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Join Mint to Manage Your Money Online

Have you ever wondered how convenient managing your money online can be? By this, we mean you don’t have to visit a physical bank to securely manage and keep tabs on your money. You can do all your transactions online and stay updated on whatever is happening in your account without leaving your house. This is what Mint is offering you.Join Mint to Manage Your Money Online

About Mint

Mint is owned by Aaron Patzer. The aim of the website is to offer customers free management access of personal financial services throughout Canada and America. Mint’s basic job description is to offer an aggregate of the account by using different methodologies of Intuit to link accounts.

The very first service provided by Mint is one that sets financial goals, creates yearly budgets, offers single user interface transactions, loan balances, repayment history, investment, credit card, and tracking bank. Intuit is the founder of Turbo Tax and Quicken. This company also merged with Mint in 2009.

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Mint periodically increases it’s connectivity with financial institutes both in America and Canada. Right from its inception up to 2013, Mint boasts of supporting approximately 17,000, 000 separate financial accounts. Currently, the company says it has increased up to 20 million users all through its service territory.

How Mint Works

Mint categorizes and updates the information on its website. It begins with the customer’s personal bank account, credit card account, retirement account and much more. Mint gives you a true picture of your balances and enables you to know how you are actually faring in terms of your finances.

To use an Intuit product, you have to create an online account. You’ll be needing your user ID and password to create this account. Once you are able to successfully create and access your account, you stand eligible to use all the powerful products that Mint offers even including QuickBooks, Mint, and TurboTax. This means that whenever you update your ID, the information is automatically disseminated to all Intuit products.

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How to Create an Account on Mint to Manage Your Money Online

  • With a strong internet connection, from your web browser, visit the official website of Mint at
  • On the main page, simply search for the “Sign Up Free” button and click on it.
  • On the newly displayed window, provide an email address username, and phone number. This information will be used to verify your account and secure your password.
  • To complete the signup process, simply click on the “Create Account” link. This will link to a page where you’ll complete the remaining steps following the on-screen prompts to fully complete the signup.



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