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Donuts Near Me – Dunkin Donuts Near Me – Best Donuts Near Me

Donuts Near Me – Who can resist perfect, soft, and fluffy doughnuts?

Doughnuts, for me, represent absolute perfection. Don’t get me wrong: Pie is my number one; the cake is near the top of my list, and I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like. But doughnuts … there isn’t much in this world that’s better than a good — no, a GREAT — doughnut.blank

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Sure, they can be doused in a sugary glaze and topped generously with sprinkles, but the dough itself isn’t too sweet — it’s just yeasty and soft and pillowy and perfect. It’s the ideal canvas for endless variations to suit your whims. The question is – Where how do I locate Donuts near me?

Let me even start by asking – Is there Donuts near me that’s open now and can deliver within minutes? Let’s face it, in as much as I want specially made; (soft, sweet, and tasty) donuts. I won’t fail to also acknowledge that delivery service also plays a role in where likely I will turn, to order my donuts.

So, this post is here not only to help you find the perfect answer and direction to your search “Donuts Near Me” It would also help you locate the best donuts in your area.

More so, it will display phone numbers of Donuts delivery services in your current location. Finally, show you a snippet of customer reviews who have in time past and present ordered fast food in the restaurants.


Donuts (also spelled doughnuts) are deep-fried pastries made from dough. donut-like fried pastries appear in many forms the world over, both savory and sweet.

However, in the United States, donuts are most often sweet treats commonly enjoyed at breakfast. Although donuts are sometimes filled with jelly, jam, or pastry cream, the most common American donut type is circular with a hole in the center.

How the donut hole ended up in the center of the donut is unclear. But one believable story is that in the mid-18th century, a Maine baker’s apprentice was frustrated by a succession of fried pastries that turned out with underdone centers. The apprentice decided to poke holes in the pastries before frying to help them cook more evenly.

A Walk into the History of Donuts

The concept of the doughnut has origins in Dutch, Italian, French, and Russian baking — all cultures that mastered dough (especially of the sweet variety) and weren’t afraid of frying. Archaeologists have even found fossilized bits of what appear to be pieces of fried dough across prehistoric Native American grounds.

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But, much to our country’s pleasure, the doughnut is pretty much an American invention. The doughnut made its way to the Big Apple in the mid-1600s by way of the Dutch settlers who called them “oily cakes.”

Thus, it was in the mid-19th century that the mother of a ship captain began making deep-fried dough flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon, and lemon rind. Frying trapped a lot of moisture inside the dough.

Thereby making them taste relatively fresh (or at least, not horribly stale) even after days and weeks of storage. This savvy baker would stuff nuts in the center of the dough that might not fully cook in the fryer. And so she called them, quite literally, “doughnuts.”

Donut Styles

There are two basic ring-style donuts:

#1: Raised or yeast donuts: Featuring yeast for leavening, these donuts need to rise before frying. And under it, there are types of yeasted donuts:

  • Yeasted doughnuts – are made from a lightly sweetened yeasted dough that is deep-fried. These doughnuts possess a tender exterior and a fluffy interior.
  • Twists – consist of two pieces of yeasted doughnut dough twisted together before being fired and glazed. This is worth pointing out because it opens a whole host of fun shaping opportunities for yeasted dough (like my cinnamon roll doughnuts below).
  • Filled doughnuts – are most commonly made from yeasted dough because it produces an airy interior which easily makes room for filling. This category includes jelly-filled Berliners, cream-filled or fruit-stuffed doughnuts, Boston Cream, and so on.
  • Long Johns – are a long, rectangular doughnut made from yeasted dough that often boasts a thicker schmear of glaze and/or a filling.

#2: Cake donuts: Showcasing baking powder for leavening, the batter should be chilled before rolling to make it easier to handle. Under cake donuts we have:

  • Cake doughnuts – are made from a looser batter/dough that is leavened with chemical leavening (baking powder or baking soda). If the batter is loose, these doughnuts may need to be piped rather than cut. These doughnuts have a firmer exterior and a tighter crumb structure on the interior, and they can be baked instead of fried.
  • Crullers – are doughnuts with a pipe. While they’re most often thought of as ring-shaped, they can also make them into long rectangles. It generally makes American crullers with cake doughnut batter. They make french crullers with pâte à choux dough.
  • Cider doughnuts – are a type of cake doughnut made with apple cider and plenty of cinnamon. No fall would be complete without one. Or five.
  • Old-fashioned doughnuts – are a type of cake doughnut that is piped or scooped, giving it an irregular shape and therefore, a crispier outer crust.
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Donuts Near Me – Find it on the Map

Want to know how to find the closest sushi restaurant, or pizza, or who to call to make a reservation when it’s your anniversary, and you completely forgot to make a reservation? Never fear, the native Google Maps app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is here! We’ll show you how it can save the day — or at least save yourself from pizza famine — after the break!


  1. Launch maps.
  2. Get your current location by tapping the arrow button at the bottom left.
  3. Using the search field at the top right, type in the type of food you want, the name of the restaurant you’re looking for, or anything you can remember about the address. For example, I’m in New York City near Broadway and Reade Street and I’m in the mood for Donuts. Typing “Donuts” will then search the environs for the nearest Donuts joints and drop a pin on their precise locations.
  4. Tap the pins to get more information. You can click the small blue chevron to bring up more information about your chosen Donuts place, and if it has a Google Street View icon on the left, you can even see the place and its surroundings!
  5. Tap the link to the homepage of the restaurant, or if you’re on an iPhone or Android, simply tap the phone number on the website to call it right up (so they can have your donuts hot ‘n ready for you when you get there).
  6. Finally, tap the “Directions to Here” button at the bottom of the info page and select if you are driving, taking public transit, or walking with the estimated time it takes to get there.

That’s it, a few simple steps to find the food, Starbucks, burger joint, pizza place, or 5-star restaurant of your choice. But at this point, it’s the perfect place for Donuts, all right on your iOS, Android device, and computer.

Dunkin’ Donuts Locations – Donuts Near Me

As of February 9, 2017, all Dunkin’ locations are franchisee owned and operated. In addition to its stand-alone shops, Dunkin’ shops are within many gas stations, supermarkets, malls. And airport food courts and Walmart stores. In July 2013, Dunkin’ Donuts opened its 500th restaurant in New York City. It combines this location with a Baskin-Robbins.

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Altogether, there are a little over 11,000. Thus, the stores are worldwide, but the bulk of the stores are in the U.S. That is to say that it saddles you with the task of locating the closest donuts near me.

How to Find Donuts Near Me using zip code

  • Firstly, Open up your browser and visit the official website of the restaurants you have chosen to order donuts from.
  • On the page, you will get to see the search bar in the upper part of the page.
  • Also, Key in your City and state or Zip Code.
  • Also, you can use the “Use My Current Location” Button.
  • Here comes the list of donuts in your city or state. You will get to see the hours of each location and more.
  • Lastly, On the website landing page, scroll down a bit to see the locations of donuts near you and the number in each of them.

In the End

Sincerely, I did like to ask for your feedback on Mexican Restaurants Near Me. Thus, I would be glad if you leave a comment below. But that is if you like the content of what you have found here. Or if you would have me add a thing or two. Thanks a lot. Best of it, happy searching for Beauty supply Near Me.


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