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Register For My First Health Online Account

Now you can get all your medical issues sorted out from one spot without having to make several visits to different facilities. Now you can get all that you want, when you want at your own convenience. You’ll be getting these services from experts who have been well trained to handle your unique medical needs.Register For My First Health Online Account

My First Health best fits the above mentioned description. This web portal offers all types of medical facilities for medical needs of all categories. Users can search all medical information online at this site, to help you find the best treatment you need. At My First Health, you’ll meet with the best physicians who are well-grounded in their craft to offer you the best of medical care.

Via its website, you can get current medical information as regards your health. Users can even get lab services and Radiology tests, Urgent Care Center, Hospital as well as consultancy by a physician.

To enjoy the services of My First Health, you’ll have to first register at the site.

How to Register at My First Health

You’ll be needing these steps to help you successfully register on My First Health website:

  • The process begins with you visiting the official website of My First Health at from your web browser.
  • Once you get access to the main page, scroll to and click on the “Start Now” option after agreeing to the terms of use.
  • Then you’ll be prompted to choose your provider.
  • You can search by providing your zip code, country name or city.
  • To search, you have to key in the facility name, specialty.
  • Then click on the “Get Started” button.
  • You’ll be directed to the physician available for your case depending on your requirement.
  • Thereafter, you’ll be prompted for more information in order to get maximum assistance to select the best. This information may include periodic vaccination, sinusitis, menstrual disorder, ENT infection, Lipid profile etc.
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However, you have to note that once you have successfully registered at My First Health, you can get access to all medically related information just with a single click. But you have to understand that this medical information can only be accessed when you have paid a certain fee. So before you request for any medical information, you have to confirm first if the information you seek is free or has a charge attached to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hsp3?

HSP3 is a minimum essential coverage plan which is designed to meet the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is a preventive and wellness minimum essential coverage standards which is defined Internal Revenue Code Section 4980H.

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How do I join the First Health Network?

To join the First Health Network:

  • Mail or fax your completed form to First Health.
  • You can also visit them online at
  • Tap on “Providers”
  • Tap on “Join Now” to complete an online Provider Nomination Form.
  • Where you have any questions, please call Provider Services at 800-937-6824. Or visit and click on “Doctor or Hospital”.

What is MultiPlan PPO insurance?

MultiPlan operates under two networks which are PHCS Network, which is a primary PPO, and the MultiPlan Network, which is a complementary network. Most health plans make use of both networks. Now understand your out-of-pocket costs are the same as your primary PPO network.

Is First Health an insurance company?

The First Health Insurance Company stands as a subsidiary of Coventry Health Care which is based in San Diego, California. The company offers a nationwide PPO network to serve the needs of clients who manage employee health benefits plans. Currently the company serves over 3.5 million people all through the United States.

What is First Health PPO insurance?

First Choice Health’s PPO Network stands as a leading independent Preferred Provider Organization in the Northwestern U.S. with over 100,000 healthcare providers under contract.

Is First Health Network a PPO?

When seeking treatment in the United States, your health insurance plan uses a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Now, the PPO will largely depend on when you purchased your plan, and your home country and/or citizenship. You’ll find the network that your plan uses on your insurance ID card.

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What network is first health? offers profiles for millions of doctors as well as other health providers in the United States, including those who take First Health insurance.


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