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Join Toys “R” Us Guest Satisfaction Survey Online

Toys “R” Us has launched a guest satisfaction survey online page. On this page, their customers can give their feedback on what they think of the product and service deliveries. It is on this page that customers can say what they think of the services being offered and how well they think the company can improve on their products and services deliveries.Toys “R” Us has launched a guest satisfaction survey online page. On this page, their customers can give their feedback on what they think of the product and service deliveries.

Toys “R” Us, stands as one of the main merchants located in the United States which offers products and toys for kids of all ages. In a bid to evaluate its products and services, the company has designed an online survey website where customers can give their feedback about their visit to the store. To partake in the survey, you need to be a legal resident in the US and you must have a recent purchase invoice ready to join survey.

Rules For Winning Prizes

The sweepstakes is designed for lawful occupants of the United States who are at least 18 years of age. To win the prizes, you are to complete the survey within the time frame provided. For each sweepstake, there are five winners and every winner gets a five hundred dollar gift card.

How To Join The Survey

If you have the above-mentioned requirements, you can use the steps we will be outlining here to participate in the survey:

  • You will start by visiting the Toys “R” Us website from your web browser at
  • For the first step of the survey, you have to key in the store code which comprises of four digits from your receipt.
  • Enter the access code and cashier code in the fields provided.
  • You are to choose the age group from the options provided.
  • Type in the characters from the box provided for human identification.
  • After you have provided the details, you are to click on the “Submit” tab.
  • Once you are done clicking on the “Submit” link, you will come across a number of questions. You are to answer the questions freely based on your experience with the company.
  • To complete the survey, you are to provide your email address via which the company can reach you with if you win the prize.
  • In case you are facing any kind of difficulty while attempting the survey you can get in touch with the support center to get the issue resolved.
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With this, you can be a part of the company’s success story as you lend your voice to help them know how well they can improve their services.


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