Valero Credit Card Activation | Credit Card Application

After applying for a credit card and getting approved, your card will be mailed to you. Thereafter the first step you have to take is to activate the card and the Valero credit card is not an exception. It is after activating your Valero credit card that you can use it for anything.Valero Credit Card Activation | Credit Card Application

After activating your card, you can easily pay your credit card or load your credit card without stress. You can also make purchases with your card and do a whole lot more with your card. With just a few steps, you can successfully activate your card. You can also activate it by calling a phone number listed on the card’s secure website.

Valero credit card has an online portal that offers you quick and easy access to making transactions. If you do not have an online account it’s not a problem because we can help you create one. Via the account, you can sign up for auto-pay so you don’t get to miss a payment.

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Activating your Valero credit card is free, secure, easy, and fast to carry out. If you want to activate your card here’s how it’s done:

Criteria for Activating Valero Credit Card

Here are the requirements you need to complete the Valero credit card activation. Once you have these requirements, you can easily activate your card:

  • Valero credit card
  • The Valero credit card website url
  • A smartphone/any internet-enabled device
  • Data for connection
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Valero Credit Card Activation

Activating your credit card is quite easy and can be done within minutes:

  • Launch your web browser
  • Log into
  • Type in your account number, account username, credit card number, zip code and SSN.
  • Navigate to the “Activate my Card” option and click on it.

After activating your Valero credit card you can enjoy the following:

  • Have your auto pay rescheduled
  • Pay your credit card bills
  • Fix a new auto pay
  • Keep tabs on your digital credit card statement that has all your credit card history
  • Check your payment due date
  • Make balance transfers and check your charges
  • Change your email address or username.
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Sign In Valero Credit Card

You also need to know how to sign into your account after you have activated your card. This will give you the ease with which you need to manage your card account. To sign in:

  • Visit via a functional web browser.
  • Scroll to and click on the “Sign On” link
  • Type in your username registered to your credit card account.
  • Enter the password linked to your credit card account.
  • Navigate to, and click on the “Login” tab.

With these few steps, you will easily get access to your account and enjoy seamless online banking.

Valero Credit Card Sign In on Mobile

You can also sign into your Valero credit card online account with your mobile. With just a click be it from your home, office or from a holiday destination, you can stay in charge of your account any day and time whenever, wherever.