
  • Open or create a map.
  • In the search bar, enter a place name or address (Search for Indian restaurants near me).
  • Tap one of the search results.
  • If the result is what you want, tap Add to map.
  • Finally, tap the “Directions to Here” button at the bottom of the info page and select if you are driving, taking public transit, or walking with the estimated time it takes to get there.

Ask Around for an Indian Restaurant that serves Indian Food nearby

Let’s face it, this method of locating Indian food is not as traditional as it sounds. Because it is not so long ago that technology had not taken over the 21st century generation.

As such, using this method is extremely easy and you can ask your neighbors, friends, relatives, or even colleagues.

More so, it is also very convenient because the only thing you need to do is voice out the question in your mind.

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Thus, when you ask, people will always find a way of letting you know everything that you would not have known in case you used other methods.

Using Indian Restaurants Website to find Indian Food Near me

If you have a specific restaurant in mind but you do not know where it is located. In other words, you can visit their website to find out their address, contact number as well as their working hours. But you will need the city, state, or zip code of your current location to be able to find Indian food near you through an Indian restaurant.

That said, having all this information at hand will help you plan yourself perfectly. You will also get to view their menu and this makes things easier when you finally go because you already know what you want to have.

How to Find Indian Food in an Indian Restaurant Near Me using State, City, or zip code

  • Firstly, Open up your browser and visit the official website of the restaurant.
  • On the page, you will get to see the search bar in the upper part of the page.
  • Also, Key in your City and state or Zip Code.
  • Also, you can use the “Use My Current Location” Button.
  • Here comes the list of Indian restaurants stores in your city or state. You will get to see the hours of each location and more.
  • Lastly, on the website landing page, scroll down a bit to see the locations of the restaurant and the number in each of them.

Search Directly on the Internet

More so, this is also another easy way to go about it. You can simply enter in the Google search box what you are searching for as well as your city. Search results will be displayed and you will be able to go through the various options provided until you find a location that will work best for you.

Use Restaurant/Food Locating App – Food Places Near Me Apps

If you need an app for future use, an app that includes a restaurant map, then we can recommend the following “Restaurant Finder” apps. By the way, note that these apps are compatible with iOS devices, Android, Blackberry, WP7, and WebOS.

  1. OpenTable App –OpenTable is a popular app that has partnered with Yelp for reviews and reservations. It includes a map with restaurant locations.
  2. Foursquare App – Foursquare lets you search for specific types of restaurants or cuisines. It gives you simple categories to search on the main screen, for example, you can search for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
  3. Google Places App-The app uses Google’s database of restaurants, cafes, and bars. It basically works as the map on this page.
  4. Zomato App – This app’s main focus is on social interaction and recommendations so that you can find what is tasty or trendy in seconds. Zomato users can search for: Restaurants, pubs, cafes, types of cuisine, and city or location.
  5. Yelp App –The Yelp mobile app uses your phone’s GPS to find and show restaurants in your area. You can filter results based on opening hours, type of food, and costs.

 What Is The Eating Etiquette In India?

Traditionally in India, meals are served while seated on the floor or very low stools or cushions. They usually ate food with the right hand until Western influences started to take effect. Nowadays in the middle class, spoons and forks tend to be used, as is customary in the West.

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West Indian Food Near Me – Many Indian dishes have a complex amount of spice that just makes the food taste amazing

In tradition, the left hand would be used to eat when the courses were not served by the dinner host. In South India, historically cleaned banana leaves were used to serve food. When the food was hot, the leaves would add distinctive tastes to the food. They seldom use the leaves today, except on special occasions.

What Are Some Traditional Indian Meals?

I often eat breakfast with tea or coffee, though this does vary regionally. In the north, some traditional breakfasts include Roti, which is a flatbread, or Paratha, which is layers of cooked dough. In the west, another tradition is Dhokla, which is made with fermented batter, rice, and chickpeas; Dohlka is usually served with milk.

Lunches can consist of rice dishes, usually with two or three vegetables, served with Parathas, or Naan or Kulcha, which are other types of bread.

I consider dinner to be the main meal of the day, and Indian families will often gather to talk, drink, and snack together. If you’re curious to try out some of their food, remember to search “Indian Food Near Me”

What Foods Are Not Served In India?

Hinduism and Vaishnavism faiths have their own forbidden foods. In Hindi communities, beef is not consumed, since I believe that the ancient scriptures condemn slaughtering cows.

Indians who follow Vaishnavism beliefs will not usually eat garlic or onion, as they are forbidden by religious texts. The Jains follow a special sort of vegetarianism; in addition to not eating meat, they will also not eat certain types of vegetables, such as potatoes, because harvesting these plants disturbs the soil and can cause animals to also die.

Among the Muslims in India, some foods are forbidden because of certain passages in the Qur’an, for example, any meat from a swine.


Home delivery services mean that if you do not wish to go out to the restaurant and have your delicious meal there, the meal can come home to you. As such, this is one of the services that make some restaurants more popular among people. Because they offer a certain type of convenience that is perfect for most people.

There are also several sites you can visit to get a list of the Indian restaurants that deliver Indian Food. So, visit them with your mobile device to make an order that will be delivered to your doorstep.

The above sites are just but a few of them. With these websites, you can know the restaurant as well as their menus before you order.

In the End

Sincerely, I did like to ask for your feedback on Indian food Near Me. As such, I would be glad if you leave a comment below if you like the content of what you have found here. Or if you would have us add a thing or two. Thanks a lot. Best of it all, I wish you happy searching for Indian food Near Me.


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